Injustice Mobile 2.0: The Ultimate GEAR Guide by Rom Sudo

Rom Sudo is one of the best Injustice Mobile strategists alive. Today, he teleports into the WASDuk Watchtower to guide everyone through their GEAR questions: What is it? How do I evolve it? Fusion- WHAT?

Let’s do this.


What Is GEAR?

GEAR are items that can be attached to your characters. Each character supports up to three items, the first slot is unlocked at level 10, and the following two cost 20,000 and 40,000 credits, respectively. Each piece of gear has a 1 to 4 star rating (4 cannot be acquired except through evolving a 3 star); the more rare the GEAR, the higher the number of stars assigned to it and the better the abilities. From the starting point, GEAR can be evolved, fused or shattered (more below).

While each piece of GEAR can only be equipped to one character at a time, it can be switched between characters at will. This means that even if you have 2 copies of a piece of GEAR, it can still only be equipped to one character at a time.


 What Does GEAR Do?

Each piece of GEAR has two to three specific abilities. In general, they offer a buff to some aspect of your character and/or a detriment to opposing teams, and this works in both online and single player fights. The first ability is always active immediately, the second activates when you evolve the GEAR. GEAR that begins as three stars has a character-specific ability that is active at level 0, but only when equipped to the mentioned character.

Where Can I Get GEAR?

The two best ways to acquire GEAR are from the random GEAR Booster Packs that cost 25,000 credits each, or from the season rewards for online play. The third way GEAR can be acquired is by fighting online. If you win a set of battles (1,3 or 5), GEAR can randomly drop, though at very low rates. Random GEAR packs seem to have drop rates of about: 15% for 3 star items, 30% for 2 star items, and 55% for 1 star items. Season rewards are issued at the end of each season, and a season length can be found at the top of the leaderboard page in the multiplayer menu.

What Are Shards? How Does Upgrading/Fusing/Evolving/Shattering Work?

Each piece of GEAR starts at a star rating of 1-3, and can fuse shards into it (upgrading it) 10 times. Once upgraded 10 times, they can be evolved, increasing the star rating and adding the second ability. GEAR can then be upgraded 10 additional times.

To understand how this works, you have to understand shards, they come in four colors: red, blue, green and purple. Shards are obtained by shattering gear. Purple shards only come when shattering 3 or 4 star GEAR. Shards are fused into GEAR in order to upgrade it.

To fuse/upgrade GEAR you need the required shards and coins, as each fusion increases the ability of the GEAR and the cost of the next fusion. Purple shards are only used for evolving two and three star items. A two star item requires one purple shard and 12 other shards while a three star requires 3 purple shards and 35 other shards for evolution.

If you have more than one copy of specific GEAR, it can still only be equipped to one character. As a result, shattering is your only option. However, in general; rare 3 star items are the only means of acquiring purple shards, shattering 1 star items grants 4 shards, 2 star items grant 8 shards, and 3 star items grant 17 shards (1 purple).

1 2

Looking at the above images, the level is indicated by the squared number and the number of copies you have is indicated by the circled number. If the circled number is greater than one, shatter the GEAR, there is no use for multiple copies.

If you do try to shatter GEAR and you only have one copy, then you will get this lovely message. I recommend canceling as you will lose any progress you have made in upgrading that piece of GEAR.


Cost of Evolving & Upgrading Gear

This is a complicated question, however, it can be broken down via the charts below. Based on data collected so far we can say this is the cost in credits and shards for each of the GEAR evolution steps. Evolve represents the cost to level the base GEAR from 0 to 10 plus the special evolve cost. Max represents the cost to level the evolved form from 0 to 10. The actual shards used vary based on the GEAR.

Stars Evolve Max Total
1 70,000C 46 Shards 275,000C 76 Shards 345,000C 124 Shards
2 75,000C 92 Shards 275,000C 182 Shards 350,000C 273 Shards
3 85,000C 300 Shards 275,000C 588 Shards 360,000C 886 Shards

Based on the GEAR drop rate from 25,000 credits packs each shard costs about 3,500 credits. If we assuming all of your GEAR comes from packs we can find an approximate value for each shard. This allows us to estimate the cost to fully upgrade any piece of GEAR.

Stars Evolve Max Total
1 0.26 million credits 0.54 million credits 0.80 million credits
2 0.42 million credits 0.91 million credits 1.33 million credits
3 1.15 million credits 2.33 million credits 3.48 million credits

To evolve a 3 star piece requires a whopping 1.15 million credits, enough to get almost three Red Son packs. Also, to max it out, which costs 3.48 million credits, that is enough to level your Red Son team to Elite VII, with a couple of Gold packs left over. Needless to say, fully evolving GEAR should not be a top priority, with 27 of the 3 stars there is plenty of time to work on this task.

The good news is that these same numbers can be applied to determine the value of the GEAR rewards for multiplayer. Each 3 star item is worth about a coin value of 59,500, each 2 star is about 28,000, and each 1 star is worth 14,000. As a result, the reward for the top 2% is worth about 378,500 credits (not bad at all!), and this, in the long term, will be the best way to raise the majority of your funds for upgrading gear.

Note: A special thank you to @jasonred79 who helped me fill in about one third of my table. There is still work to be done on it though, so please contribute at this link as you upgrade and evolve your gear: Thank you to all my readers and contributors.


How Should I Use GEAR?

This depends on your playing style. Regardless, it is typically a good idea to start with giving a character his or her three/four star GEAR. It is rare that having 3 abilities rather than just 2 is detrimental. It is important to note that GEAR abilities are stackable. In other words, if you have 3 items that add 50% damage to regular attacks, you will end up with a 150% boost to regular attacks. (@James_Fries)

Beyond this, pairing up abilities is a good idea. For instance, if you give Deathstroke his specific four star GEAR, then you have a boost to critical attack damage, a chance of doing critical damage and a boost to regular attack damage. If you focus on adding GEAR that increases critical damage more, boosts regular attack damage more, and maybe even adds UNBLOCKABLE damage, then his regular attacks become amazingly powerful.

Another powerful strategy is once 3 star gear is evolved it can heal with the use of certain specials. Thus, group a few of these together and you can end up with a character that heals themselves 66% after a first special attack or 75% on a second-level special. (@Curtis Mohan)

What GEAR Should I Upgrade?

Again, this largely depends on your play style! The gains from upgrading are a bit low (They add either .5% or 1% regardless of the cost), but the gains from EVOLVING are sometimes very  good, so I recommend you EVOLVE the ones that you use a lot. For instance, the ones that heal you when you use a given special! In order to evolve you need to upgrade 10 times, but past that the returns are much lower.

Do not count out the 1 or 2 star GEAR, as some of it is very useful and the cost of upgrading it is obtainable. Furthermore, a fully upgraded 1 star item will only run you 800,000 credits, versus a three star at 3.5 million credits.

Another note of interest is that GEAR that increases blocking is more valuable than you think. It maxes out at stopping up to 90% of the damage caused by special attacks, and only requires 40% total blocking stats, 30% can be reached with 2 fully upgraded 1 star gear items: ‘Combat Training’ and ‘Forcefield Device’.

 Should I Max out GEAR?

I would not take GEAR past two or three upgrades following evolution unless you are already sitting with mostly Elite VII characters and want to spend the money on packs to get shards. The upgrades past this give very little benefit for the cost.

Finally, if players want to check out every GEAR card at its MAX level, the they can click on this link to see the Google doc Rom Sudo created:

If players would like to see how much GEAR costs and what it takes to upgrade each item, then click on the following link:

About the Author: Rom Sudo is an avid Injustice Mobile strategist. He also serves as an admin for a highly secret alliance credits group on Facebook. We would give you the name of the group, but you’d either wake up in the Phantom Zone or in a  cell monitored by Task force X.



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  • Clayton

    Wow! Thanks for the amazing GEAR guide! I was a bit confused about it, but now I fully understand everything!! Thanks, Rom!

    • Chris Patton

      You got it, Clayton [on behalf of Rom] ;-)

  • Zorsus

    Hahaha! I built 150% extra damage on basic attacks on scorpion + 60% critical chance and he was doing damage like craaaazy!

    • zjq10

      What is critical chance? I’m assuming thats what it means when it says CRIT…

      • http://Undefined Zorsus

        Yes crit means critical chance which doubles your damage (its really good on quick attackers)

  • Em

    Thanks for the very helpful guide!

    You mentioned that one way to get gear is to get it from season rewards. Has anyone gotten their Season 1 rewards yet? I got a pop up message awhile back saying they’re coming soon, but I haven’t yet seen them. I was hoping they’d have been delivered with the Solomon Grundy challenge update >_<

    • Chris Patton

      Yes, a few players have received season 1 rewards for their online play. When you log-in to multiplayer you can view extra missions and complete them as well as fight others to pick up GEAR. The players who received the season 1 rewards completed the extra missions and were in the top tier of online fighters.

      • Em

        Hmm…I never received my season 1 rewards. I was ranked in the top 10% the day before the season supposedly ended (and then I couldn’t play for the last day because it said the servers were down). Even if I fell drastically down the rankings, if I still were in the top 90%, I should’ve gotten something.

        Although you do say they had to complete the extra missions? Do you mean all of them, or just some of them? I didn’t complete all of them, but I did do some of those daily bonus missions.

        • zjq10

          Em – same situation. I didn’t get my season 1 rewards either. They had that note where they gave us 35,000 credits and said season 1 rewards would be coming but I never got them. VERY frustrating given the high cost of gear as this article illustrates.

          • Em

            Yes, that note! Haven’t seen anything since. I tried buying some gear from the packs but then I quickly realized how expensive evolving it is. I was really hoping the season 1 rewards would give me a jumpstart on it.

            Guess we’ll just have to wait for season 2 to end. Here’s hoping it works this time.

      • Megatron

        Not necessarily. I was in the top one percent and still haven’t gotten my rewards yet. Gear is great but I got my rank purely by using an all elite seven red son pack team. I am a little behind on this season trying to get to top one percent, but only at gold w/three stripes. Really all you need is one solid team at which point you can begin leveling up gear piece by piece. The best value piece is definitely the blue lantern ring, it is cheaper to level up and is a team heal.

  • Timothy

    So I’m guessing the Solomon Grundy challenged has started? Bummer, guess you need to update to version 2.0 or above to get it

    • Chris Patton

      Yeah, unfortunately, that is how NRs played it. They’ve curbed most of the major bugs, so I would update finally if I were you and want the card ;-) For example, I can now play online and my multiplayer is okay.

      • Timothy

        Maybe I should update then. Hmmm, I will miss the time energy glitch though, bummer. Gotta do it though

  • Nick

    Thanks for the guide. Very helpful. Also, a random side question once you have a complete a challenge and have unlocked it in the store like Boss Grundy or Batgirl are you able to get that character randonly in a gold booster pack or would you have to buy it specifically to get another copy cause they souldn’t be a possibility in a gold pack.

    • Rom Sudo

      You cannot get that character in a regular booster pack. Only from the store or in the challenge booster packs.

  • Abhilash

    Can anyone tell me this? I am using 2.0.1 to play online and I am in top 1% this season . Now it says to upgrade to play online. Will I get my rewards if don’t upgrade to 2.0.2?

    Thank you.

    • Rom Sudo

      I really doubt it, I think on their facebook site they said season 1 rewards next week if you upgrade.

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  • ChinotheJet

    What exactly does killer frost’s life drain do

    • Chris Patton

      With her Gear, the life drain gives her a little health regeneration.

  • macha33

    I have a problem.
    Is it possible to move my save game from the cell to the tablet?

  • Scott Hobby

    What are the chances of each gear appearing, in number percentages? I can’t get Killer Frost’s Necklace.

    • Scott Hobby

      The gear pack really doesn’t give me anything good, and I’d like to know if you know on a scale of 1 to 100 how often each gear is likely to appear.

      • Denis Topcii


  • Stewart Romero

    Thank you (Gracias).

  • Steven S

    The gear list is not complete….tonight I just got a brand new 3 star card carbonfiber mask for batgirl…. 12% max health increase…(batgirl) crit boost 30% more damage on crit attacks…. Evolved 20% crit chance on special 1

  • Toufiq Rahman

    how does the life increase gear work ????
    can any one give me the ans ???