Gamers Confess all on Twitter

Gamers everywhere took to Twitter today to confess their funniest, most sordid and long held secrets, as the hashtag GamerConfessions became the most trending topic on the social media website. Check out the pics below to see our choice of the more amusing offerings.   You can follow WASDuk on Twitter at @wasduk1


WASDuk Review: Ouija

Since the posters for Ouija tell you that it is a surefire sign of disaster – posting at the top that it is from the producers of Insidious and Texas Chainsaw Massacre - I bought my ticket in South Korea today with everybody else (actually, the theater was near empty) and took a chance. Why you ask? I’m a horror junkie…

dying light

New Dying Light Gameplay Video Shows Devs Playing Co-op

Techland have released a new gameplay video for their upcoming zombie apocalypse survival sim – Dying Light. In the latest slightly cringe inducing footage, shows four of the games developers playing a co op whilst doing their best to give an inane running commentary of their every thought and action whilst they wander around killing…


The Order:1886 goes Gold, New Trailer Released

Development on Ready at Dawn’s PS4 exclusive steam punk shooter,  The Order: 1886 has wrapped and the game has gone gold ready for its release on 20th February. To celebrate this fact, Sony have released a new story trailer for the game that details the rising conspiracy and unrest in THe Orders rather cool alternate…


Free to Play MMO APB coming to PS4 and XBox One

Deep Silver, Reloaded Games and The Workshop Entertainment have announced that they are  busy working on a port of the uber-long awaited All Points Bulletin: Reloaded™ for the next-gen consoles. Currently in development by industry-veteran led studio The Workshop Entertainment with support from Reloaded Games’ teams in Edinburgh and Huntington Beach, APB Reloaded is expected to launch on consoles…


WASDuk Review: WWE Immortals

When WB, DC, and NetherRealm teamed up to unleash the mobile version of Injustice, they hit the ground running and were wildly successful. Is it any wonder that NetherRealm has now joined forces with the superstars of the WWE in an attempt to duplicate the same fortune? And, let’s just emphasize that point: WWE Immortals is simply a…


Saints Row IV Re-Elected Review: PS4 MORE YEARS!

Saints Row IV was easily one of my favourite games of 2013; funny, irreverent and a hell of a lot of fun. A big, dumb unapologetic satire of popular culture’s current obsession with superheroes that happily jumped the shark whilst dressed as a hot dog. I’m not one for repeating myself, and since Re-elected offers…