Tuesday’s Trinity: Injustice Mobile (12/01/2015)


Contrary to what you think, the new Survivor mode is the best thing from the latest update to hit the Injustice universe. The main argument here is that the Multi-Player option has failed. Even at its inception, players began to scratch their heads when they realized that they could pause fights in Multi-Player. Wouldn’t that freeze your fighters while the player on the other end beat you senseless though? No. Everyone’s fighting AI.

That was just the beginning of the complaining, and the fury has only come in waves ever since. Last month, when Multi-Player contests were altered to reward the top 3% of players with the Metahuman Flash skin, Injustice fans were further divided. Some reveled in the fact that one could uninstall and reinstall the app. This “glitch” provided the unreleased Arkham Knight pack so that both CCLAers and non-CCLAers could use the unreleased Arkham Knight Harley, Arkham Knight, and Arkham Knight Batman skins. Those late to the party took on the typical fury of claiming that players were stealing all the top spots and that those who didn’t “cheat” were getting punked by them.

Whatever. The most annoying thing was that all players at once became frustrated by teams with Arkham Knight Batman and Blackest Night Martian Manhunter that took somewhere between 2 and 14 minutes to beat. It’s over now though. It’s settled. It also became overly obvious that nobody would get banned from Multi-Player for anything.

What settled it, you ask? Survivor mode. People started getting the 4th World Gear and the “non-hackers” or non-CCLAers were able to play in the same style as the CCLAers (look, everyone’s “hacked” the game. The non-cheaters, or whatever, have cheated- ALL of them, so let’s end this stoopid squabble). The Survivor mode also gave the computerized AI teams unfair advantages, like Radiation, and the fan-fury slowly faded from how unfair Multi-Player was to how challenging Survivor had become. Nearly everyone can’t pass Battle 11. Thus, this random battle latter is the best thing for the game from the update. Did we mention that when you play it, you get Augmentation cards to boost your favorite card’s Damage and Health to extraordinary heights?

Thank Darkseid for Survivor!


Team of the Week: The Power of Saturday Morning

Again, with swarms and swarms of players using Blackest Night J’onn and Arkahm Knight Batman, let’s focus on a very unusual and challenging team. For the sake of argument, this team is only for offensive purposes. The primary key to it is keeping Animated Batman Beyond alive. In fact, he’ll be the one both dishing and receiving all the Damage.

Teammates: Animated Batman Beyond, Animated Harley Quinn, (Silver) Regime Green Lantern

Theme: It’s Saturday morning and your favorite animated DC shows are coming on: Batman Beyond, Batman: The Animated Series, and Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Passive Bonuses: Animated Harley Quinn and Silver Green Lantern combine to add 45% POWER Generation to the team. Animated Harley also adds 20% total Damage. The huge POWER and minor DAMAGE boosts will allow Animated Batman Beyond to thrive. His special 2 is nearly always an instant KO, and his special 1 adds an additional DAMAGE boost. Get the idea? Animated Batman Beyond will generate so much POWER that he only needs GEAR that will keep him alive.

The Plan/GEAR: Peers will always question why a Silver card-fighter is being used, so imagine what happens when pure GOLD teams log-in and see that this team defeated them. Yeah, not too happy because they’ve been upstaged. Regardless, GEAR Animated Batman Beyond with a set of the Venom Harness, The 4th World Chest Plate, and The 4th World Helmet/Mace. With that GEAR set and Terry’s supporting 45% POWER boost, he’ll be able to take DAMAGE and also both Heal and get a DAMAGE boost with each special 1 he uses.

There is never any reason for Regime Green Lantern to enter the match. He’s there purely for support, but if the last fighter on the opponent’s team is nearly dead, then tag Hal in and pour salt on the wounds by winning with a Silver card’s SUPER attack. Players can put all POWER GEN. GEARS on him in case you’re a fan of multiple surprise SUPER’s in drawn out matches.


Finally, Animated Harley should be GEARed with her pistols, any Sp.2 Heal Armor (Cybernetic Exoskeleton, etc), and the Ibistick. With this GEAR, she can tag-in and Heal Terry and GL or use her unblockable dynamite as needed. If she takes heavy DAMAGE when she tags in, then be sure to select the flower on her Sp. 2, which will also inflict burning DOT on the foe.

Overall, this team does automatically face an uphill battle. However, the POWER synergy and Terry’s ability to boost DAMAGE with each special attack makes it surprisingly useful. Not only will the team have to prove itself on offensive with a Silver card-fighter, but when you succeed, then you’ll also prove yourself as an ultimate fighter. Now, go embarrass everyone wit’ ur skillz!

What will you need for future Challanges?

With less than a day remaining for the Red Lantern Hal Jordan Challenge, it’s time to look ahead. Most players suspect the next Challenge to be Justice League Wonder Woman, but here are the others just in case:

1 1b 1c

Are you ready?





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