Injustice 2: 10 Characters Who Should be DLC’s

With the main Injustice 2 roster revealed as expected, the Joker filling the last spot, Injusticians now turn their lonely heads to the remaining DLC spots. DLC- something to do with what should have been included in the original game anyway but will require players to pay for it such that pre-order and other releases can get as much money as possible. We understand.

With that noted, and acknowledging that these mystery Injustice 2 DLC’s will most likely continue to reveal characters that were released on the original Injustice mobile app but not in the console (Static Shock, The Arkham Knight – aka Red Hood, Wally West, and more) as well as from the leaked list that has maintained its 100% accuracy, let’s divert ourselves and look over DC characters that have been overlooked but deserve a spot in Injustice 2 in order to fight the world destroying Brainiac.

Number 10: Lana Lang (aka Superwoman)

The first incarnation of Brainiac decided that he was going to hunt down Lois Lane and Lana Lang. Superman then gave them both powers such that they could fend for themselves. Later, in the “What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” comic arc, a super powered Lana Lang again used her powers to defeat Brainiac after he had merged with Lex Luthor. More recently in the “Rebirth” comic arc, Lois Lane and Lana Lang have been established as bad asses the equivalent of Supergirl:

lana lang

Lana Lang in her latest incarnation in Rebirth can absorb and manipulate energies and has begun her heroine campaign as Superwoman. With Lois Lane dying in the first issue of the Injustice comics, it seems that Lana Lang would be right at home in the Injustice 2 console as either a Supergirl skin or as her own DLC. The common archetype she has on each Earth in the Multiverse, where Superman gives her powers and she fights Brainiac or other evils, would integrate nicely into a Story Mode. And while having 3 playable fighters with an “S” on his or her chest may seem like overkill, Superwoman’s energy absorption powers are unique enough to separate herself from those other two Kryptonians in the game.

Number 9: Maxima

Not only is Maxima obsessed with Superman but she’s also been brainwashed by Brainiac in the “Panic in the Sky” comic arc. For those coming in late, Maxima is part of the royal family of Almerac. Similar to Brainiac’s reason for coming to Earth, she shows up Earth side looking for Superman because she sees him as the ultimate mate.


Maxima’s fiery temper and amazing strength which matches Superman’s can mean that she’s a blessing to have on your side. However, this temper also means that she can betray you as she’s often been both an ally and adversary of Superman. In the Injustice 2 game, she could represent an alien being brainwashed by Brainiac to aid him or Brainiac could manipulate her by offering her the mate she wants for helping him conquer Earth.

Number 8: Orion

With his father, Darkseid being made available as a pre-order reward in Injustice 2, it seems only fair to presume that once Earth’s heroes stop Brainiac that they grab the attention of the New Gods. The DC cinematic universe and the Injustice comic universe are building to Darkseid’s invasion. But that doesn’t mean that members of the New Gods won’t find their way to Earth to help defeat Brainiac and join in the eventual resistance to Darkseid.


Orion is the second son of Darkseid but doesn’t see eye to eye with the dark lord. He sides with High Father and fights alongside Orion, Mister Miracle, Big Barda- all of which would be amazing DLC characters. With Injustice 2’s insistence to add premiere skins (i.e Captain Cold can be Mr. Freeze), Orion would be better in a main roster spot with a premiere Kalibak skin or Light Ray skin. Regardless, it’s time that the Injustice universe adds more New Gods. With Ed Boon’s promise to have additional female fighters, it’s very surprising that Big Barda hasn’t smashed her way into the line-up yet.

Number 7: Mr. Terrific

The entries until now have been more comic-centric and are probably unfamiliar to casual Injustice 2 players. CW and the DC Cinematic Universe are still establishing and bringing characters to the attention of the masses though. One of those characters, Mr. Terrific, has been added to the Arrow-verse on television. That incarnation is still developing his technologically superior “T-balls” and trying to find the right man. But Mr. Terrific’s overlooked power is his ability to be invisible to technology.


Brainiac is totally reliant on technology and robotics and a certain individual that he can neither detect nor see would create massive problems. Certain other heroes, like some guy named Batman, have a knack of out thinking their foes. Overall, what better way to introduce a common CW Arrow-verse character into Injustice than by pitting him against a Big Bad in Brainiac that is completely susceptible to his unique metahuman trait? Batman needs this guy on his team!

In addition, Mr. Terrific has commonly sat in for the Martian Manhunter and coordinated the Justice League in the Justice League: Unlimited series. Do you think his superior intellect couldn’t also cause problems for Grodd and his cohorts?

Number 6: Livewire

Brainiac is so powerful and evil that he will unite Batman and Superman and force the Justice League to reform. The threat of Brainiac’s invasion will also be enough to cause Grodd, Cheetah, Bane, and the other villains in Injustice 2 to rethink their stance. As the saying goes: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


Then there’s Livewire. She was originally developed for the Superman: The Animated Series cartoon but, like Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series, stood out as a fantastic new villain. Since then she’s been portrayed as a servant and herald of Brainiac in DC Universe Online and she’s also seen an increase in popularity after being added to the CW Supergirl tv series. Livewire can control electricity and move unhindered through any electrical current but her brain is also as scrambled as a lightning strike. She’s exactly the bitter, insane type that would side with Brainiac and be able to take on every Injustice 2 character as a sort of mini-boss to Brainiac’s Big Bad status. This DLC spot could very well go to Static Shock since his live-action film debut is in the works and would allow for Black Lightning, whose CW tv show is debuting soon, to be a premiere skin. But neither of those characters is as wickedly fun or powerful.

Number 5: Starfire

Starfire is so insanely popular, along with most of her Teen Titan colleagues, that it’s annoying to even write about her. She’s a super strong alien like Superman who is much more naive and, lately, seems to enjoy joking about how long she and Nightwing can have sex. All this popularity is understandable though as she seems to be a bridge from anime to DC animation and comics for anyone who encounters her. The point is that if Injustice 2 wants to see its sales go through the roof, then adding Starfire or another Teen Titan member, which are trapped in the Phantom Zone in the Injustice comics, would be the perfect move.


The other insanely popular demand from the Teen Titans roster is Beast Boy. Many in the Injustice community have rightfully pointed out that Beast Boy’s potential intro dialogue about tofu before turning into a meat eating T-Rex during the match would be amazing fun. And Vixen, who has her own CW animated series as well as regular spots on CW’s Legend of Tomorrow tv series, could also wind up as a DLC with animal powers instead of any Titans. But the fact remains that nearly every male and female in the Injustice community seems to side with and demand Starfire. It has nothing to do with her bikini-esque attire and fuck-me-boots!

Number 4: Red Hood

If Starfire is popular, then the Red Hood may be a social media god. The mobile version of Injustice 1 wisely added The Arkham Knight to its roster but denied the console players. Thus, it seems only fair that console players finally get to play as him. The Red Hood or Arkham Knight is currently being demanded by everyone on every Injustice board. As the NetherRealms community goes, those opposed to him are keen on pointing out that he’s just an asshole with guns and a helmet. But these anti-Red Hood arguments don’t seem to waiver the overwhelming desire for him to become a playable fighter.


Since other mobile exclusive Injustice characters like Darkseid have been made available in Injustice 2, Red Hood seems an obvious choice to fit in to the DLC fight against Brainiac. Again, Brainiac’s terror is as good a reason as any for Batman and his former Robin to make up and once again throw Batarangs together. Also, a friendly reminder that all Robins are Batman’s wards. There is nothing sexual happening.

Number 3: Steppenwolf

The extended cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed Steppenwolf. This loyal general of Darkseid will also be the primary villain in the upcoming Justice League film. But the question remains as to why he was not only cut from the BvS film but also why WB/DC seem to be doing nothing to promote his popularity prior to the release of the Justice League film.


Steppenwolf traditionally arrives before Darkseid and paves the way for him. Like all evil New Gods trained on Apokolips, Steppenwolf can go toe-to-toe with Superman and, therefore, anyone in the Justice League. Some will argue that having the option in Injustice 2 to battle as either Darkseid vs Brainiac or as Steppenwolf vs Darkseid would be overkill. To date, the game has two Kryptonians, at least four Gotham elites in Batman and Robin and Bane and Scarecrow, two feline themed brawlers in Cheetah and Catwoman, and so being able to play as two evil gods from Apokolips doesn’t seem too far-fetched for the console’s marketing machine. Perhaps in the Injustice reality, Steppenwolf is trying to be the main man on Apokolips rather than his typical subservient self. Since nobody outside the comic faithful know anything about Steppenwolf, the character can be constructed in any way that is seen as fit. Unfortunately for Steppenwolf, this DLC spot could also rightfully go to Black Manta (villain in the upcoming Aquaman film) or Ares (villain in the upcoming Wonder Woman film).

Number 2: Hellblazer

Constantine had a far better tv series than anything currently on the CW. To CW’s credit though, they are launching a Constantine animated series to keep him in the throngs of the DC/CW viewing faithful. What’s even more necessary as to why Constantine should be added to Injustice 2 is that the game doesn’t yet have that Magic vs Technology balance that the Hellblazer himself can bring to the table. Furthermore, with Cyborg and Blue Beetle and Brainiac the technology side of fighters is covered while Dr. Fate remains the only magician. The Hellblazer would, therefore, provide not only hilarious dialogue in his natural anti-hero bitchiness but he would also necessitate a very unique move-set and fighting style in-game.


Constantine’s Justice League: Dark comrade Swamp Thing is already in a main roster spot. Yet any time the League or Earth is faced with certain destruction, there is a place for Constantine to save everyone and then tell them to bugger off while he gets drunk and has his way with Zatanna.

Number 1: Mongul

Just let us get the following straight. DC has an established, mother fucking titan from another alien world. He lives on and travels around the universe on what is known as a War World. The only thing stopping him from beating the fuck out of everyone on Earth in one on one fights is Superman. In the past, Brainiac has stolen War World in hopes of taking over Earth and defeating Superman in the process. And… this guy’s not in DC’s premiere fighting console?!


As much as we are drooling over having Hellblazer in the game, nothing seems more suited to the Injustice franchise than Mongul. He needs no other story. He wants the opportunity to beat Superman in a fist fight. Then, Brainiac, a being who may defeat Superman before Mongul shows up. How in the hell is Mongul not down there on Earth to establish himself as the possible alpha in each and every universe? He can beat up Wonder Woman with one hand tied behind his alien back. It’s really what he lives for.

As always though, lists are made to be debated. We’ve included popular choices among obvious choices as well as choices from comic arc’s that overlap with Brainiac’s introduction. Please note that we also did not step outside the DC Universe. We know that Sub-Zero and Spawn have been popular demands to be included in Injustice 2, but we’d like to see more DC characters established than crossovers. In the end though, what do you think of the list? Which characters are you players dying to have as DLC’s?

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