Thunderbirds Are Go Trailer released

Thunderbirds has undergone a CGI remake just as Captain Scarlet before it, and to be honest we’ve (well I – the other WASDUK guys really couldn’t care less, more fool them!) have been apprehensive. Brains looks like a hipster, Gordon looks younger than Alan and the Thunderbirds themselves, although very well rendered in CG look a little blocky for my taste. But then they released this trailer and holeeeee shit!

It looks like something out of Hollywood! The modernisation is obvious with the quick flashes between scenes so that you can’t actually see anything, but with what looks like a whole lot of action. The Thunderbirds seem to be a lot more hands-on, using their craft to rescue people rather than as a transportation means to get them to the rescue. The set for the island, which has not been rendered but instead is a model (created by the same guys who made models for Lord of the Rings), looks absolutely stunning, though I have to admit is basically a copy of Tracy Island from the 2004 film. Works for me, I love that film (despite being an adult woman who probably has no business enjoying a coming of age teen flick based off a puppet show).

The trailer also reveals the first glimpses of new character, Kayo, in action. Kayo is the sixth Thunderbird, handling their stealth missions with what will probably be some kind of stealth craft that has yet to be revealed. I’m not sold on the idea of having an additional Thunderbird for what looks to be the sake of needing a “strong, female character” because modern audiences apparently need them, only because these characters end up either surplus to requirements or so overpowered the show becomes all about them. It seems especially redundant when we already have Lady Penelope who has flown the flag for women-kind in the original series, and Tin Tin (whom Kayo is based off) who played a vital part in the operation of the island without needing to become a masculine character to do so. Her compassion and femininity added a much needed woman’s touch to the Tracy island sausage fest. But I won’t judge Kayo out of hand and will wait until the show airs in April for the UK and quit now before this becomes a feminist interpretation of a millisecond glimpse of a character in a trailer.

So yeah, Thunderbirds. April. UK. Check out the trailer! Whoo!

Really not a fan of John Tracy’s space suit…and Thunderbird 5 looked better when it wasn’t lying on its side…

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