Overcooked!: The Lost Morsel DLC (PS4) Review: Waffer Thin Mint

I LOVED Overcooked! Easy to pick up, slightly more challenging to master (original review can be found here). The Lost Morsel DLC adds six new levels to the local co-op cook-‘em-up on a new self-contained island. That our master chefs find themselves on because of a time travel malfunction. Obviously.

Six extra levels doesn’t sound like a lot, particularly as no major new gameplay mechanics are introduced (there are no extra recipes for instance) although you do unlock three extra playable chefs by completing these levels.

The thing that has changed in these additional levels is the difficulty; in the base game, getting 3 stars was relatively easy for all but a handful of levels. All six of the new levels are a bit more challenging (although far from impossible!) and decidedly less forgiving. There are several with moving parts to the level (i.e. the chopping board or the cooker can move) and if you aren’t on the ball and maintaining an awareness of your surroundings you can easily end up trapped without access to ingredients or cooking apparatus. This wastes valuable cooking time, and will prevent you from getting as many orders out (or even dropping orders, which carries a points penalty). As with the base game, communication with your team mates is key and will be the deciding factor as to if you win or lose the level.

All in all, The Lost Morsel represents more of the same. Which is a good thing! If you enjoyed Overcooked!, The Lost Morsel gives you some extra levels, more chefs, and a bit more of a challenge, all for the price of a sandwich.

Ready… Steady… Cook! Yeah, I went there.

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