WASDuk Review: Godzilla – Planet of the Monsters (Part 1)

There’s a horrible disease that infects perfectly decent ideas (that eventually become shitty films). It’s known as StarWars-ism and, as we didn’t see in the Star Wars prequels, the Emperor tells the audience of the tale of Darth Plagueis. However, the audience doesn’t ever see Darth Plagueis and there’s no flashback. This is StarWars-ism at its worst. It reminds the audience of what it should be seeing, but the audience views nothing except the Emperor’s babbling face. Eventually the audience will die of boredom.

Sadly, in 2014, Godzilla contracted StarWars-ism from director Gareth Edwards. Rather than showering the audience with what it paid to see (Godzilla killing and destroying everything), this Godzilla merely began to fight or smash and, then, the camera would switch to the viewpoint of a character. Every time the viewpoint changed, Godzilla and its foes would disappear from sight. This StarWars-ism infected flick made the audience sit through about an hour and a half of humans running about and talking before finally showing Godzilla fight – there was only one fucking fight. What a waste!

Unfortunately, 2014’s Godzilla got down to business at some point with Netflix’s Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters and passed on the disease. Nearly all of this anime styled feature finds what remains of humanity flying through space before exploring an abandoned Earth. Godzilla was so out of control that it wiped out the whole planet. But we don’t get to see the giant lizard of all giant lizards doing that. Rather, we’re just told about the destruction Godzilla brought. So after ninety minutes of watching humans with no personalities fly around and talk, Godzilla finally shows up. And there’s one fight. And it’s far too little and late to save this frustrating, boring infection of a film.

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