Injustice Mobile: Killer Frost Walk-through & New Updates

A new and long-awaited update was released this week for the majority of the mobile versions of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Once again, Android players were left out in the cold, as WB, DC, and NetherRealm elected to neither add the multi-player option nor the latest Challenge Stage, which offers Killer Frost. Instead, Android players received a repeat of the 600 Wonder Woman Challenge Stage, while the remaining iOS users reveled in the announcement that new skins for Bane, Batman, and Deathstroke would follow in Killer Frost’s wake.


As always, WASDuk teleported in its secret group of heroes, otherwise known as Rom, Kal and Lesley, so that the common public could get their first look at Arkham Origins Deathstroke and Luchador Bane. Luchador Bane’s passive ability is called Feel the Pain, and it allows Bane the chance to both stun and deal 25% more damage when he tags in. As a result, he joins the Black Adam’s as well as New 52 Nightwing as a bruiser who benefits greatly from Hawkgirl’s ability to allow expedient tag ins.

Red Son Batman’s passive ability is also nothinb to sneeze at, as it provides all Red Son teammates the chance (%) to do UNBLOCKABLE damage with their first special attack. It’s obviously a gamble, but when the cards fall in the player’s favor, then any team with Red Son Batman could potentially be unstoppable. Finally, Arkham Origins Deathstroke’s passive ability, known as Elite Soldier, allows him to deal UNBLOCKABLE DAMAGE on POINT BLANK when it reaches 200%. Therefore, Deathstroke is somewhat of a monster, because he has more than one option to deal UNBLOCKABLE damage. Bane and Deathstroke’s new character cards are below, but they are not yet available on non-hacked devices, though many hackers are already inserting these card-fighters onto their teams. Look out!



Screen by Paul Allen

The new mobile update also provided some changes to a common background. Players were quick to note the new graphics for Killer Frost’s Challenge Stage, because it packs the rewards for each stage as well as the items for each battle onto one screen.


In order to complete the Killer Frost Challenge Stage, players will need a skin of the following characters: Harley Quinn, Bane, and Black Adam. In addition, and as always, gamers will need to select teams consisting of only Bronze card-fighters and, for the 3rd battle stage, a team of only Silver card-fighters.

Suggested Teams:

Battle 1: New 52 Flash / Deathstroke / Nightwing, Lex Luthor, Green Arrow 

New 52 Flash is the statistically strongest Bronze fighter, and he is followed by Bronze Deathstroke. Players won’t need to tag-in their support cards, because the low-level teams consisting of only Bronze and Silver fighters can be easily defeated. The combo-team of Bronze Lex Luthor and Green Arrow offer a 20% damage boost to either Flash or Deathstroke.

Battle 2: (Any card-fighter), Animated Harley Quinn, 600 Wonder Woman / Krypto Lex Luthor

Some may throw the Killing joke Joker into the first slot, as Animated Harley Quinn will boost his power generation and damage by 40%. However, if one ops for a female fighter, then be sure to fill the final slot with 600 Wonder Woman instead of Krypto Lex Luthor. Nothing in this round is a worry, and any combo of the Gold cards from above will steamroll Killer Frost’s baddies.

Battle 3: Silver Wonder Woman / Nightwing / Flash / Knightfall Bane, Regime Green Lantern, Silver Lex Luthor

Choose your first fighter according to your style, but be sure to leave Regime Green Lantern in the mix. His 25% boost to power-generation will swing close fights in your favor by allowing your team to execute more UNBLOCKABLES. Some players love to use Knightfall Bane in the first slot since his passive gives a huge power generation boost when his health plummets, while others prefer the pure force of Silver Wonder Woman’s boosted damage from blocking.

Battle 4: Arkham Origins Batman, Batman / Batgirl, (Any Bane card-fighter)

Granted, any one-two punch of Gold cards will be fine. The Killer Frost stage is not nearly as Challenging as the likes of what we saw in the Darkseid or 600 Wonder Woman stages. One could even use Doomsday and a power generator or Shazam and a damage booster to crush the competition.

Battle 5: Arkham Origins Batman, Batman / Batgirl, (Any Black Adam card-fighter)

Becaue both Black Adam and Bane don’t offer much to teams, the rules of battle 4 also apply to 5. during the first play-through a team of Hawkgirl, Silver Black Adam, and Gold Black Adam can take down Killer Frost easily, though the next two play-throughs should see players using only Gold fighters.

Killer Frost will slow any card-fighter’s speed and power generation when she uses ANY special attack. Thus, note that heavy hitters that deal lots of damage, like Shazam or Arkham Origins Batman, help much more than characters with lower damage, but higher health. When Killer Frost is defeated in the second play-through you will receive a random Gear card. When she is thawed out in the final play-through, then players will get her unique Thermafrost necklace, which is pictured below.

kf3.card kf4.background kf9.cardsrank kf13.necklace

Finally, this latest update also adds Gear for Batgirl. In additon, WASDuk ally John Brizuela,has also confirmed that Zod’s passive ability, Phantom Zone Survivor, has been returned to normal and is no longer a “Doomsday clone.” Charlie Dales and Aaron Ali, who are members of the Facebook group Injustice Gods Among Us Hack Free, report that there is a glitch which allows players to use Killer Frost on Silver teams in her Challenge Stage.

Our sincerest sympathies are offered once again to the Android users out there. We just don’t know what NetherRealms is thinking. A little for us, a little for our Android homies (pours 40 of Red elephant on cement, vanishes into some Crisis of Infinite levels…)

Batgril mask Zod


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