Injustice Mobile 2.0: Categorizing Every Card-Fighter & Power Rankings

Every character, or card-fighter found in the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us can be categorized according to their abilities. As a result, building teams and the theories about who should be assembled for various three-person rosters is constantly changing in accordance with new monthly Challenge Stages.

Moreover, non-hackers and hackers alike constantly site repetitive credit-grinding between a small number of battle stages as more than tedious. However, once one has saved a large number of credits, then purchasing and leveling a card-fighter to Elite VII can be rather stressful. Who should players buy? Who should he or she be teamed with?

WASDuk is here to help you on your way.

Part 1 – Injustice: Categorizing Every Card-Fighter


All characters fall into one of the following categories: Power Generators, Damage Boosters, Health Boosters, or Speed Boosters. For each category, the card-fighters are listed alphabetically. Some card-fighters can also appear in more than one category, as certain characters, like Animated Harley Quinn and Darkseid, offer bonuses to more than one category.

When forming teams, consider what weaknesses or skills that you want to enhance. For instance, Shazam becomes nearly invincible after his UNBLOCKABLE is activated. Thus, you will want to team him with either Power Generators to fill his power bars more quickly, with Damage Boosters to level foes more quickly, or both.

On the other hand, a card-fighter like Martian Manhunter is better flanked by a defensive squad with Health Boosters, which allow him to remain in matches longer in order to deal more random effects like stunning, damage-over-time, or power draining. As a result, a good team will have assembled passives that make every character better. Keep the following categories in mind as you assemble rosters. After reading over the categories, one can read the results of our latest Power Rankings. Who is the new number 1?

photo 1

Power Generators add either team or individual advantages by filling or draining foe’s power bars more quickly. Some Power Generators can even start matches with a portion of their power bars filled, such as Arkham Origins Batman. Power Generation primarily occurs when a player strikes a foe or when he or she takes damage from an opponent.

In light of the above, a team with a large amount of Power Generation boosts may not even have to block. A team of Animated Harley Quinn, Red Son Wonder Woman, and 600 Wonder Woman can easily unleash more UNBLOCKABLES than a team that is only composed of Damage Boosters. When facing such a team, a Power-Drainer like Aquaman may be essential.



1) ***Aquaman, Regime (Aquaman’s Special Attack Drains All the POWER from His Opponent’s Team)

2) Batgirl (Batgirl and Her Teammates Each Start the Match With 1 Bar of Power)

3) *Doomsday, Containment (Three Times Per Match, and In the Face of Certain Defeat, Doomsday Will Immediately Regenerate 50% of His Total Health and Power While Receiving a 10% Damage Increase)

4) Green Arrow, Arrow (Arrow’s Basic Combo Has a Chance of Releasing a Random Arrow with Unique Special Effects)

5) *Harley Quinn, Animated (Harley and Her Teammates Receive 20% DAMAGE and POWER GENERATION, +40% for Joker Characters)

6) Joker, The Killing Joke (If The Joker is KNOCKED-OUT, His Teammate’s POWER is Charged to Full)

7) Lobo (Lobo is IMMUNE to the Affects of Power Drain)

8) Martian Manhunter (His Basic Combo Has a Chance of Dealing a Unique Random Effect, such as Mental DAMAGE-OVER-TIME, POWER DRAIN, or STUN)

9) ***Regime Raven (Once Per Match, When Raven’s Health is Below 40%, Her Basic Attacks Drain Power from Opponents for 8 Seconds)

10) *Shazam (Upon Super Attack Activation, Shazam Deals +300% Basic DAMAGE, takes 50% Less Damage, and May Perform Special Attacks Without Using Any Power for 12 Seconds)

11) Superman, Man of Steel (Every Special Attack Has a 30% Chance of Using NO POWER, Allowing it to be Used Again INSTANTLY)

12) *Wonder Woman, 600 (ALL Female Characters on Wonder Woman’s Team Receive 30% DAMAGE and POWER Generation)

13) Wonder Woman, Red Son (Team Members Receive 15% POWER GENERATION, the Power Generation Doubles for Every Red Son Card on Her Team)

14) Wonder Woman, Regime (Wonder Woman Generates 1.5% Power for Every Blocked Attack)


1) Bane, Knightfall (Once Per Match, When Bane’s Health is Below 40%, He Receives 150% increased Power Generation for 8 Seconds)

2) Cyborg, Regime (ONLY Cyborg Regenerates Power at 150% the Normal Rate When He is Tagged Out)

3) Green Lantern, Regime (All Team Members Gain 25% Increased POWER GENERATION)

4) Sinestro, Regime (If an Opponent Tags Out while Fighting Sinestro, then ONLY Sinestro Gains Back 25% of His Total POWER)


1) Flash, New 52 (Adds 5% to Individual Power Generation)

2) Deathstroke, Insurgency (If Deathstroke Knocks Out an Opponent, Then He Gains Back 15% of Only His total POWER)

3) Sinestro (If an Opponent Tags Out While Fighting Sinestro, Then Sinestro Gains Back 15% of ONLY His total POWER)

*This card has more than one category, i.e. Damage Booster and Power Generator, etc.

***Drains Power Bars and, therefore, allows your team an advantage in Power Generation


Card-Fighters who are Damage Boosters either increase the basic damage or total damage (basic attacks and special attacks and UNBLOCKABLES) of either themselves or for their whole team. Players must be careful in selecting these team members, as Basic Damage boosts denotes that normal or heavy strikes get increased damage, but not special or UNBLOCKABLE attacks. This category of characters also includes those with rare passives that add DAMAGE-OVER-TIME and Knock Out bonuses.

One should note that as of the Injustice Mobile 2.0 update, blocking attacks now only reduces damage by 25%, whereas blocking used to reduce melee damage by 75%. As a result, a pure offensive team centered around Shazam would benefit greatly by adding Damage Boosters to support him.

Damage Boosters


1) Batman (Batman and His Teammates Deal 25% More DAMAGE)

2) Batman, Arkham Origins (Batman Starts Battles With 2 Bars of Power)

3) Batman, Blackest Night (ONLY Blackest Night Batman Gains 20% to DAMAGE Between Midnight and Sunrise)

4) Batman, Insurgency (ONLY Batman’s Attacks Deal 300% More Damage When An Opponent is Stunned)

5) Black Adam, Regime (After ONLY He Tags In, He Gains an Aura that Will DAMAGE the Opponent if Black Adam is Hit. Lasts for 3 Hits)

6) Catwoman, Batman Returns (DAMAGE-OVER-TIME Attacks Deal 100% More Damage for CATWOMAN and Her Teammates)

7) *Darkseid (All BRONZE Characters on Darkseid’s Team Gain 300% Bonuses to HEALTH and DAMAGE)

8) *Doomsday, Containment (Three Times Per Match, and In the Face of Certain Defeat, Doomsday Will Immediately Regenerate 50% of His Total Health and Power While Receiving a 10% Damage Increase)

9) *Harley Quinn, Animated (Harley and Her Teammates Receive 20% DAMAGE and POWER GENERATION, +40% for Joker Characters)

10) Joker, Insurgency (If The Joker is Knocked Out, His Opponent Loses Health)

11) Nightwing, New 52 (Upon a Tag-In, Nightwing’s Basic Attacks Deal 100% More DAMAGE for 3 Seconds)

12) Scorpion, Mortal Kombat (Scorpion’s Heavy Combo Cause His Opponent to Suffer BLEEDING Damage for 2 Seconds and His Specials Cause FIRE Damage for 6 Seconds)

13) *Shazam (Upon Super Attack Activation, Shazam Deals +300% Basic DAMAGE, takes 50% Less Damage, and May Perform Special Attacks Without Using Any Power for 12 Seconds)

14) Sinestro, Green Lantern (If an Opponent Tags Out Against Sinestro, Then His Next Special or UNBLOCKABLE Attack Does 50% More DAMAGE)

15) Solomon Grundy, Boss (Grundy Gains Bonus DAMAGE to His Basic Attacks Based on How Close He Is to Death)

16) Superman, Red Son (Team Members Receive 25% DAMAGE to Basic Attacks, the Damage Boost Doubles for Every Red Son Card on His Team)

17) Superman, Regime (Once Per Match, When Superman is at 40% HEALTH, He Does 50% Increased Damage for 6 Seconds)

18) *Wonder Woman, 600 (ALL Female Characters on Wonder Woman’s Team Receive 30% DAMAGE and POWER Generation)

19) *Zod (For Every Teammate That is Knocked Out, General Zod Receives a 20% Bonus to ALL DAMAGE and HEALTH)


1) Bane, Regime (Once Per Match, ONLY He Does 25% INCREASED DAMAGE when His Health Drops Below 40%)

2) Black Adam (After ONLY He Tags In, He Gains an Aura that Will DAMAGE the Opponent if Black Adam is Hit. Lasts for 3 Hits)

3) Catwoman (ONLY Her Basic Attacks Deal 50% More Damage to Opponents Suffering from DAMAGE-OVER-TIME)

4) Deathstroke (If Deathstroke Knocks Out an Opponent, then He Deals 25% MORE DAMAGE with his Next Special Attack)

5) Doomsday, Regime (After He Knocks Out an Opponent, then His Next Special Move is Unblockable)

6) Green Arrow (ONLY He Deals DAMAGE Whenever He Blocks an Attack)

7) Harley Quinn, Insurgency (Gives All Team Members 10% More DAMAGE)

8) Joker (When The Joker is Knocked Out, his Opponent is Poisoned and Loses Health-Over-Time)

9) Wonder Woman (Each Time ONLY She Blocks a Basic or a Special Attack, ONLY She Gains a 50% Bonus to the Damage of Her Next Special Attack. Caps at 150%, or 3 Blocked Attacks)


1) Catwoman, Regime (ONLY Her Basic Attacks Deal 25% More Damage to Opponents suffering from DAMAGE-OVER-TIME)

2) Green Arrow, Insurgency (Gives All Team Members 5% INCREASED DAMAGE on All Attacks)

3) Harley Quinn (Adds 25% to ONLY Herself and Any The Joker Card)

4) Lex Luthor (Gives All Team Members 15% INCREASED DAMAGE on All Attacks)

*This card has more than one category, i.e. Damage Booster and Power Generator, etc.

Grundy Lightning

Card-Fighters who are Health Boosters usually provide an increased statistical bonus to each of their team member’s total Health. However, Health Booster passives have evolved to include regenerating health once the character is knocked out or, for example, taking less damage from basic attacks, as such abilities save health for those individual card-fighters.

Health Boosters are incredibly valuable for supporting characters that deal high damage, but that do not have enough health to remain in a match for a long time, like Lobo or Elseworld Flash.

Health Boosters


1) Batman, Beyond (Batman Beyond Cannot be **Stunned)

2) Cyborg, Teen Titans (Cyborg Regenerates Health at 300% the Normal Rate While Tagged-Out)

3) *Darkseid (All BRONZE Characters on Darkseid’s Team Gain 300% Bonuses to HEALTH and DAMAGE)

4) Doomsday (For Each KNOCK-OUT Blow That Doomsday Deals, He Gains 50% HEALTH)

5) *Doomsday, Containment (Three Times Per Match, and In the Face of Certain Defeat, Doomsday Will Immediately Regenerate 50% of His Total Health and Power While Receiving a 10% Damage Increase)

6) Green Lantern, John Stewart (When Green Lantern or a Teammate reaches 20% Health, a Barrier Appears and Provides 4 Seconds of INVULNERABILITY. This Can Occur Once Per Character, Per Match)

7) Harley Quinn, Arkham (Harley Quinn and Her Teammates Receive a 25% INCREASE to their MAXIMUM HEALTH)

8) Lex Luthor, Krypto (Lex Luthor and His Teammates Receive a 30% INCREASE to their MAXIMUM HEALTH)

9) *Shazam (Upon Super Attack Activation, Shazam Deals +300% Basic DAMAGE, takes 50% Less Damage, and May Perform Special Attacks Without Using Any Power for 12 Seconds)

10) Solomon Grundy, Red Son (Team Members Receive 15% to TOTAL HEALTH, the Health Boost Doubles for Every Red Son Card on His Team)

11) *Zod (For Every Teammate That is Knocked Out, General Zod Receives a 20% Bonus to ALL DAMAGE and HEALTH)

12) Zod, Man of Steel (General Zod takes 20% LESS DAMAGE From Special and Super Attacks)


1) Lex Luthor, Insurgency (All Team Members Receive a 25% Increase to Their TOTAL HEALTH)

2) Nightwing, Regime (ONLY He Takes 50% Less DAMAGE from All Basic Attacks)

3) Solomon Grundy (Once Per Match, If Solomon Grundy is Knocked Out, Then He Regenerates 50% of ONLY His Total HEALTH)


1) Cyborg (When Cyborg is Tagged Out ONLY He Regenerates Health at Double the Normal Rate)

2) Green Lantern (Once Per Match, When ONLY His Health is Below 40%, Green Lantern takes 50% LESS DAMAGE for 8 Seconds)

3) Green Lantern, New 52 (All Team Members Receive a 5% Increase to their MAXIMUM HEALTH)

4) Nightwing (ONLY He takes 25% Less DAMAGE from Basic Attacks)

5) Solomon Grundy, Regime (Once Per Match, If Solomon Grundy is Knocked Out, Then He Regenerates 25% of ONLY His Total HEALTH)

*This card has more than one category, i.e. Damage Booster and Power Generator, etc.

** Batman Beyond’s passive ability does not work for every card-fighter. Martian Manhunter and Batgirl can stun him


Speed Boosters are card-fighters who increase only his or her or their whole team’s attack speed. This is the rarest of the passive booster types, though the increased attack speed can greatly cover weaknesses of slow-strikers like Superman, Lex Luthor or Solomon Grundy. In addition, as pictured in the above screen, every Flash character receives a 15% speed bonus for using their level 1 special attack known as Lightning Kick, which caps at three uses or at a 45% increased attack speed.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of having a team with a huge Speed Booster bonus is twofold. First, some players find it very difficult to block strikes that are thrown at much quicker speeds when he or she is getting up from a knockdown blow. This technique is not easy to master, and having Gear that block breaks helps, but it can devastate opponents when mastered. Second, throwing more punches or kicks means that one’s power bars will be filled faster. Therefore, a team composed of Speed Boosters, such as Elseworld The Flash, Red Son Deathstroke, and Regime The Flash, can be both fun yet deadly for any that face it unprepared.

Speed Boosters


1) Deathstroke, Red Son (All Characters on Deathstroke’s Team Gain 5% SPEED per Red Son Character on the Team)

2) Flash, Elseworld (Once Per Match, When Flash’s Health Reaches 30%, His Opponents SPECIALS are Disabled and Time Slows for 7 Seconds)

3) Hawkgirl (Hawkgirl and Her Team TAG In and Out more Quickly, 4 Seconds Faster Tag Cooldown)

4) Superman (Once Per Match, When Superman is at 40% HEALTH or less, He Attacks 50% FASTER for 6 Seconds)


1) Flash, Regime (All Team Members Attack 15% FASTER)


1) Flash (Activating a Special Attack Gives only The Flash a 15% Speed boost)

Part 2 – Injustice: Ranking the Gold Card-Fighters


  1. Arkham Origins Batman: Unlike Shazam, everyone can buy this Alpha-Dog in the store. His passive gives him an immediate advantage over nearly every card-fighter, and he deals some of the highest damage in the game. The classic Gotham team of he, Batgirl, and Killing Joke Joker or Batman remains highly effective and dangerous.
  2. Shazam: Hackers can get free credits, non-hackers can’t. Thus, one may end up spending more than 16,000,000 credits on random Gold Booster Packs to get Shazam to Elite VII. Regardless, his passive ability gives him multiple bonuses, and if he is Geared up and has the right Damage Boosters supporting him, then he truly is unstoppable offensively. Once we can buy him in the store, then he may overtake Master Wayne. Still, does everybody on multiplayer have to use him?
  3. 600 Wonder Woman: If you reside in the Injustice reality, then you are lucky to be female and on this Wonder Woman’s team. She causes damage-over-time now, heightens damage, and can help teams generate full power bars very quickly. Oh, and she can plow through nearly every card-fighter on her own; goddess.
  4. Regime Aquaman: Now that we can get him in Challenge Packs, Aquaman has been redeemed. This guy can make you bleed, has a horrific basic-combo and can devastate and demoralize teams by draining all of their power, which can make him a must have when facing off against teams with Shazam, Diana, and Bruce.
  5. Martian Manhunter: J’onn can power drain, cause damage-over-time, and even stun. Those attributes can stop foes from using specials, be forced to tag out, or even stand helpless as either he or his teammates tag in to unleash specials or an UNBLOCKABLE. A team centered around J’onn is a fantastic investment. His random effects are much more reliable than the gambles Man of Steel Clark or Arrow Green Arrow provide.
  6. Containment Doomsday: His unique passive, which requires you to kill him 4 times, makes this Doomsday skin a huge power bar drainer. In addition, his combos, unlike the other Doomsday skins, offer either more strikes or much more damage. The final word is that Containment Doomsday is one of the stand-out cards in the game and, like radiation, he can slowly wear down any team without Shazam or Arkham Origins Batman.
  7. Animated Harley Quinn: So, her appearance is freaky, but she can help any team fill up power bars post-haste. Therefore, she is more than valuable though not as statistically strong as 600 Wonder Woman. If you don’t believe in her, then team her with Shazam or with Red Son Wonder Woman and 600 Wonder Woman and you’ll laugh in delight. Did we mention that her second special, if you can select the dynamite, is now unblockable?
  8. Batman: His 25% boost to both basic and UNBLOCKABLE damage capture his character perfectly. He makes everyone around him paranoid, but they get the job done faster. Overall, this Wayne skin is one of the best damage boosters in the game. Shazam loves him as well.
  9. Krypto Lex Luthor: His 30% health bonus can make any team much more formidable and he doesn’t even need to enter a match to enhance a good defensive team centered around well-rounded fighters, like J’onn. Since Arkham Harley Quinn is so hard to get to Elite VII due to her Gold-Booster-Random-ocity, Lex is now the best health booster in the game.
  10. Red Son Wonder Woman: She is a power generator and we’re not sick of saying how important those are. Any team with either her, Animated Harley, Regime Green Lantern, or 600 Wonder Woman is instantly better and will most likely be able to take out nearly every single-player battle in the game.
  11. Red Son Deathstroke: In addition to his speed boost, his second special does way more damage than it should, and it’s almost preferable to his UNBLOCKABLE. Like Lobo, this comrade can terrorize certain card-fighters, but unlike Lobo, he can make his whole team better.
  12. The Killing Joke The Joker: What other card can you sacrifice to end the match more quickly with? This Joker skin is a very rare card to the game that can make any team better. Batgirl finally has her revenge seven-fold.
  13. Red Son Superman: 75% to basic damage when teamed with other Red Sons, or 25% to basic damage when not teamed with Red Sons, in light of the fact that basics deal 75% damage instead of 25% damage, make this the only Superman card NetherRealms hasn’t f%^$d up.
  14. Arrow Green Arrow: Aside from a dopey moniker, this guy is a lesser Shazam in that he can deal specials randomly. Furthermore, his second special attack, like Deathstroke, does insane damage. The cards above him make the other team members better and provide better advantages, but it’s nice to see Green Arrow be able to hang with the Alpha-fighters.
  15. Batgirl: She allows Arkham Origins Batman to relase an instant UNBLOCKABLE or she can team with any other pair and give them a jump start on their power bars. Barbara can make any team more formidable and her heavy damage from her exo-suit allows her to brawl with even Superman.
  16. Darkseid: A god should do more, but he certainly lets those lowly Bronzes hang around for at least a little bit longer. Darkseid is better used with strong support cards as his health is so high and his first two specials are very hard to block. It’s too bad that the Bronzes can’t take on Gold cards though.
  17. Red Son Solomon Grundy: His health boosts can go as high as 45%, so he can be a wonderful addition to any defensive team composed of either other Red Sons or to support heavy-hitters like J’onn. He also deals massive damage, though he is far too slow to be a center-piece of a team. If left in the shadows, in the third card-slot, then he is a hand-full.
  18. Arkham Harley Quinn: Now that her second special attack is UNBLOCKABLE, there’s no reason to be scared to throw her into a cat-fight. Teaming her with Krypto Lex Luthor in supporting roles can also make a phenomenal defensive team that gets a 55% bonus to total health.
  19. Doomsday: His basic heavy attacks are limited, but in a close match he can regenerate power and dominate, especially if he is teamed with any of the team power generators, like Regime Green Lantern.
  20. Batman Returns Catwoman: Her Damage-Over Time bonuses allow her to annoy more than Scorpion.
  21. Mortal Kombat Scorpion: Damage-Over-Time deals much more damage than before, and Scorpion is truly more than a classic annoyer. He can “bleed” every character on your team even if you play defense and teaming him with Batman Returns Catwoman and another heavy hitter can allow his teams to outlast a lot of others.
  22. John Stewart Green Lantern: Initially, this skin didn’t have much use. But now that Shazam can pound foes into nothing, and new Challenge Card like Boss Grundy get huge damage boosts for nearly dying, this Lantern’s breif invincibility is vastly under-rated.
  23. Regime Wonder Woman: Oh, how NetherRealm hates this once brilliantly dominant and unique card-fighter. Reducing her power generation from 5% to 1.5% doesn’t seem like much, but it has reduced her value greatly. Sigh. Her and the other once dominant Silver Green Arrow, who can no longer indefinitely freeze foes, just kinda do a little damage now.
  24. Blackest Night Batman: Both he and Teen Titans Cyborg have 50-50 passives. One can use Cyborg’s when tagged out, not in, and the other can use his when it’s night and not day. Therefore, the first Black Lantern to the Injustice Mobile arena is great for insomniacs, but not much else.
  25. Zod: Zod certainly regenerates health, but exactly how it works is confusing. It used to be added to his total health, but now it just regenerates lost health. Thus, he now needs to enter matches and fight a bit, rather than waiting in the shadows. He also used to get damage boosts, though a new glitch sometimes renders those bonuses moot as well. IF the next update can iron him out, then he will remain here. IF it doesn’t, then he will be relinquished to the bottom of the barrel with Bane and Batman Beyond.
  26. Teen Titans Cyborg: He can regenerate health when tagged out, so he can make for a good member of a Defensive team with either Health Boosters or select cards that can power drain, like fellow Titan, Nightwing. Could that team stand up to the teams in the new single-player stage? Maybe, but it is a long-shot.
  27. Man of Steel Superman: Remember when uber-powered and impossible-to-beat teams in the Challenge Stages could eventually be beaten by a MoS Superman who was lucky enough to use 2-3 UNBLOCKABLES in a row. Geez. Like the other Kryptonians, the new update reduced this Superman’s gamble to only his first and second special move. Suddenly, if those old-school teams were to surface again we’d all be pulling our hair out.
  28. Lobo: Lobo is great when power drainers are raining havoc. He can also go ape-crazy on short-range strikers like Superman. On the hand, yes, he can easily break a few characters. On the other hand, he requires huge support cards to be effective, as he his useless on teams that aren’t built around him.
  29. Boss Solomon Grundy: The more you beat him, the stronger he gets! Still no excitement? Everyone seems either careless or stoked about the next Challenge Stage, but having 4 Grundy’s before even one Zatanna or Killer Frost or Ares truly is a head-scratcher.
  30. Regime Superman: His second special is UNBLOCKABLE, but its damage was reduced with the latest update. He also offers no benefits to teams until he is nearly dead. His one benefit is heavy basic damage, so if he is not Geared, then other Superman skins, especially Red Son Superman, are more worthy of your credits and time.
  31. Superman: His freezing breath used to immobilize foes permanently, but NetherRealms eliminated that “glitch.” Now, what is he good for? He does deal more damage than those ranked lower than him, if nothing else.
  32. New 52 Nightwing: A 3 second bonus is way too short. Still, when teamed with Hawkgirl and Black Adam, then he can go nuts and loop his passive. Outside of that team, if Dick isn’t Geared properly, then he falls far short of his potential. It’s also too bad what NetherRealm did to his other skins as… they… are now… so… sl….. ow.
  33. Elseworld The Flash: His low health and stats make him hard to leave in matches long, but he does gain speed boosts from his first special attack, and his last resort Bullet Time passive can swing a close match in his favor. Either way, this character needs major Power Booster or Speed Booster support to be truly effective.
  34. Hawkgirl: Unlike Sinestro, there are teams that Hawkgirl can make powerful and annoying to fight. That doesn’t excuse her bizarre passive, which benefits about 2 other characters in the game. That’s two more than the cards beneath her can benefit though.
  35. Green Lantern Sinestro: From Opera Guy: “Sinestro’s passive! It can be used multiple times per match. He just needs to tag out and back in for it to reset. Also, it is easy to get players to tag out with DOT. Pair him with any character that deals DOT. After hitting them with unblockable bleeding, poison, or fire damage immediately tag GL Sinestro in. They will almost always tag out, and if they don’t you enjoy the added damage from the full length of the DOT. When used smart you can almost always get the 50% damage bonus.”
  36. Regime Black Adam: His stats got a major boost with the last update and careless fighters can, as a result, get punished. He can power drain and reflect damage, but there are only one or two effective teams that he can be a part of. Hawkgirl can help recycle his and New 52 Nightwing’s passives over and over. Outside of being teamed with Hawkgirl, he won’t offer much.
  37. Man of Steel General Zod: Now that basics deal 75% damage instead of 25% damage, Zod takes way more damage than he needs to, even if specials do less damage to him. Has NetherRealms just decided to make every Kryptonian far too weak?
  38. Prison Superman: He regenerates health when he’s nearly dead, but it is not enough to keep him in a match.
  39. Regime Raven: She is not useful until she is nearly dead, and 8 seconds of power draining abilities is pretty lame. Some may argue that 600 Wonder Woman could make her better, but why would you even use Raven if you have 600 Wonder Woman fully leveled? Raven is only fun for her fans.
  40. Insurgency Batman: His passive finally works, but why would anyone use it when his second special deals so much more damage? This isn’t a good card to invest in.
  41. Insurgency The Joker: His passive damages foes… a little. Aside from a great basic heavy combo, there’s not much to this joke.
  42. Batman Beyond: His passive doesn’t even work. Props for the devastating second special though. Anyway, McGinnis deserves better.
  43. Bane: One of the most disappointing, useless card-fighters in the game. Gear may disguise his low stats, but that didn’t stop WASDuk from getting bombarded by thousands of emails with the following subject: Bane is the worst card you stupid f%^k!
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