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Rebel Galaxy Review (Xbox One) – Space Diamond in the Rough

Rebel Galaxy is a game of pretty drastic changes.  Beginning behind the wheel of a hulking space cruiser, speeding past star systems, carrying a hold-full of space junk and blaring salty country/rock tunes. Whether you’re picking up jobs and bounties from the various space stations scattered around the map, looting unsuspecting passersby, living the life…


EVE: Online ‘The Propecy’ Fanfest 2014 Trailer

A cosmic entity and a prophecy proclaiming “…in it’s wake will follow a storm” are at the center of a heated universe-wide battle between the heretics and those on the side of Theology. Which side will you choose, or will you remain neutral and deistic?  


Alien Isolation: Launch Trailers

The Alien saga has remained relevant for 35 years, even with colossus missteps like AVP. In addition, last year’s origin tale was not well received until the original script began to circulate, which resulted in thousands of fan-boy’s heads exploding due to the awesomeness. Today, two launch trailers have been revealed for the upcoming Alien: Isolation.…