Injustice: Gods Among Us Bursts the Doubters Bubbles

The latest and unexpectedly huge update for the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us kept us up all night, and with good reason. We’ve yet to fully wrap our heads around all the editions. See, let’s go as pragmatically as possible.

First, the new characters are here and there’s way more than the standard 4. Look over the latest characters, which include Lanterns and speedsters and coveted Arkham clique editions:

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Once players update the game, the Metahuman Flash card will be available in a pack that costs $19.99, and the Reverse Flash can be obtained in Most Wanted Packs.

In addition to the characters, new GEAR has arrived. The likes of The Riddler’s Cane will cause fighters to “BLINK”; however, nobody has been able to clarify to this point what exactly “blinking” is in the game (stay tuned!). Regardless, there is also 4th Dimensional Armor to whet the appetites of New God fans. Previous to this update, GEAR designed around Dr. Fate had also been released, which signals what Warner Bros. is planning to do with next year’s IGAU: 2 launch. In short, we’ve all been guaranteed The Riddler, Dr. Fate, Orion, Big Barda, Ra’s himself, and the other characters whose GEAR has been made available to date. Check out some of the new additions below:

1932265_894599780623158_975499419634192142_n 10350629_894599990623137_7465823495487204028_n 10610709_894599813956488_2809297549879450824_n 12032942_894599860623150_4776552458807948763_n 12038414_894599943956475_8387183286402660819_n

Most of the latter GEAR can be obtained in the new SURVIVOR mode. This mode can be entered once a day and it allows the player to select a team of 3 to fight until their collective HEALTH is terminated. After each victory, the player will receive Joker Cards to cash in in order to receive GEAR, shards, money, and new card-fighter augmentations. These augmentations can alter CRIT. Damage and other features of each card in the S.T.A.R. Labs menu.

Overall, there’s a ton to take in, but this is the necessary injection of new and previously unreleased platform skins that we all wanted. Again, stay tuned! There’s a lot to dissect and the latest Justice League Wonder Woman now has the highest base Damage stats in the game. Putting her on a team with Wonder Woman 600 will truly show your rivals what true Amazons can yield.


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