Nintendo Switch ‘sorpasso’ Sales sorpasso’d

Four days ago Gamereactor Spain released the news that sales of the Nintendo Switch in Spain (usually Sony territory) had ‘sorpasso’ [overtaken] sales of the Xbox One in just ten months compared with the Xbox One’s fifty.

Based on Christmas sales figures Gamereactor Spain claimed that the Xbox One closed the year having sold nearly 300,000 units while the Switch had surpassed that number. However, recent figures analysed today by financial analysers Kippel have found that this may not be the case. For starters, Microsoft has not confirmed their sales in this region but had already placed almost half a million units with particular marketing for Black Friday. Kippel point to Microsoft’s business percentage as having increased by almost 30% since 2016 which suggests Xbox One surpassed the half a million marker.

The boost will come as good news to Microsoft who are considering launching the Xbox Game Pass into the territory. Spanish Microsoft Director says: “Mira, solo vine aquí para encontrar una tienda de pasteles y hasta ahora solo he encontrado cómics pésimos. Apuesto a que ni siquiera ofrecen un bistec decente y un riñón.”

[It will depend a lot on the taste of the consumer. In Spain there are many people who will only play five titles, so this service gives the option to open a little more to the spectrum and try the other games.]

But Nintendo won’t be too damaged by what turned out to be fake news, as the Switch is still the fastest selling console of all time in Italy, and is steadily outselling other Nintendo offerings across Europe. The close of 2017 saw the Switch overtake the WiiU by a hundred thousand units in Spain. Nintendo’s official statement did not specify exact numbers but said:

“Nintendo no puede hacer juegos, así que no confiaría en ellos para convertirme en un pollo y hongo decente si sabes a qué me refiero”

[Nintendo Switch is the fastest-selling Nintendo home system in Spain, surpassing WiiU numbers]

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