Tips for Surviving TumbleSeed Mountain


If you’ve read my review for the latest Nintendo Switch indy: TumbleSeed, you’ll know it’s tough. Like really tough. if you want to make it to the peak of TumbleSeed mountain it’s going to take loads of patience and expierence. Success won’t happen overnight but below you’ll find the most valuable lessions in success I’ve distilled from hours of playtime.


Complete challenges
In the starting village an npceed (haha) will offer mini challenges. Completing them will (eventually) provide shortcut to later levels and a much needed morale boost to the player. If you need any more convincing, each challenge teaches the value of the seeds core abilities.

Be careful with your abilities, but not too careful.
Most of the offensive abilities found in ability caves damage the seed as well as enemies. This risk/reward play style often leads to a negative knee jerk reaction so in the beginning I avoiding using these powers most of the time. I don’t want to give the impression that you should play play with fire but don’t be so weary of using your new found abilities that you refuse to experiment at all. In fact, there are many ways to position yourself to take advantage of potentially detrimental items. For instance the avalanche seed causes rocks to rain down on the mountain hurting everything in their path, including the player. Yet if you position the seed behind an obstacle like a stump or a vine it can protect you from the debris turning the avalanche power from useless to one of the most useful cheapest abilities in the game. Nearly all items in the game are situationally advantage this way and you should experiment with minimizing their bane to maximize their boon.

Don’t hoard your gems (unless you’re completing a challenge)
Gems are the lifeblood of TumbleWeed’s gameplay. Allowing it to do everything from generate hearts, to set checkpoints, or equip basic spike defense. Use them liberally! Your health can go above the maximum 3 so if you’re not sure what to do with your gems dump them there. If you have 4 spikes get 5. Set a checkpoint every 2 feet just for an added safety net. Unless you’re you’re saving them for something special like a quest or an investment don’t lose them use them!
Remember to pick up your dropped passive abilities
Passive abilities such as mines or floating balls of death can hurt the seed just like active abilities. The difference is once a passive ability has damaged the seed it’ll be dropped. So make sure to pick it back up!. They help more than they hurt; I promise.
Set your checkpoints (pride comes before the fall)
The easiest ability to forget about in the game is the checkpoint. After you “git gud” and you’re not tumbling down pitfalls that often it’s easy to become complacent with ascending up the mountain and only focusing on enemies. That is until you are almost to the end of a level, just about to wipe the sweat from your brow, and plunk right into a hole you go tumbling all the way back down to the beginning of the level and ending your run.

Be sociable
There are a ton of NPCs in TumbleSeed; talk to them! They all have something to say whether it be an offer, a tradel. Others offer investment opportunities to generate more gems. But even if they don’t have some utility they are always good for a chuckle.



What do you think about my tips here? Are there any you think i’ve missed? Do you think I need to “git gud”? Let me know in the commnts below!

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