Pixel Gear (PSVR) Review – Block Party

Pixel Gear is another one of those PSVR games that came out of nowhere. An arcade shooter with Minecraft style graphics, that like Ace Banana feels more like proof of concept, than a fully fledged game.

Although I did enjoy my time with Pixel Gear, it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s not a whole lot to it and if you’re not interested in trying to climb the leaderboards, you can get through it in an hour tops. Although I have found myself coming back to it, simply because it’s so damn fun.

It’s a simple set up with you standing in position fighting off waves of undead enemies and then a  bloody big boss monster at the end of each of the game’s three stages. There’s a nice variety of enemy types beforehand like flaming bats, minigun wielding Frankenstein’s monsters, bone chucking skeletons, and weirdly two- dimensional ghosts. Each have their own telegraphed attack patterns which are very easy to counter, made even easier by how effortless it is to aim and see where the buggers are coming from in VR.

PIxel Gear’s visuals are a highlight, with the blocky landscape and monsters looking like something from a more violent version of Minecraft. Oddly though the games three environments didn’t really gel with the pixelated undead horde you find yourself fighting, with you shooting up a farm, a medieval castle and an icy mine inhabited by bats, skeletons and abominations that just seemed to be plonked in to the environment with no thought to creating a cohesive experience. Likewise, the choices of a wraith, a Golem and a dragon don’t relate to the levels they feature in.

Regardless of this though the boss battles are the best part of the game. Each is huge, and get right in the players face, seeing a giant blocky dragon baring down on you in VR is really a sight to behold, though none of them are particularly difficult to beat as their weak spots are incredibly obvious and their attacks are telegraphed in an identical manner to SEGA’s Virtua Cop games ( Now that I think about it a new VR version of that or House of the Dead would be amazing!)

361-screen-05You start off with a pistol, with ample ammunition, during each wave killing monsters earns you coins which can then be used in between rounds, to buy one of three additional weapons, a machinegun (highly recommended) a grenade launcher ( great for clearing crowds) and a Sniper Rifle ( Avoid. it’s bloody useless) Aiming with the move control is easy and intuitive and I had no tracking problems at all, being able to look down the sights and examine the gun in your hands was also a neat touch.

Pixel Gear is a lot of fun to play through, thanks to fun shooting mechanics, intuitive, responsive controls and some rather spiffy boss fights. It’s the kind of simple, well executed game that doesn’t outstay its welcome. Though don’t go in expecting something akin to Rush of Blood, or you will be sorely disappointed. However, for what it is, I had a great time with Pixel Gear..

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