Tuesday’s Trinity: Enter Lex Corp (12/22/2015)

Seasonal GEAR

Once the new Lex Corp GEAR set landed in Survivor mode last week, the question became whether or not the Fourth World GEAR set would still be available. It’s not. As a result, the GEAR sets that have been advertised (Fourth World, Lex Corp, League of Assassins) appear to be seasonal. The other piece to the Survivor rewards puzzle, therefore, is that one GEAR card from the given season’s set will remain very difficult to receive. In the case of last season’s Fourth World GEAR, nearly every player easily received the Chest Plate, many received the Helm, but only some got the Mace from the Last Laugh Ticket round.

Similarly, the latest Survivor season is dangling the Lex Corp Chest Armor very low, and everyone will get it. However, just start clapping if you get the Lex Corp Gauntlets since they are the most difficult GEAR piece to achieve statistically.

This brings the overall status of Multi-Player to new dimensions and battle theories. Lots of questions are still out there as to how the latest GEAR works, especially the Damage per second aspect of the Lex Corp set.


How Does It Work?

John Partland hit the new update running and quickly collected all the Lex Corp GEAR cards. Once players have the full set and place them all on one card-fighter, then the GEAR will cause Damager every second to the opponent. John explains the process more thoroughly below:

Right guys I’ve figured it out. You can get CRITICAL DAMAGE from the 1.5 base rate of the character with the Lex Corp set equipped. It works like this, if you have altered your character with the CRIT Augmentation cards, then it also applies to the damage done with this GEAR. Therefore, sometimes it will be the usual 700 Damage per second and other times, depending on your character’s CRIT stats, the Damage per second is applied as CRIT.”

Per the screen shot below, John’s Arkham Knight Batman is wearing the Lex Corp set and is doing 1760 Damage per second to Deathstroke. The Damage is higher because his Arkham Knight Batman is fully leveled and has used Augmentation cards to boost his CRITICAL Damage.


The new GEAR is very dangerous due to its devastating capabilities. Once again, Raven is essential here. One could simply leave her in the match, and if the Lex Corp user doesn’t tag out, then Raven can reverse her lower Health with the opponent’s. Regardless, this GEAR will certainly raise anxiety levels if players don’t know what’s going on.

Oh, you think that’s bad? Just wait until you go up against a CCLAer with the League of Assassin’s GEAR set. If opponent’s tag out in less than 12 seconds against the wearer, then the GEAR will activate “High Damage” and could literally knock out every card-fighter on your team in less than 15 seconds. It’s brutal! We love free marketing though. It helps us prepare for future fights!

To Ultimate or Not To Ultimate

A lot of buzz is going around about players losing the final match in a 7-round Multi-Player battle. Always remember that human players are smarter than AI, but some players have equipped high Health card-fighters with new GEAR sets to draw out matches. Granted, these matches are more difficult to win than others, but they are winnable.

10452454_1675990912678689_6118126974739785974_n (2)

In regards to the above Blackest Night Martian Manhunter card, its Health is at 94K, and if you face a fully augmented version, the Health will be over 100K easily. Thus, GEARing it with either the Fourth World or Lex Corp GEAR is crazy. By crazy we mean that players would have to knock him out before “zombie” J’onn drains all your Health with the Lex Corp set. On the other hand, if he’s wearing the Fourth World set, then players may spend over 11 minutes just on him or, worst case scenario, either give up or lose or both.

In light of this, are Ultimate battles worth it? They do reward the most Multi-Player credits, but they can turn into hour-long affairs.

Furthermore, realize now that these latest GEAR sets are a clever game of Rock-Scissors-Paper. It figures like this: Fourth World protects fighters, but loses to Lex Corp because Lex Corp GEAR can drain, and League of Assassin’s GEAR can beat Lex Corp GEAR with High Damage, but Fourth World GEAR can defend against the High Damage.

Yes, in an ideal mobile world, all of us would have all the pieces or full sets. BUT, we all don’t. Again, Raven is a good equalizer, and high Health brawlers can take out these new GEAR sets with competent make-shift sets. Are you ready for the new Injustice version of Rock-Scissors-Paper, errr… Fourth-Lex-League…. let us know your strategies to combat these new battle threats and a special thanks to John Partland for all his insight!

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