iOS/Android Injustice: Cassandra Cain and the Anti-Arkham


The Cassandra Cain skin of Batgirl returned to the multi-player arena yesterday. Cassandra Cain is a tricky card-fighter in that she’s incredible fast, deals huge damage, her passive reduces any fighter’s HEALTH by 25% when tagged in, and her 2nd SPECIAL attack is in-line with the recent upgrade of all of the new cards devastating DAMAGE.

Furthermore, one of the best things about her, whether you have her at a low-level or have destroyed your fingers by swiping away to get her to Elite VII, is that she is officially an “Anti-Arkham”. By Anti-Arkham, we mean to denote that more often than not the first fighter in is the Arkham Origins skin of Batman. This card-fighter begins the match with 2 full bars of POWER and he causes a lot of unseasoned players to block and shiver while he unleashes a devastating attack combo full of headbutts and knee-strikes.

How can this be avoided?


1) Tag-in Cassandra Cain Batgirl

At the start of the match, if Arkham Origins Batman is the first opponent in, then tag-in Batgirl and she’ll kick him across the screen and instantly remove 1/4th of his HEALTH. After Batgirl has executed this attack, go into a defensive mode and don’t move. You want Batman as far away from her as possible.

Batman’s AI will then automatically revert to using his 1st SPECIAL attack, which deals far less DAMAGE. You can often get one combo in to knock down Mr. Wayne again before he gets up and uses his 1st SPECIAL again. That’s it, all of Arkham Origins Batman’s POWER bars are gone. You now have the option of beating the s%^t out of Batman or tagging in another teammate in order to use Batgirl’s tag-in passive again later.

If you’re a newer player, then note that Cassandra Cain Batgirl’s passive ability decreases 25% of an opponent’s current total HEALTH on each of her tag-ins. You cannot simply tag her in 4 times and kill an opponent.


2) Tag-in Regime Hawkgirl

The latest addition to the mobile Injustice roster automatically disables all SPECIAL and SUPER attacks when she tags in. Thus, again, if Arkham Origins Batman is the first fighter in, then tag-in Regime Hawkgirl and Batman won’t be able to use his 2nd SPECIAL. However, this practice is far more risky than using Cassandra Cain Batgirl because Arkham Origins Batman won’t lose any POWER bars. If the player can’t keep Batman at a distance, then he’ll unleash his 2nd SPECIAL after a few seconds.

This leads to GEAR issues. Arming Regime Hawkgirl with Ra’s al Ghul’s Scimitar may let her POWER drain after she tags-in and take away the threat. Both Hawkgirl skins have a Basic Combo that strikes several times and drains a large amount of POWER from any foe, not as much as the Killer Frosts though, and Hawkgirl’s personal GEAR increases the chances that she can STUN with her 1st SPECIAL attack.

In the end, ideally, players could tag-in and disable Batman’s SPECIAL attacks, POWER drain Arkham Origins Batman to remove the threat, take one hit from his 1st SPECIAL, and then either STUN him with Hawkgirl’s 1st SPECIAL or build more POWER to unleash her horrifically beautiful 2nd SPECIAL later in the match.

3) Risky for Any Other Character: Punch Right Away

I’ve messaged back and forth with hundred or trillions of players, and seasoned swipe-fighters know that there is a pretty good chance that any card-fighter can potentially throw off Arkham Origins Batman at the start of a match. Rather than blocking and absorbing immediate DAMAGE, players can also just start a Basic or Heavy combo. Sometimes Arkham Origins Batman will not block and, if the player can knock him back even a small distance, then Batman will use his 1st SPECIAL rather than his 2nd.

This can also backfire. For example, if your first character in is Killing Joke Joker, and you use his Basic Combo, then when successfully landed and unblocked, Joker will slam the opponent straight down. This DOES NOT create enough space between Joker and Batman to avoid the Knight’s 2nd SPECIAL. However, if the player uses Killing Joke Joker’s Heavy Combo, then Joker will knock Batman far enough away so as to activate Bruce’s AI use of his 1st SPECIAL.


4) The Raven Challenge

The Raven Challenge denotes the situation in a match where the first fighters in are Raven and Arkham Origins Batman. In this situation, players feel safe with Raven since her passive allows her to switch HEALTH with foes twice per match. Here, a lot of players choose to block and then either build up Raven’s POWER to unleash her ginormously effective 2nd SPECIAL or the player can just let Raven float and take Batman’s bash-tastic SPECIAL. Depending on the levels of Raven and Bruce, as well as how they’re GEARed, the Challenge of not blocking is to see whether Raven can survive or not.

In the case that she does live, Arkham Origins Batman will switch HEALTH with Raven and will fall victim to the next SPECIAL used on him, blocked or unblocked. If Batman is GEARed with DAMAGE boosters (Catwoman’s Claws, Aquaman’s Trident, Green Arrow’s Bow, etc.), then Raven will most likely die and the weight of the match falls to her teammates.

5) You Know Static is OP, RIGHT!?

Static can’t be POWER drained. Static’s passive gives him POWER when SPECIAL attacks are unleashed. GEAR Static with Bane’s Harness, The Ibistick, and his personal GEAR. When Arkahm Origins Batman executes his 2nd SPECIAL, Static can just block and, depending on who his teammates are, generate 1-1.5 bars of POWER. Unleash his 1st SPECIAL to HEAL and potentially STUN, and The Dark Knight will be lit-up.

The Anti-Arkham members are primarily female. While any character can contingently throw off Batman’s dreaded 2 POWER BAR attack, keep the following characters in mind:

Cassandra Cain Batgirl: Can instantly and 100% eliminate Batman’s threat.

Regime Hawkgirl: Can disable the threat for a short time, but she will need skillful strikes to avoid it in the end.

Raven: Will you take the 50% Challenge? If she lives, Arkham Origins Batman is close to death. If she dies, then you better have OP back-up ready to throw down.

Static: If GEARed properly he can take the hits and DAMAGE and turn the tide of the match quickly.


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