Interested in writing for WASDuk?

Have you ever stared at your screen, thinking: “man the world needs to hear my opinions on video games/comic books/geek culture etc, if only there was a suitable outlet for my sage wisdom?”
Good news! WASDuk might be the place for you! WASDuk is looking for writers that can contribute on a basis that suits you, ranging from one-off pieces to more regular contributions.

In particular, we welcome the following submissions:

  • Indie game reviews
  • Top 10s (on any subject relating to Geek culture)
  • Opinion pieces/Editorials
  • Geek Lifestyle pieces

But let’s be honest, we are not picky.  If you have something in particular you want us to throw up, or would like to write for us regularly then get in touch with us at via twitter or FB!



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9 thoughts on “Interested in writing for WASDuk?

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  4. Hello I was playing injustice for kindle and I finished the 5th stage but I didn’t give me gold raven
    And my name on there is flash135 and it took me two days to finish the 5th challenge

  5. How about the put Blue Lantern ’cause we need at least one Lantern Corp or Sinestro Corp that could shoot a laser out of it’s ring, so I hope it is goin to be a new update.

  6. They need to add the option to make any character into a Lantern, like a Brightest Day or Blackest Night option for the app.

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