Injustice: The Flash MP Paradox

“Run, Barry, run!” would be an amazing command to shout over the loudspeakers to the increasingly popular Flash. If he could shift us back in time via the power of the Speed Force, then we wouldn’t all be stuck in this current mess. Wait.

What’s this mess jargon?

CCLAers of a select disposition have simply annoyed everyone, all other CCLAers (non-hackers call them hackers) included, due to their ability to GEAR card-fighters with 3 of the same GEAR. This in-game ability doesn’t exist for the rest of the hoi polloi, or common gamer, who can’t shift CCLA coding. As a result, prototypical teams of Arkham Knight Arkham Knight (the new stoopid name, and you’re welcome Arrow Green Arrow), Arkham Knight Batman, and either Blackest Night Martian Manhunter, Killer Frost, or Raven in the final slot, have become a team everyone in Injustice Multi-Player battles every other match. Hell, in most 7 round battles, this team is 5 of the 7 fights. This is the tip of the iceberg of the mess.

So, what happened?

WB Confirmed the Arkham Knight  Pack Hack

Somebody logged into her/his account and saw the Arkham Knight pack. It has the unreleased Batman, Arkham Knight, and Harley. Then, the pack was gone. Next, it came back. Then, it was gone.

That same player proceeded to uninstall and reinstall the Injustice mobile game. More often than not, when one does this, the pack appears in the store and eager swipers buy the pack and max out the card levels. What didn’t help was the warning from WB: people who do this will get banned.

No, they won’t. Although it appears to be a warning with teeth, the simple fact of the matter is that the overly heavy amount of players who have used this glitch are NOT getting banned. If they were to get banned, then there would only be about 3 players vying for the top spots in Multi-Player. It’s not worth WB’s time to eliminate hundreds of millions of players that are all potentially going to spend money. As a result, cards meant to be reserved for upcoming Challenges are now available. Thus, everyone wants to try out these teams, and if you haven’t glitched this pack, then you’re fighting everyone who, again, uses the same teams.

Dude, Where’s my CCLA?

We love CCLAers and you should too. We love non-CCLAers and you should too. However, the select faction of immoral CCLAers have just right pissed off everyone else. Check out the team below formed by the user Q386040361:

1 2

Raven is easily the best card in the game now. Her HEALTH reversing passive easily topples any card out there. But guess what? The best card in the game with 3 Fourth World Godly Chest Plate’s is just not going to be knocked out in less than 5-10 minutes of play time. This goes against the pure CCLAers who simply change coding to get cards before other players who don’t know how. The CCLAers will give all of us free marketing and we can get to preview the goods. In short, they do the line of coke before we all buy the bag.

However, prominent CCLAers are now scoffing because GEARing the likes of Raven with openly “hacked” GEAR ruins Injustice mobile. The pics above begin to allow us fans to cal out WB, who claimed they would ban such users. They don’t. But if they did, these assholes will either just make a new account over night or purchase one from another “hacker” for about $5. These immoral CCLAers are the ones who snort the line of coke, take the bag, your money, overdose, and then sit-up as if nothing happened. They’re idiots.

Slippery-Slopping like a Bat… man Outta Hell

The arguments above eventually branch into the Metahuman Flash skin not being worth it. Sure, players want to save $19.99 by not buying TV Barry in a pack. Then, WB altered the Multi-Player rewards qualifications. Now, only the top 3% of players will get the new Metahuman Flash. Barry is no longer a popular, innocent character. He now represents everything wrong with the game.

The top players in Multi-Player are largely these rogue CCLAers, such as YaoDaShaBi. The question for YaoDaShaBi, who has already used CCLAing to get the Metahuman Flash skin to EX, is why is she/he taking the card and a possibility at the top 3% from the non-hackers, moral CCLAers, and other honest players? She/He won’t be able to answer, NOT because WB banned her/him, but because she/he is the most annoyingt problem we’ve seen with the game to date. Check out her/his Metahuman Flash below. If you don’t have an overly powerful Raven or Deathstroke or KillerFrost ready, then the card-fighters below will either take you down or just bore you to death by never dying until you finally, eventually log-off.

1 2

In the end, this is a call to attention. We’re calling out WB Daniel specifically and his endless posts about banning users.

Fucking do it.

We’re also calling out the assholes who’ve managed to make even “hacking” a tedious, boring thang. No player has ever successfully won more than 30% of her/his Multi-Player defensive battles. But now these dicks are just making traditionally loyal swipers walk away from the game. Look, WB Daniel, if you and your bois don’t do anything, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of non-paying immoral CCLAers. But nobody is doing anything. And the stupid people will probably see this as a whining waste of a read. On the one hand, it is. On the other hand, isn’t it about time that somebody leads a charge for change?

Fuck. Playing 5 rounds in Injustice shouldn’t take 30-60 minutes.

Post it. Talk about it. Complain, Let’s get WB to actually do something.



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