Top 15 Injustice Characters

(this comes as a guest contrbution from friend of the ‘Duk, Austin Chan)

Even though many are transitioning (or have already transitioned completely) to MKX Mobile, there is still a pretty widespread fanbase for Injustice, and plenty to like about it. With a wider roster, along with some really strong new characters and features, Injustice has held its own, and with the release of Apokolips Darkseid coming off the backs of Justice League Wonder Woman, the Arkham Knight characters, and the Flash characters, I thought it would be a great time to give my opinion on just who makes the top 15, and why.

But first, some honourable mentions.  Prime Batgirl is still a very solid character, and can be used with any team due to her passive ability.  Prime Doomsday is someone that you really don’t want tagging in late-game or with two bars or more. Red Son Deathstroke has kinda fallen off the radar of many, mainly due to stat-changes and nerfs, but can still benefit from being in a Red Son team and Blackest Night Martian Manhunter’s numerous effects give him different power boosts at different times, which comes in very handy.


15 - Prime Static


 Health: 1050

 Passive: Aftershock: Immune to power drain. Successfully blocking Special Attacks generates power for Static.

With annoyances such as the Nightwings, Arrow, Green Arrow, Krypto, Lex Luthor and Martain Manhunter, it’s always nice to see someone that can withstand the potentially crippling power drain attack. Not only does Static withstand it, but he generates power from it, and considering that his damage stat is well endowed, he’ll hit hard back. 


14 - Arkham Origins Deathstroke 

Damage: 850

Health: 1100

Passive: Elite Soldier: On landing 200% with Point Blank, it will become UNBLOCKABLE and always CRIT. Bonus 8% percent damage per promotion to damage stat. (Up to a maximum of 56% at Elite 7).

Even though his damage isn’t that appealing at first, there’s no denying that Deathstroke is a powerhouse upon reaching Elite 7. That extra 56% to his damage combined with the chance of crit and unblockable special 1, Deathstroke can wipe out half or KO an opponent with one bar. 

13 - Apokolips Darkseid

Damage: 1100

Health: 1400

Passive: Black Racer - a basic combo has a chance of summoning the Black Racer, who causes random unique effects on his opponent.

A much improved version of the disappointing Prime Darkseid, Apokolips Darkseid has the Black Racer finish off his combos, rather than boosting bronze characters. Still, Darkseid isn’t the biggest team player as he doesn’t do anything to benefit those around him, but his base stat total mixed with great effects from Black Racer make him dangerous nevertheless.


   12 - Metahuman The Flash

: 1200

Health: 1200

Passive: Superspeed - Upon Special Attack or Supermove activation, basic attacks temporarily triple in speed with a chance to be unblockable and do critical damage.

Packing quite a powerful punch, The Flash adds more to his basic combos by boasting some of (if not the) fastest attacks in the game. Once enhanced by his passive, The Flash can dish out massive damage at a ridiculously quick pace. 

11 - Killer Joke The Joker

: 950

Health: 750

Passive: Joke's On You! - If the Joker is knocked out, his teammate's power is charged to full.

Rarely do we ever look at a card with such low stats that it causes us to physically groan. However, The Joker’s low health ironically works for its benefit, as it grants your team at least two more super moves, setting up a lot of potential damage. Even when tagged in, The Joker is still a threat, as his abilities, high damage and speed lets the player attack with complete abandon. 

10 - Cassandra Cain Batgirl

: 1150

Health: 950

Passive: Assassin's Ambush - Upon tag-in, Batgirl attacks, causing the opponent to lose 25% of their current health.

The very definition of a glass cannon, Cassandra Cain Batgirl starts battles by taking 25% off whatever amount of health your opponent as left.  This makes her opponents (justifiably) wary of her being tagged out, knowing that she could strike at any time. Her quick acrobatics and destructive power definitely makes her someone to watch out for. 

9 - Prime Raven

: 1050

Health: 1000

Passive: Demonic Rage - Twice per match, when Raven is below 20% of her maximum health, she swaps health with her opponent.

No other character allows you to strategize like Raven does. Her influence on every attack and tag-in might be the most powerful of the game, and it forcing opponents to plan meticulously on their next move. Even then, she somehow finds a way out of the most dire of situations, turning the tables in an instant. 

8 - Red Son Wonder Woman

: 900


Passive: Red Son Power - Wonder Woman and her teammates gain 15% power generation for each Red Son on the team.

One of the most unique support cards in the game, Wonder Woman contains great all-around stats while being capable of working with an all -female team and Red Son team. Matching her up with the right characters can add to the percentage gain/  Power generators are always valuable in the game, and makes Red Son Wonder Woman a great addition to any team.

7 - 600 Wonder Woman

Damage: 800

Health: 1100

Passive: Amazonian Fury - All female characters on Wonder Woman's team gain 30% damage and power generation.

Don’t be fooled by her stats, as 600 Wonder Woman’s abilities grants other female players much needed boosts. Considering some of the great female characters that were made for Injustice, it’s easy to see why she can be the bonding factor fora lot of great teams. Add to this the fact that her second special causes bleed, and it certainly makes up for her lack of basic damage. 

6 - Prime Killer Frost

Damage: 850

Health: 1200

Passive: Best Served Cold - Killer Frost dampens all opponent's power generation by 50%.

Killer Frost is the best character for rendering all power generation useless. Combine that with her impeding passive, her high health and freezing ability to slow down attacks, and Killer Frost is the most annoying character for opponents to deal with. Her Black Ice special compensates for her lower damage, as it is partially unblockable, 

5 - Red Son Superman

Damage: 1000

Health: 1100

Passive: Red Son Strength - Superman and his team gain a 25% damage boost to basic attacks for each Red Son character on the team.

Arguably the mainstay of any Red Son team, Red Son Superman is by far the best Superman in Injustice. He guarantees at least 25% extra damage, and of course is at his best with other Red Sons. That said, he's still adaptable outside of these teams, too, as he boasts a three hit second special and a fluid heavy combo. Not only does Superman deal big damage, but he's capable of taking quite a bit as well.

4 - Justice League Wonder Woman

Damage: 1300

Health: 1200

Passive: Justice League Fury - When Wonder Woman activates a Special Attack or Supermove, Justice League teammates receive power: affects Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Wonder Woman.

Not only armed with the highest base stat total, Wonder Woman’s passive reaches a wide variety of characters (which could probably grow since it technically should reach Shazam and the Flash, too). Still, Wonder Woman has a huge amount of potential, being able to switch from being a support character to a one man (or should I say woman?) wrecking crew.

3 - Arkham Origins Batman

Damage: 1000

Health: 1150

Passive: Invisible Predator - Batman starts battles with 2 BARS of POWER.

A long-time first choice to start a battle, Arkham Origins Batman was one of the first juggernauts, and a character that every player feared to see in the team preview. His crazy ability to start a battle with two bars of power gave him an early edge over almost any character, and until this day, AO Batman has not been slowed down one bit.

2 - Arkham Knight Batman


Health: 1300

Passive: WayneTech - When Bruce first engages an enemy, he activates two WayneTech boosts of his choosing.

It didn’t take long for the newest version of Batman to become one of the the best. Just like his other Arkham counterpart, Arkham Knight Batman can start with a bonus.  However, this version proves to be an upgrade as the user can actively choose both upgrades, one of which includes Arkham Origins’ power boost. Along with his truly monstrous stats, Arkham Knight Batman might be the overall strongest character in the game.

1 - Prime Shazam

Damage: 950

Health: 1350

Passive: Lightning Fury - Upon Super Move activation, Shazam deals 300% more damage with basic attacks, takes 50% less damage, and can use special moves without power cost for 12 seconds.

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Despite all the worthy challengers, Shazam remains on the top due to his massive health stat, followed by what is arguably the best passive in the game, giving him the capability to decimate entire teams. Being potentially able to deal over 250,000 damage with any use of gear, along with his bulky health, Shazam is the most clutch and the most dangerous character in Injustice.


Agree?  Disagree?  Let us known below!

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