Tuesday’s Trinity: The Survivor Issue (12/08/2015)


Audi Dsilva confirmed over this past weekend that he is the first player in Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile to defeat every opponent in the new Survivor mode. Even though the addition of Survivor mode, which rewards fighters with Augmentation cards, Shards, Credits, and the most desirable, beneficial GEAR to date in the Fourth World Mace, Helmet, and Armor, there are still questions and mystery surrounding the best methodology to emulate what Audi just accomplished. As a result, this entire Trinity piece is dedicated to sharing what he accomplished in order to make your Survivor fighting style more beneficial.

Audi Dsilva is a member of the famed Facebook group known as Lesley & Sophie’s Alliance Credits Group. Members of the infamously secret society also uncovered the Magnet fighters that attracted Defensive battles on Multi-Player, and were also the first to develop a GEAR guide when GEAR was first released.

Here’s our conversation with Audi Dsilva:

Question: The biggest question on every player’s mind will be what team you used to clear all 16 stages of Survivor mode. So?

Audi: I used Raven, Killer Frost and Wonder Woman 600 for rounds 1 to 16.

Overall, rounds 1 to 8 are pretty simple and you can complete them easily unless you make some silly mistake.
For rounds 1-8, I GEAR them as follows. Equip Raven with Ra’s Scimitar, The Ibistick, and Raven’s Demonic Cloak. Killer Frost gets the Fourth World Set, and Wonder Woman 600 should have the Cloak of Destiny, Lobo’s Czarian Hook, and the Amazonian Sword and Shield. When the team is GEARed in this way, then most of the work is done by Raven. I use the tap or swipe combo until I get 2 Power Bars, then Raven KO’s with her Special 2.. And SPAM Killer Frost’s UNBLOCKABLE Special 2 as well as Wonder Woman’s Special 1 whenever possible.

Question: The GEAR really matters! We remember when synergy was the thing when team theory first began. The Red Sons were amazingly dominate back then. However, you said rounds 1 to 8 aren’t too tough, everyone can agree on that, but what happens after round 8? 

Audi: When you reach round 8, it is important that players keep Raven’s HEALTH below 20%. Seriously, this is very important since round 9 has random tag and Special 1’s are disabled. Furthermore, since Round 8 has radiation to slowly sap HEALTH, you can drain Raven’s life or take a beating from the AI team until her life is below 20%.

Question: That’s a huge fact to take into consideration because we imagine that nearly every player will try to keep their teammates’ HEALTH at 100% or buy HEALTH restores. Now, this may take awhile, but what are the toughest rounds and how in the name of High Father and Darkseid did you get through them?

Audi: I start with Round 9 since most players can’t get past it. In this round, the ability to survive is important. All of your characters should make it through. I change GEAR here for them as follows. Raven should have on the Fourth World Set, Killer Frost can keep Ra’s Scimitar and The Ibstick, but change her final GEAR to any blocking GEAR, like Lex’s Armor, and also change Wonder Woman 600’s GEAR to her Sword and Shield, Green Lantern’s Ring, and Superman’s Kryptonian Armor.

I personally prefer blocking GEAR on Killer Frost instead of The Ibistick because Round 9 has random tag and Special 1’s are disabled. Thus, Damage-Over-Time and SPAMing is difficult.

In round 9, I have seen the following teams most often: 1) RSDS, RSWW, RSB 2) AO Bane, AO Joker, AO Harley 3) Boss Grundy, RSSM, RSGL


Question: We mentioned the Red Sons earlier, but Survivor has made them very intimidating again, especially Red Son Batman’s passive.

Audi: In terms of strategy, it’s important to KO the damage dealers first. Target RSDS, RSWW, AO bane, AO Joker, and Boss Grundy.. Don’t waste your Specials on the others. So now since you start your battle with Raven, you instantly swap your HEALTH after 1 hit, if you kept her below 20%, and Raven tags out after 7-8 seconds. During this initial HEALTH swap try to KO the opponent. Again, when Raven tags in and is below 50% HEALTH, take hits from the AI and swap HEALTH instead of hitting the opponent. Save your Special 2 either to drain opponent’s POWER or to KO him/her. Don’t waste your Specials if he/she’s at full HEALTH and 0 Power Bars.

The same strategy applies for round 10, try to keep Raven’s HEALTH low. If you can’t, then take a few hits from the opponent. In addition, change Wonder Woman 600’s GEAR set to Batman’s Armor, her Sword and Shield, and Green Lantern’s Ring. WW600’s GEAR ensures her to almost always disable Special 1’s for the opponent.

Question: How long can players use this GEAR strategy?

Audi: The same GEARing and strategy can be used until round 13. Killer Frost is really easy to juggle with The Ibstick and Ra’s Scimitar. Also, her polar vortex can keep the opponent at 0 Power Bars.

Question: In that case, players will have rounds 14, 15, and 16 remaining. What is the most difficult battle going to be?

Audi: Round 14! I find it the most difficult. The above defensive GEARing won’t help you like it did in the earlier rounds. The AI regenerates 10k HEALTH every second. In this round, I use a strategy and GEARing practice that Lesley & Sophie’s Roberto “Skeleton Hands” Tapia came up with.

  1. Raven: Ra’s Scimitar, The Ibstick, and Deathstroke’s Prothemium Sword.
  2. Killer Frost: Fourth World Set.
  3. Wonder Woman 600: Amazonian Sword and Shield, Green Lantern’s Ring, and Superman’s Kryptonian Armor.

The strategy is to “Hit, Hit, Hit”! Keep hitting the opponent until Raven reaches 2 Power Bars. Once she’s done taking a beating, swap HEALTH, and it’s very important to KO the opponent using her Special 2. If your opponent doesn’t get KO’d and tags out, then you’re doomed.. Next time he/she tags in, he/she would have regenerated 50% of his/her HEALTH. The same applies for the second opponent, but now you’ve exhausted Raven’s passive. The third opponent can be KO’d slowly with The Ibistick. As the AI generates 10k health per second, The Ibstick does about 20K+ Damage-Over-Time.

Question: We’re getting closer and closer. What’s round 15 like?

For round 15, return to the old strategy and use the same GEAR as we did for rounds 10 to 13.


Question: Okay, we can see why 14 is much more crazy than 15. Now, the big moment! Final round, players’ swipe fingers are trembling and there’s sweat on everyone’s brow. What doe we do, Audi? WHAT DO WE DO?!

So, here’s the thing about round 16. Unlike other rounds, HEAL suppression is not present. So use GEAR that gives HEAL benefits on Special 2 attacks. I’ve only reached this round 6 or 7 times so not quite sure about the perfect GEAR. You can use the same as rounds 10 to 13. But it is more focused on Killer Frost’s Special 1, which is disabled.
Since I had mastered Raven’s tap combo I used the following:

  1. Raven: Ra’s Scimitar, The Ibstick, and her Demonic Cloak.
  2. Killer Frost: Fourth World Mace, Helmet, and her Necklace.
  3. Wonder Woman 600: her Sword and Shield , Static’s Disc and Martian Manhunter’s Armor.

I also used this strategy. Using Raven, try to KO at least two opponents: Raven and Ares. The opponent Raven can deal DAMAGE of 24K per hit for heavy combos. You need to get 3 Power Bars for Raven without getting hit from the opponent’s Raven. Once you reach her HEALTH swap, use her Super attack. Pray to something that the HEALTH swap happens when the opponent’s Raven is left with less then 15% HEALTH. Otherwise your Super won’t KO her.

Use the same method for taking out Ares. You can use Raven’s Special 2 to KO him.

Again, try to take out at least Raven and Ares with your femme fatale.

Question: So that seems difficult, and I imagine the plans may backfire. What happens if players lose in the final round?

Audi: Once you are defeated, then choose your next team. I went with Killing Joke Joker, Arkham Knight Batman, and Shazam. The opposing, final team is Raven, Ares, and Containment Suit Doomsday. It really doesn’t matter how many Specials you use. Shazam, even after using his Special 2 for 5 attacks in a row, is not able to KO Containment Doomsday once.

You will deal the most DAMAGE with the The Ibstick.

I used the following gear:

  1. Killing Joke Joker: Diana’s Sword and Shield, Static’s Disc, and the Kryptonian Armor.
  2. Arham Knight Batman: Fourth World Mace, Fourth World Chest Plate, Sp.2 HEAL Armor.
  3. Shazam: The Ibistick, Ra’s Scimitar, and the Fourth World Helmet.

The complete Fourth World Set doesn’t matter because even after resurrection you’ll die in the next hit.
Killing Joke Joker is always used as sacrificial card, but not here. With the above GEAR, all the characters may survive only 1 Special 1 attack from CC Doomsday. It does about 90k damage when blocked. Therefore, use your Special 2 to HEAL. Unlike all other rounds, HEAL suppression is not applied. The strategy is to keep your characters alive for as long as possible and DO NOT use Shazam’s Super until CC Doomsday’s passive is exhausted. Once CC Doomsday is on his last life, only then use Shazam’s Super.

In the end, it all depends on your game play. Practice tap combos, especially for Raven and Killer Frost.


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