Let Them Come PS4 review

If the bad times are coming…

Let Them Come takes the best part of most shooters ‘the turret sections’, and dispenses with all that unnecessary running, gunning and ducking behind shoulder high walls. You stand, you shoot annnd that’s it; An angry space marine, a bloody big turret, and a corridor full of angry aliens.

It sounds simplistic, but trust me, for the few hours it lasted (excluding boss rushes, the ever so tempting new game plus, and the inevitable fight to top them leaderboards) I couldn’t put it down.

The action is straightforward, you gun down wave after wave of angry beasties until the inevitable happens and you are overrun. Every gribbly bugger you gun down earns you cash, which can then be used to upgrade your turret, grab some grenades or more effective ammo, or even a trusty chainsaw or dark matter generator to fend the fuckers off in those moments when the turret over heats.

On top of that, swift kills are rewarded by building up the combo meter. Fill the meter and you are rewarded by with one of a myriad of useful buffs including extra turret barrel, enemies exploding when they die, double damage, helpful automated turrets and plenty more besides.

Action is quick, fierce and strangely compelling while frustration is kept to the minimum thanks to checkpoints after every wave and being able to get straight back into the fray in seconds.

No battle feels like a waste either because each defeat at the claws of the horde gets you one step closer to that next upgrade, exploding bullet or freezing hand grenade.

LetThemComeThe only road block to the fun is the games bosses which punctuate each of its six areas. None are impossible by any means, but the upgrades dry up and the game’s pacing goes off the side of the cliff. That being said, each is well designed and the mid game fight against a tentacled maw is a high point. On the whole the games gallery of knock of nids are well designed and each requires a different strategy to effectively overcome, from gun toting mutant centaurs, exploding radio-active beetles and legions of ‘not face huggers’ ensures that a sense of repetition never sets in.

For the price of a double pangalactic gargleblaster you can do a lot worse than giving whiling away a few hours tearing angry aliens to pieces in a hail of machine gun fire. LET THEM COME!

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