iOS/Android Injustice: Interview with Lesley Carson

1WASDuk recently sat down with the Queen of Alliance Credits: Lesley Carson. Lesley Carson (pictured above) and her ally in arms, Sophie Gordon, run the most secret, successful, and useful Facebook site on Earth for farming Alliance Credits, which are required to get the Killing Joke Joker to Elite VII as well as to buy the latest support cards, such as the Spectre. If you’re not a member of Lesley & Sophie’s Alliance Credits Group, then you better start messaging around.

Lesley talked to us about online play, the best offensive and defensive teams for Injustice, and also about the perks of being dedicated to the Multi-Player arena.

What is your best “Offensive Team” for online play in Injustice?

Lesley: My #1 “Offense Team” before Raven arrived on the scene was the Killing Joke Joker, Animated Harley Quinn, and 600 Wonder Woman. However, the team has changed since Raven is such a monster.

My new team now is Raven, Killing Joke Joker and Shazam. Even if the opposing team opens with Arkham Origins Batman, Raven will normally survive his Level 2 attack and will often steal his health. Killing Joke Joker always steps in next for a series of Level 1 attacks & usually holds them off until Shazam has built up to his Level 2 attack. After Shazam strikes, I bring Killing Joke Joker back in for a few more Level 1 attacks (when using a good Level 1 “Self Heal Gear” such as Knife Collection or Mutated Bone Spikes he will usually last for a good while), then when he dies and generates his passive, Shazam can usually take out the survivors with his passive, but I still have Raven lying in reserve with her Level 3 attack poised to destroy!


What if new players missed out on the Raven Challenge? Does your old “Offense Team” stand a chance in the Multi-Player arena?

Lesley: Yes! Animated Harley Quinn’s Level 2 strike is phenomenal with 600 Wonder Woman’s 30% Power Generation and Damage Boost; in addition, there is obviously the 20% Power Generation and Damage boosts given by Animated Harley Quinn to 600 Wonder Woman’s, and the 40% given to Killing Joke Joker, who becomes an “animal”!

Killing Joke Joker will usually hold off any opposition for a while after opening for the team until Animated Harley Quinn hits Level 2, but if he gets hurt too much, then I pull him out for a while and let 600 Wonder Woman go in as “cannon fodder” since she will keep going for a while with Level 1 shield tosses. Finally, I bring Killing Joke Joker back in for his final sacrifice.

Regardless, Animated Harley Quinn and 600 Wonder Woman can usually “clean up” with their Level 3 strikes after the Joker is knocked-out.

Most online Multi-Players seem to favor an all-boys-team that usually has Arkham Origins Batman, Darkseid, and either Arkham Origins Deathstroke or Shazam. Is there an all-girls-team that can dominate like them?

Lesley: 600 Wonder Woman, Raven, and Killer Frost are my “all girls killing machine” as well as my favorite “Defensive Outfit” since I can usually win about 30% of “overnight attacks” if I leave these gals to cover the night-shift whilst I sleep.

This, of course, requires that they are Geared up correctly. Multi-Player’s AI seldom does anything except Level 1 attacks so I give them all a “Level 1 Self Heal Gear” and loads of Power Generation and Damage Boosts (Blade of the War God, Arcane Wand, Mutated Bone Spikes, Knife Collection, NetherRealm Karma, etc.)

Most of the newer Gold Card-Fighters are really expensive and require non-hackers to do a ton of grinding. Is there an under-rated Card-Fighter that players should invest in?

Lesley: I occasionally replace Killer Frost with Batman Returns Catwoman solely for her Level 2 attack, which is a beast if Geared sensibly with one, not two, Level 2 Self Heal Gear.


Speaking of females, the rush for the Cassandra Cain skin of Batgirl is in full-swing. However, a lot of people seem disappointed with both the Multi-Player rewards and the last card-fighter to be awarded there: Ares. What are your impressions?

Lesley: I have only played the last 5 Multi-Player seasons as I previously thought that it required a lot of effort for the paltry rewards but, like you said, it was the only way to obtain Ares. Let’s be honest though, Ares proved to be a huge disappointment!

On the other hand, Now I am hooked and have finished Top 1% in all of the Multi-Player seasons in which I decided to partake. Using the above teams for 90% of the time, I usually have to fight about 150 battles in a season to make that Top 1%.

Still, many players spend most of their time completing the BB6 rounds for the money and leveling-up potential. Is Multi-Player really worth it? 

Lesley: 200 “Offense Battles” in Multi-Player will usually guarantee a Top 1% placing as follows: 5,000 points x 200 = 1,000,000 points, Defense wins + bonuses = 1,200,000 (approximately)

The rewards for the ladder are “3 Star Gear” x 3 + “2 Star Gear” x 5. Also, The previous 3 Multi-Player seasons have required the following points (approximately) to make the Top 1%: Season 1: 1,005,000, Season 2: 1,180,000, Season 3:1,025,000.

On the other hand, 200 Battles in BB6 will generate points as follows:

(Battles 1-5 generate 20,850 credits)
Battle 1 – 1,950
Battle 2 – 4,620
Battle 3 – 4,690
Battle 4 – 4,760
Battle 5 – 4,830

Fighting through the BB6 card 40 times (200 battles) will therefore generate 834,000 credits which will buy you 33 Gear cards. Assuming that this breaks down roughly to 3 Star Gear x 4, 2 Star Gear x 10, and 1 Star Gear x 19. So, fighting 200 BB6 rounds will gain you approximately this amount MORE gear than Multi-Player: 3 Star Gear x 1, 2 Star Gear x 5, and 1 Star Gear x 19 (for a lot less work as the battles are quicker and against “lesser opposition”. Also, there is the added bonus that BB6 generates a far higher amount of experience points!

Variances will obviously apply as buying Gear Booster Packs gives a “random selection” and Multi-Player also chucks you the odd free Gear Card (always a “1 Star” though).

The plus side of fighting 200 Multi-Player matches though is as follows:
1) much more variance in opposing teams.
2) self satisfaction/achievement factor.
3) revenge option to get back at others!


Multi-Player it is then!

Lesley: By the way, this season’s Multi-Player may well require more than 200 victorious battles to guarantee being in the Top 1% as the Cassandra Cain Batgirl has generated massive participation!

Half-way through the season I have already fought over 200 battles and I am just about 300,000 points within the Top 1%. Therefore, I estimate at least 300 victories will be needed this season for Top 1% placing.

Our Lesley & Sophie’s Alliance Credits Group has 3 members sitting in positions #1, #3, and #8. Group member Kal Kent is #8 at the moment and we also have ex-champion Roberto “Skeleton Hand” Tapia sitting just outside of the Top 10. I am really proud of these guys’ achievements! 


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