Suicide Squad Breaks August Box Office Record


We’ve been pretty amused by the large volume of “hate-viewers” who scrambled to put out early reviews of Suicide Squad since they didn’t actually watch it. It’s becoming more and more evident that presumptions and personal indifference have led these hate-viewers (people or movie critics who paid to see Suicide Squad despite hating all things DC)) to finally admit that the film is, in most of their opinions, okay. iO9/Gizmodo’s Eve Peyser falls into this category as she wrote today:

“Here’s something twisted that will absolutely blow your goddamn mind: Suicide Squad, a very bad movie, set an August box office record on its opening weekend, raking in a hot $135.1 million in North American ticket sales, which is more than Guardians of the Galaxy, an actually good movie, brought in on its opening weekend in 2014.”

Fine, yes, that’s a fact mixed with her opinion. However, she then follows up the above statement by writing later in her article that Suicide Squad “turned out to be deeply mediocre film.” Thus, she, like most blog reviewers, is part of the problem. These reviews largely paint a horrible picture of the film, then its mediocre, and when the actual audience finally watches it, the reviews the audience has read no longer make sense. Questions from readers of these reviews are then presented in the following pattern: Was it horrible? Is it really at less than 30% on RottenTomatoes? Wait, why is it mediocre now? WHAT? Why is it okay now?

Regardless of everything that has been written, why is Suicide Squad setting U.S. box office records?

1)Females: Jared Leto as The Joker

This one really surprised us since Leto is a small role-player in the film. We don’t get much screen time of Gotham’s clown prince and this seems to be sitting very well with many female viewers anyway. “Heath Ledger’s Joker made me uncomfortable and scared” is the most seen comment on why Leto’s more tame portrayal is so welcoming. In the end, if your girlfriend wants to avoid scary films, then Suicide Squad is right up her alley. Even though Joker and Harley, at best, have a dysfunctional relationship, the fact that each scene is building to The Joker saving his love is surprisingly appealing. Overall, despite the film’s flaws, this one is suitable for date night or for the whole family.

2)Deadpool and his Daughter

If you read WASDuk’s review of the film, then you’ll notice that we described it as family friendly. Kids were often scurried out of more adult films like Deadpool and the fact that Will Smith’s Deadshot is fighting and doing admittedly horrible things only to make ends meet for his daughter is a two-edged sword. Older viewers will question why such a stupid premise is at the forefront of the film. Deadshot is killing people, shooting them in the head in most cases, he nearly kills Batman himself, and then he describes himself as not being a true bad guy. However, the upside of the sword is that by the end of the film he’s happily serving his jail time while teaching his daughter math. His entire motivation is family, regardless of how far-fetched it is, and it’s very appealing and satisfying to the younger audience.

Deadshot also rounds out the typical one note baddies with little to no motivation like Killer Croc. His back story is briefly described and he really doesn’t need to be in the film. The same could be said for Boomerang and Katana, but Deadshot and Harley’s rounded personas and stories balance out these one note characters.

3)DC’s Fan Base is Growing and it’s Flooding the Market

What I consider to be horrible TV Shows others consider to be amazing. As The Flash moves closer and closer to The Flashpoint Paradox arc in its TV form, the viewing base is becoming louder and, as a result, more supportive. The Flash’s latest cinematic incarnation also appears very briefly in Suicide Squad and this teaser is enough to peak the curiosity of the TV Flash’s audience.

In addition, the after credits scene reveals Nightwing, another huge favorite among younger DC loyals, and this is another reason why people scrambled to the theaters. More specifically, viewers don’t want to miss out on what DC and Warner Brothers is building from film to film. Yes, Marvel/Disney films established this pattern but DC is beginning to capitalize on it well in its own right. DC has always flooded the market and with a number of new animated projects and live-action features on the horizon, DC is doing it again.

Lastly, Suicide Squad won in the opening weekend. The downside is that its most likely not going to see any theaters in China and repeat viewings are questionable at best in the U.S. due to all the negativity from critics. Regardless, it is a competent film that deserves your money. Let us know your thoughts on the film if you were part of the record-setting opening. Did Joker and Harley make you fall for them?





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