Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (PSVR) Review – Boom! Boom!

If you’ve ever thought that you’d love to have an exciting career in bomb disposal, but were put off by the thought of being blown to bits by a homemade nuclear device, have a friend with a large collection of Haynes manuals but no car, or want to see how far you can push your relationship, then Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes could be the game for you.

Originally released for PC and the Oculus Rift earlier this year, and now available for PSVR, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a brilliant party game that has one player taking on the role of a person stuck in a room defusing a bomb, and the other telling them how to do so by reading the manual.

It’s not as simple as just cutting the red wire (though that can help) or pulling the plug out either. Each bomb is made up of a series of micro puzzles, with each one needing to be solved to successfully defuse the bomb before time runs out and it explodes. Puzzles range from mazes, memory games and holding a button until a certain number appears on the timer to cutting the right wire, and many more besides, with their complexity ramping up with each device you defuse, with complex puzzles and eventually modules you need to keep tending to throughout the trial or the bomb goes boom.

However, there’s a catch; the person defusing the bomb has no way of knowing how to do so successfully by themselves. Instead they need to be advised by the other player who can see the manual on the TV screen (or on a phone or tablet, you can even find a printable version It’s a brilliant test of your communication and comprehension skills as one player attempts to successfully describe the device in front of them, while the other must successfully figure out how to defuse the bomb based on the information provided, then tell them how to do it.

If that wasn’t enough, time is ticking and you can only make three mistakes before the bomb blows, and each previous mistake speeds up the timer.


It’s kind of like playing a high stakes version of Guess Who crossed with that episode of the crystal maze where Richard O’ Brian goes insane and decides to kill the contestants that fail to get the crystal in time (OK maybe I made that up, but you get the idea)

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is an incredibly fun game that makes novel use of the PSVR tech, utilising it in a rare way that doesn’t isolate the player with the headset on from the outside world, but instead, makes them wholly dependent on it to succeed.

If you want a gentle way to introduce your friends and family to PSVR that won’t potentially make them hurl, you are sat in a chair in both the real and virtual world, I’d recommend signing them up for the virtual bomb squad, of and remember if you don’t want to explode, communication is key.


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