Injustice Update: Darkseid Arises, Red Lantern Sucks

The latest Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile update brought shock and awe by previewing a new Apokolips Darkseid skin, whose passive allows him to summon Dark Racer. As expected with the new crop of dominate skins, Darkseid finally resembles the evil New God that is so feared in the comics:

d1 d2

Not only should you beware the new Darkseid himself, but his minion, Dark Racer, can inflict a wonderfully horrible status condition called Cursed. When a fighter is inflicted with being Cursed, then it’s similar to a Radiation Field. The fighter will lose Health until he/she tags out. However, when the card-fighter tags back in, the Cursed effect remains and will begin to drain the card’s Health again. The new Darkseid is haunting in every sense of the word and some CCLAers have already maxed him out in Multi-Player to show off the New God’s prowess. Look forward to his official release!

Furthermore, a recent video by Kuos has given some the impression that Dark Racer’s Cursed effect may make all strikes Critical. However, our sources are now gathering as much information as possible, and a complete list of Dark Racer’s powers will be listed as soon as possible. If anything changes, we’ll update immediately.

And thanks to Gemini for the wonderful pics. We love you, man!


Remember when everyone was pissed at us for labeling Regime Wonder Woman as the best card-fighter? No?

Well, during Phase 1 of Injustice she was. She could block and fill her POWER Bars amazingly fast. Then, she was nerfed and could only get 5% POWER for each blocked attack. As Diana was taken down, so goes Red Lantern Hal Jordan. Our sole Red Lantern still begins with full POWER Bars. The unfortunate update though has now retarded the awesome use of Special 2 after Special 2. Now, after Hal uses a Special, he must wait while the Power Bars refill. He’s bordering useless now.

Seriously, does DC/WB hold a strange grudge against the Green (now Red) Lantern? Of course the live-action was disgustingly lame and Ryan Reynolds is a shit actor, BUT why abuse the character? Deadpool is obviously going to be a sucky movie as well, but Marvel keeps true to his in-game versions. We just get the feeling that Hal has been watered down in Injustice, and the only useful Hal skin is his Silver, which adds 25% Power Generation to teams. We also used to feel the same way about Barry (aka The Flash), but Reverse The Flash is a pretty sweet card right der! Fine, he’s not technically Barry Allen, but still: BEST FLASH CARD EVER (so far, where’s Earth 2 skin, WB???)!

Oh, and GEAR! Holy High Father is the new GEAR far more than OP:

d4 d5 d6 d7 d8 d9

With Apokolips Darkseid using Dark Racer to “Cursed” foes, Lex’s GEAR set combining to constantly reduce opponent Health, and League GEAR to cause Damage on early tag-outs, this new update can easily be referred to as the Health Destroyer update.

Regardless, poor Hal! Our solo Red Lantern was the ultimate offensive tool for leveling up player cards. Now he’s an afterthought. I hope WB/DC can give us a worthy Lantern eventually. By the way, where’s Kilowog?



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