Injustice 2: 10 Characters Who Should be DLC’s

With the main Injustice 2 roster revealed as expected, the Joker filling the last spot, Injusticians now turn their lonely heads to the remaining DLC spots. DLC- something to do with what should have been included in the original game anyway but will require players to pay for it such that pre-order and other releases…


EVE: Online ‘The Propecy’ Fanfest 2014 Trailer

A cosmic entity and a prophecy proclaiming “…in it’s wake will follow a storm” are at the center of a heated universe-wide battle between the heretics and those on the side of Theology. Which side will you choose, or will you remain neutral and deistic?  


Warlords of Draenor Expands Warcraft

Players will soon have access to the world of Draenor to fight alongside the legends of Warcraft’s past. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor is the 5th expansion for the MMORPG, and the trailer illustrates how character levels will be raised to 100, new skins will be available, and player can even pay to begin…


10 Video Games That Should Be Movies

With shits like Uwe Boll making terrible films out of popular games with tons of potential, one sometimes needs to pause and consider what she or he would like to see on the silver-screen. Thus, we do not want to WASD… your time. We want to steal it, write a manuscript based on it, edit…