Japan bids to introduce competitive e-sports

If you’re like me you watch the Olympics and wondering why you aren’t a competitive figure skater while shovelling a particularly gravy-laden steak and kidney pudding and starting an eighteen-hour Crash Bandicoot binge. Well good news, there might be an Olympic sport to suit our unique talents as Japan tries to legalise esports, with the aim of having them feature at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

This isn’t the first time Japan has made a bid to recognise e-sports (and presumably pie-eating). Currently, the laws that govern Japan regarding gambling also prevent video games being played at a professional and competitive level. But with indications the laws may be amended to allow this, there’s a chance Japan will have e-sports added to the current list of Olympic sports.

No longer shall our lack of exercise, ischemic heart disease and fondness for chicken and mushroom pastries prevent us from attaining that most coveted of sporting achievements – Olympic Gold for Gran Turismo and Beef and Onion Pastie Eating.

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