Injustice: Blackest Night Martian Manhunter Challenge

Following the huge kick-off which included a promo video, something we haven’t seen since Darkseid and Multi-Player were announced for the mobile Injustice: Gods Among Us, comes a new Challenge that offers players the chance to get Blackest Night Martian Manhunter as a playable skin. J’onn’s previous skin has been an underrated card-fighter from the start. With the proper GEAR set, Martian Manhunter’s Basic and Heavy combos have always been one of the easiest attack sets to SPAM (SPAM = attacking as soon as opponents get up so they can’t block) and KO entire teams without taking much damage in return. So, how does the new skin measure up?

Blackest Night Martian Manhunter Summary:


As shown above, “Black Lantern” Martian Manhunter brings Health equivalent to Shazam. This will auotmatically make him a great wall-fighter to kick-off matches or as a second fighter in to SPAM (SPAM = fight and waste time) while superior attackers charge their power bars. What makes him even more lethal though is his Damage stats at 39,150. This Damage isn’t as high as Mortal Kombat X Scorpion, but it does give players the option of GEARing J’onn to be a Damage heavy brawler or a defensive stalwart.


The “Shifter” passive ability can increase J’onn’s defense, Power Generation, or it can life drain. Thus, if you equip him with his personal GEAR, the chance of unblockable attacks can make for some timely upgrades that also make this Blackest Night skin a living GEAR card. All players should expect to see a large number of teams with this card-fighter as well as with the latest Flash skins (Reverse and Metahuman) because they are available now and players are testing them out to see if they are either Magnets or good teams to leave in to get Multi-Player victories while players sleep.

What Palyers Need for the Challenge:

Rounds 1 and 2 of the Blackest Night Martian Manhunter Challenge are standard; however, if players are new to the game, then it should be noted that the first 2 rounds always require a team of Bronze card-fighters and a team with at least one Silver card-fighter.

The best Bronze team in the game is dependent on taste. Having a “Damage Support Team” of Bronze Green Arrow and Bronze Lex Luthor is essential though. Together they add 20% to all DAMAGE. This support will make Bronze Nightwing, New 52 Flash, or Deathstroke unstoppable. If players get into a bind, both Lex and Green Arrow can Power Drain with their Special 1’s, which is especially handy in the later Nightmare round of the Challenge where tougher Silver card-fighters are more frequent.

For a Silver team in Round 2, your essential support cards should have Silver Green Lantern (25% to Power Generation) and one of the following: Silver Lex Luthor (25% to Health), Silver Flash (boosts Attack Speed), or Silver Harley Quinn (boosts Team DAMAGE). For the Joker fans, a team of the Silver Joker with Bronze Harley (25% to Joker DAMAGE) and Silver Harley (also boosts team DAMAGE) can make for a lopsided, DAMAGE-centric Gotham team. Moreover, all Harley’s have unblockable Special 2’s just in case.

On the other hand, most players prefer Silver Wonder Woman with two of the latter support cards (usually Silver Lex for HEALTH and Silver Hal for POWER Generation). Remember that Silver Wonder Woman gets a DAMAGE boost to her Special attacks when she blocks. Also, if a player uses Diana’s heavy combo, then after the opponent is knocked into the air Diana can use her Special 1 as an unblockable attack. A lot of players overlook this fighting glitch, so take advantage of it while you can. Other effective Silver brawlers to be the first or main fighter are Nightwing (Power Drains) and Flash (has potential unblockable attacks with personal GEAR).


After the first 2 rounds, any and all Gold card-fighters can be used so long as one of the teammates matches the requirements below:

Round 3 – Cyborg must be on your team. You have 3 Cyborg cards (Bronze, Silver, and Teen Titans) to choose from. Cyborg doesn’t offer team support so heavy hitters like Raven or Killer Frost or even the one-two punch of an Arkham brawler (Deathstroke or Batman) with Arkham Harley Quinn (makes Arkham Special 2’s potentially unblockable) can let you keep Cyborg out of reach (Hint: Cyborg cards ain’t great).

Round 4 – Sinestro must be on your team. The Green Lantern skin of Sinestro can be a dominant fighter. When players tag-out against him, he gets a DAMAGE boost to his next special attack. Thus, as with the notes for Round 3, surround Sinestro with good support cards or a deadly one-two punch team where he can be used as necessary. Batgirl can get Sinestro to use his lethal Special 2 more quickly, and adding one other card-fighter with a deadly Special 2 like Sinestro’s will let you role through the rounds easily.

Round 5 – A Lex Luthor card-fighter must be on your team (you have 3 choices in Bronze Lex, Silver Lex, and the superior Krypto Lex Luthor). Suggested teams include:

1) Any card-fighter, Krypto Lex Luthor, and either Animated Harley Quinn if the first fighter is male OR Wonder Woman 600 if the first fighter is female. This team makes the first card-fighter in nearly unstoppable since they will have a huge HEALTH boost from Lex and DAMAGE and POWER Generation boosts from Harley or Diana.

2) Red-Health: Red Son Wonder Woman or Red Son Superman, Red Son Solomon Grundy, and Silver Lex Luthor. Silver Lex and Grundy will add huge HEALTH boosts and either Superman or Diana can add basic DAMAGE or POWER Generation, respectively.

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