NBA Playgrounds review for Nintendo Switch – Swish

Driving down court to the three point line, where you jump, fly through the air to the rim, and somersault off while slamming the ball through the hoop for a 4 point dunk; 2 for the dunk, 1 for a perfect shot, and 1 for executing from behind the arc.This scene encapsulates the NBA Playgrounds…


New Screens: Ar no Surge

New screen shots and artwork for the upcoming Ar no Surge have been released. The wonderful, vibrant art, which is art because WASDuk is writing about it (Thanks, Andy Warhol!), can be viewed below:


Inzuma Eleven Kick on the Nintendo 3DS

Level-5 is bringing a whole new set of dimensions to that boring Earth game known as soccer. And, do you know what would make soccer (aka FOOTBALL!!!) even cooler? Well, let us tell you: aliens, intergalactic trains to take teams to matches, sword fights, scheming, and small Japanese kids that can transmorphrify into hulking bears,…