Worms Revolution: Medieval Tales Review

The latest DLC pack for Worms Revolution; Medieval Tales is out and the good folks over at Team 17 have provided me with a copy to put it through its paces. But is it worth the princely sum of 400ms/£3.99 and more importantly is it worth your time? If you can’t get enough of Worms…


iOS/Android Injustice: The Top 5 Gold Card-Fighters

This week’s Top 5 begins WASDuk’s coverage of the best card-fighters in the iOS/Android Injustice: Gods Among Us. Today, the focus is on the Gold card-fighters, who are the most powerful characters in the game. Unfortunately, many of the heroes and villains in this league do not offer useful special abilities. On the other hand, all of…


iOS/Android Injustice: Raven Challenge Stage Walkthrough

Last month’s Challenge Stage for Injustice: Gods Among Us awarded faithful players with the Red Son card-fighter of Deathstroke. Players will now have 10 days to fight through five levels in the new Injustice Challenge Stage to receive the Regime version of Raven. Raven Challenge Stage Walkthrough: Although 25 Raven credits are given at the beginning of the Challenge…


GameStop Leaks the Content for COD: Ghosts DLC Onslaught

Regardless of how excited Call of Duty fans are about the Onslaught content, it is still funny that simple posters are now regarded as leaks. For instance, somebody at a GameStop store, where one can buy new and used games, posted a picture of a new COD poster. The poster reveals the content of the…


Video: New DLC Costumes for Lightning

A new video premiered today for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII character, Lightning. A number of DLC costumes have been added for her, including a backless leather top to show off those shoulder-blades before her bigger gun-knife blades cut you in two. Sing it: “You are my FF waifu!”


The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC Revealed

Naughty Dog’s single player DLC campaign for The Last of Us: Left Behind revealed a first look trailer today. Naughty Dog has been busy this week, and first presented the news and trailer last night on Spike TV. Don’t be left behind! WATCH IT!!!


New Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Revealed

A new trailer for the Ultimate Edition of DC and NetherRealm’s Injustice: Gods Among Us has been released today. The trailer begins with the various characters marching against one another. Then, the perks of the game, such as it including all of the DLC characters like Zatanna and Martian Man Hunter in addition to having…