Cancelled LOK game footage found

If you’re a fan of Legacy of Kain, you know one of those fans that has never quite gotten over the way Defiance ended and practically sold your soul to get Square Enix to make a sequel, you’ll have heard of Dead Sun. If you’re a normal human being who hasn’t spent far too much time trawling NeoGaf memorising every screen capture of every cancelled Legacy of Kain title, maybe you haven’t heard of it. Dead Sun was a cancelled Legacy of Kain project, in development between 2010-2012, and was supposed to have been a sequel to Soul Reaver. While the game was cancelled, despite the amount of work that had gone into it, the multiplayer aspect lives on in the FTP multiplayer game; Nosgoth.

But if you want to mourn with us over what might have been, NeoGaf user MamaRobotnik has unearthed this video of thirty two minutes of cancelled gameplay!

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