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10 Second Ninja X (PS4) Review – Silent But Deadly

Four Circle Interactive’s original 10 Second Ninja on PC was a bloody tough game, seeing players take on the role of a cute-yet-incredibly stoic little shinobi that had to fight his way through a hordes of angry robots in ten seconds or less. The sequel-come-reboot, 10 Second Ninja X, makes its way to consoles and…


Thunderbirds Are Go Trailer released

Thunderbirds has undergone a CGI remake just as Captain Scarlet before it, and to be honest we’ve (well I – the other WASDUK guys really couldn’t care less, more fool them!) have been apprehensive. Brains looks like a hipster, Gordon looks younger than Alan and the Thunderbirds themselves, although very well rendered in CG look…


Screencheat announced for Xbox One

There’s only one way we play multiplayer. split screen FPS, we watch our opponents’ screens and cheat our way to victory. Oh like you don’t! And that is exactly the premise of Indie dev Samurai Punk‘s party split screen FPS; Screencheat.  The game, which is already available on Steam has been announced for a summer…


Warhammer: Vermintide Gameplay Trailer Released : The Skaven are Coming!

Fatshark (of escape Dead Island fame), have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming  multiplayer Warhammer FPS, Warhammer: Vermintide. The new footage, taken from one of the earlier missions in the game, shows the game’s heroes hacking their way through the streets of Ubersreik in an attempt to warn the citie’s garrison of the…


Metal Gear Solid V release date leaked

While Konami were planning a big reveal tomorrow (4th March) at 2pm UK time, complete with countdown on their official Metal Gear Solid webpage. Unfortunately for them they didn’t count on one particular NeoGaf user, who managed to blow the whole thing after discovering a number of interviews on IGN‘s server (videos which have rather…


WarnerBros announce extensive mobile game lineup

Today WarnerBros announced a number of titles they intend to bring to the world of mobile gaming. In a move that will combine some of the big names in modern franchises and cross connectivity, WarnerBros confirmed five games currently under development at their various owned studios in addition to the two titles already released earlier…


Cancelled LOK game footage found

If you’re a fan of Legacy of Kain, you know one of those fans that has never quite gotten over the way Defiance ended and practically sold your soul to get Square Enix to make a sequel, you’ll have heard of Dead Sun. If you’re a normal human being who hasn’t spent far too much…


Gamers Confess all on Twitter

Gamers everywhere took to Twitter today to confess their funniest, most sordid and long held secrets, as the hashtag GamerConfessions became the most trending topic on the social media website. Check out the pics below to see our choice of the more amusing offerings.   You can follow WASDuk on Twitter at @wasduk1

Flappy-Bird logo

Flappy Bird to Fly Again

In mid-February we at wasduk looked at the lessons learned from the widely reported Flappy Bird saga, and we rather cynically chalked the whole episode up to excellent marketing. Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen decided to remove his exceptionally popular game Flappy Bird just days after it was released on Android for rather mysterious reasons. We…


Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead at home

Yesterday afternoon the film world was stunned to learn of the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. The award winning Hoffman, most recently involved in filming for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2, was found at his apartment in New York apparently having suffered a drugs overdose. He was declared dead at the scene.…

Batman Superman

Alfred and Luthor Casting Revealed

Those fans waiting the release of Batman/Superman may have been disappointed to have heard of its set back in order for filmmakers to “realise fully their vision,” (and nothing to do, whatsoever, with Affleck’s current injury). But in the meantime Warner Bros today released some new casting choices for you to mull over. English actor…

Nosgoth has been developed by Psyonix Studios, produced by SquareEnix and is currently in the closed beta stage

New Nosgoth lore fills in the blanks

Fans of the Legacy of Kain series will either be happy or infuriated with the news that while the new Nosgoth game invites more players to test the closed alpha stages, Square Enix have began filling in the blanks on what the original Legacy of Kain series did not explicitly say. The new lore focuses…


New iOS Injustice Characters Arrive from Krypton

The iOS Injustice: Gods Among Us brawler has kept fans busy with a series of Challenge Stages. Each month, a stage consisting of about 60 battles offers a new card-fighter when players complete it. The last Challenge Stage offered a Gold Hawkgirl card-fighter and past stages included Blackest Night Batman, Raven, Aquaman and a Red…


Wonder Flick Mobile Version Launch Trailer

Level 5’s Wonder Flick is coming to the land of the iOS on November 30th. So, jump on your giant turtle, which will undoubtedly help to support your character’s very large, but cute, head, and snatch up a weapon to vanquish those wicked beasts!