Wayward Sky (PSVR) Review – Soaring Ever Higher

Wayward Sky puts players right into the boots of Bess, a young pilot whose father has been kidnapped by giant robots. In order to save your ol’ pa players must risk virtual life and limb guiding Bess through a mysterious virtual fortress chock full of puzzles.

While exploring the fortress, players flit between point and click and first person puzzling that has players directly controlling Bess’s actions. Though it is possible to play the game with a DualShock 4, if you want the best experience it works far better with a pair of Move controllers which act as your hands during the up close and personal parts of the games. These are used to have Bess turn valves, scamper up ladders, fire water cannons and avoid patrols of angry robots.

The games environments look great in both first and third person, with a simple but classy art decco inspired art style which perfectly complements the high-flying diesel punk action.

The player presides over the world like a benevolent god (a bit like Tethered) sitting in the clouds reading some kind of  high tech pop-up book, with the narrative progresses as player move from one screen to the next, slowly uncovering clues that will help her to free her dad and save the day. In Her way is an army of robots, led by an even bigger bot, who feels more imposing, dwarfing the player thanks to the power of VR,

There are a couple of minor control issues where the player’s virtual hands don’t always work the way they should, It is worth noting too that these issues are exasserbated when using a DualShock to the point where it is almost game breaking.

waywardsky_screenshot06-w710-h473The compelling and emotionally charged narrative does a great job of building up the relationship between Bess and her father. This motivates the player to push through to the conclusion. Not that it’s that long, running at about four hours. There are some collectables to nab which add a little replay value in the form of eggs and chimes (which the player needs to fix first) but little else to tempt players back.

Wayward Sky would work fine as a normal adventure game, but the brilliant sense of scale and verticality afforded to it by the use of VR elevates it into the stratosphere. With a easily explorable environments, smart puzzles to solve, and wonderful art decco aesthetics, Wayward Sky is a wonderful diesel punk adventures that PSVR owners will not want to miss.

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