TimeSplitters Rewind Update: New Gun Render Shown

Cast your mind back to the days of Golden Eye on the N64. Classic, fantastic gameplay that is designed entirely with couch multiplayer in mind. Hell, just multiplayer in general because online wasn’t even a thing. Now look a bit less back to TimeSplitters and more notably- TimeSplitters 2.

TimeSplitters 2 is a classic and is the best local multiplayer shooter I have ever played. It is neck and neck with super smash bros in terms of entertainment and maybe even better because people are more comfortable with FPS games. Everything about its gun-play screams Golden Eye but with far more creativity and fine-tuned mechanics. It has a very healthy number of maps and a solid selection of weapons that wildly range in power and effects. The locals range from a circus to an Aztec jungle to a station on another planet. As for the guns-, you can even throw bricks at people. It is a delicious change of pace to play TimeSplitters 2 again, as whilst it may not have the maps and weapons quantity that other games may have, the originality of all of them places them on a pedestal far above that of modern FPS games. There’s more though.

TimeSplitters 2’s local shooting chaos boasts a massive number of modes that are completely different from each other. This means you can set up games of Team Death match, Flame tag and even epic full frontal sieges against super-sized maps in ‘assault’. TimeSplitter’s is at it’s most unique with the glorious selection of characters, each with their own stats to boast. This makes choosing a character not only a thing that doesn’t exist in modern games but also adds a new layer of depth and meaning to character selection. Oh and a lot of the characters are completely ridiculous. Then there’s the superb music. If I can think of anything that I would change- it would be things that only a full remake can fix.


The character selection is vast- more than 100- and incredibly varied. Here we have two insane characters joining a Lawyer. How could a Lawyer possibly have any connection with the other two? Doesn’t matter.

Going back to the game’s SD resolution and lack of ability to jump is actually quite difficult, and there is no real way to look down the sites with your guns. I will add though, the visuals do still just about hold up- it was a very pretty game when it came out. A proper crouching system wouldn’t go amiss either, although that wouldn’t be on the top of my list for changes. Whilst the majority of Time Splitter’s mechanics are fantastic and have somehow not transcended to modern games, there are some things that you’ll be desperate for if you do return to the game. Step in TimeSplitters Rewind.

The developers of the original series now unfortunately do not exist. Now, it is owned by Crytek who have no intentions of doing anything with the IP because they deem it to be not wanted by the public. After Daniel Wesoly gathered 100,000 signatures on a petition to ask for a TimeSplitters 4 or HD trilogy, Crytek agreed to let them develop the game without Crytek’s help, for no profit. Making a TimeSplitters 4 would be impossibly ambitious so they settled on the next best (and arguably better) thing.

Rewind takes the maps of previous TimeSplitters games and is attempting to give them a HD gloss over, with more detailed environments and effects to boot. Not only that, character models are being bumped up along with new gun models. The entire game will be multiplayer only, local and online and is coming to PC. There was initially talk of a PS4 version but for now the PC version is the priority. That doesn’t mean that the PS4 version isn’t coming. If the developers can somehow find a way of making the game profitable, it may appear there. It would be a real shame if it doesn’t get a PS4 release at some point, TimeSplitters is undoubtedly at home on console. Unfortunately though, Xbox One owners won’t be getting the chance to join in for now due to Microsoft’s policies on cross-platform play. Oh yeah, did I mention? It’s even cross-platform compatible online!

converted PNM file

I need an HD Training Ground in my life.

And oh my, Rewind is shaping up to be stunning. Old maps are being given a new lease of life with incredible HD makeovers and just more ‘stuff’ to look at. The developers have been very eager to stress that the near-perfect maps are being re-created exactly how they originally were- the new environments objects will not interfere at all and are purely aesthetics. ‘the playable area geometry remains the same, but the technology limitations that existed back in 2000 and 2002 don’t exactly exist today, and hardware out there allows our team to add a considerable amount of detail that Free Radical Design would have wanted to do themselves.’ (Quote taken from the official Facebook page, TimeSplitters Rewind).

The game is going to be running on CryEngine 3– a major step up from TimeSplitters 3’s previous engine. You can be the judge of the screenshots below. Today, the first look of the heat seeking launcher was shown and it looks sublime. The HD render is a hint of what’s to come and has a Team Fortress-like vibe to it, bright and cartoony. Along with comparison screenshots and character models, Rewind is looking like a great solution for those missing TimeSplitters and perhaps a catalyst for Crytek to announce a TimeSplitters 4?

The game is completely non-profit and is always hiring for developers to pitch in- the developers want every single map from all three TimeSplitters games to be included, that’s a lot of work to be done.

The new gun model is shown below, along with other screenshots and character designs.

Here’s their official website: http://www.tsrewind.com/index.php/en/


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