Injustice Mobile 2.0: Zatanna Will be in Challenge Stages Before Ares

When Benjamin Franklin said that three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead, then he definitely wasn’t referring to hacking the secrets of Injustice: Gods Among Us. However, secrets are a hacker’s best friend, and a few of those wonderfully devious computer geniuses have uncovered what fans may be getting in the Challenge Stages following the upcoming releases of Red Son Batman, Arkham Origins Deathstroke, and Luchador Bane: Zatanna!


God bless you hackers, every one!

The ladder screen capture clearly shows that Zatanna has been given an upcoming place in the iOS Injustice reality. Moreover, fans have been eagerly awaiting to see when and where the final characters unique to the console version of the game would make the transition to the mobile version. Currently, Ares and Zatanna as well as a host of other skins for the original cast have been withheld.


Zatanna helped foil Circe’s plans in JLU on the Cartoon Network

Zatanna has a rich history in DC lore. She has appeared in several of DCAU’s programs including the coveted Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League: Unlimited, and Young Justice. In addition, the superior Justice League: Dark comic-book series, which director Guillermo del Toro is rumored to be bringing to the silver screen, has added a darker and more important role for Zatanna, since she, Constantine, Swamp Thing and several other magic users have become the “we’ll do what you can’t” force for the Justice League.

When WASDuk posted the photo of the screen capture showing that Zatanna will most likely be the central figure among the next wave of Challenge Stages, Marc Briatack, creator of the infamous Phoenix concept art for Injustice as well as an upcoming e-guide to the game, posted that Zatanna was “good news, but where’s Ares?”


Such a question begs an inquiry into who will accompany Zatanna. The most likely characters would include Red Son Green Lantern, who would allow players to utilize two distinct Red Son teams, and two other skins for familiar characters. Last year, a Silver version of Raven was revealed, but it has remained unavailable to non-hackers for unknown reasons. Will she finally be teleported into the online store? Injustice fans hope so, but NetherRealms holds the key.

Regardless, which characters or skins are you hoping to find alongside Zatanna and, eventually, Ares?


Silver Raven has appeared in 2 Challenge Stages, but is not available as a playable character


Red Son Green Lantern would be the best version of Hal Jordan to date

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  • Thanos

    Zatanna coming first? Really? Ares is in the game codes too, yea they added zattanna so probably the next 3 challenges will be ares, zatanna and red son green lantern.

    • True Hero of Hyrule

      I dont think they have done two new characters per update, usually it’s only one, but lets hope so

      • Chris Patton

        They’ve come in singular form like you said, or in 4′s, such as with the recent L.Bane, AO Deathstroke, etc. Hopefully, we’ll get four. Hopefully.

    • Chris Patton

      Just adding pressure. For sure, we’ll get… somebody?

  • j2000pro

    Who cares, I’m just excited to get 3 more tries at Darkseid and Boss Grundy. I’m gonna save all the cards too. By the time the android version gets updated maybe I can elite 12 them! Have fun with all your new stuff IOS users! You may have like 12 characters that never made it to Android with more on the way, but my Boss Grundy is going to be amazing! The 1.8 challenges are perfect, why would we want to do anything new?

    • j2000pro

      Kudos to neatherrealms for making me eat my words. Android 2.1 update is here.

  • BigGil

    Yeah, but how long was RS Bats, RS GL and Prime Aquaman in the coding before Killer Frost ever was, and she managed to be released in challenge first (albeit in the same update as RS Bats). Just because something appears in the coding first, doesn’t mean it will be released first.

  • John Romero

    We don’t need another GL, we have enough re-skins for now. Where are Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze?