Injustice Mobile 2.0 Summons Shazam!

DC and NetherRealm’s posted the following on their official Injustice page earlier today: Injustice 2.0 arrives tomorrow! Is your team ready? Includes Online Battles, a new single player ladder and a higher level and promotion cap!

Welcome… SHAZAM!


The original plan for Shazam was to have him released as a Challenge Stage character following John Stewart as Green Lantern. However, development issues got in the way and DC/NetherRealms wisely waited to offer, perhaps, one of their most popular Justice League members to highlight a number of new card-fighter skins for the Injustice multiplayer reality. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to fight as Shazam, as he is often included in the arguments regarding which DC characters could actually take down Superman. It is still unclear whether Shazam will be offered as a reward or in the Injustice store.

Shazam, who was formerly known as Captain Marvel, is described on his Wikipedia page as follows:

Shazam is the alter ego of Billy Batson, who works as a radio news reporter and was chosen to be a champion of good by an ancient wizard (also named Shazam). Whenever Billy speaks the word “Shazam!”, he is struck by a magic lightning bolt that transforms him into an adult superhero empowered with the abilities of six archetypal, historical figures.[Several friends and family members, most notably Marvel Family cohortsMary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. can share Billy's power and become "Marvels" themselves.

Hailed as "the world's mightiest mortal" in his adventures, Captain Marvel was nicknamed "The Big Red Cheese" by arch-villain Doctor Sivana, an epithet later adopted by Captain Marvel's fans. Based on sales, Captain Marvel was the most popular superhero of the 1940s. His Captain Marvel Adventures comic book series sold more copies than Superman and other competing books of the time.[2][3] Captain Marvel was also the first comic book superhero to be adapted into film, in a 1941 Republic Pictures serial titled Adventures of Captain Marvel.

The upcoming multiplayer feature will also raise the cap on how high characters can be leveled. The former cap was 40, but no exact information on how high characters can now be leveled will be revealed until tomorrow. In addition, “noobs” or those nervous about entering the multiplayer arena can play the new single-player stage in the multiplayer reality to practice and form the best team possible.

Again, are you ready?



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  • Kae Els Day

    Black Adam is by far my favorite DC character followed distantly by Sinestro. (Many consider them both Lawful-Evil, my take is Lawful-Neutral…)

    Anyway, the same cannot be said of those card fighters in the game :-( So, I look forward to Captain Marvel as much as everyone else and am excited about 2.0 as well!

    Hopefully the card sales will also continue. Many complained about getting arguably the worst Batman this time, but if someone would like to explain how else to get that much hitting and staying power for 546k I would love to hear it…

  • Macca1994

    Don’t like the new update atall in my opinion it’s ruined injustice

    • Random

      The update already came for you?

  • Random

    I personally can’t wait for the update. It seems this game will gain a ton of more dynamics and interestingness. So far I feel it is uber fun at some times and boring at others. I have almost beaten the story and have 2 gold cards elite 5, with norm bats at elite 4. I can’t wait for these new cards and changes especially Arrow GA, Sinestro GL, Harley Animated, New 52 Nightwing, SHAZAM!, the new lex luthor, and multiplayer.

    Chris any news on Ares though I really want him in game?

    • Random

      Got the update and holy heck it is amazing. Chris this is the beast injustice patch ever! I think you will especially like Krypto lex.

  • Logan James

    Chris, you have to do a post about the multiplayer suspensions. Thousands of players are unable to access the new feature, apparently because of the high levels of their characters? Please investigate for us, the fuming masses…

    • Chris Patton

      It will come. I’m in da trenches, son! @_@

      • Random

        And this is why we all read your articles.

        Because Chris finds awesome information :D

  • Macca1994

    I think I was being abit to hasty was just so used to the old one but, I will get to love this one, bit bummed by the way the way you can change the time to get your characters to full power again has gone though

    • Random

      That was a bug and personally I am glad they fixed it. There are some many toons so waiting isn’t that long. Granted I never exploited that bug so I am biased. I hope they fix the bug with people getting banned when they did not cheat, hack, bug exploit soon.

  • Random


    Seems to be a bug in the system. It appears the system believes anyone with an elite V gold card is instantly a hacker and is banned from online play. I am not the first this has happened to (no exploit bugs, no hacking, no cheating, no save file changes, nothing). Just wanted to give yall a heads up. If you are in the same situation as me be kind and talk to support at

    Hope this helps.

    • Kyungshikah

      This isn’t entirely true.

      Reasons from which you can get suspended:
      - You have WBID exclusive characters but your current WBID has not unblocked this characters. If you recently changed your password or created a new WBID this shouldn’t be a problem. If someone else used your WBID you will also get suspended.
      - You have glitch cards (Aquaman Prime, Silver Raven, etc.)
      - You have unreleased cards (Boss Solomon Grundy, RS Bats, etc.)
      - You have more than 9,999,999 credits or more than 999 alliance credits.
      - You have a file that is not your own.
      - You tried to use iFunBox to check the files or somehow manipulated the files.
      - To a lesser extent, if you exclusive WBID characters from gold packs, you can also get suspended (this is a glitch).
      - Sharing your WBID, even among your own devices

      Reason that don’t get you suspended:
      - If you used the time glitch (that is not available now)
      - You have all your characters Elite V
      - You never introduced a WBID

      All the above being what it is, the developers clearly know that there is a fault with their ‘hack detection’ system and it looks like it is being looked into and will be resolved soon. In the mean time, if you can’t play online games, I’d suggest continuing to play the game, get your coins, get your best players up to Elite VII and level 50.

      • Random

        I implied that based on my experience when I got suspended. When I logged on and into the online play I was good to go with my team of AO Bats, KJ Joker no elite and lv 39 and the final card was elite 4 lv 40 norm bats. The second I took AO Bats out for my best card lv 40 elite 5 joker insurgency bam it said my account I was suspended.

        Assuming what you said is entirely true I did fall into 1 category. I do own arkham Harley and batman beyond which I did find from gold packs (still want that prison supes) and knight fall bane. That must be what is causing my suspension and is the bug. Thanks for the heads up. Was very excited about this feature and a disappointed I have to wait especially with gear cards. No one cept me uses my account and it is only on my iPad which is my only device with this game. I don’t fit any of the other points you said Exocet for finding batman beyond and arkham Harley in gold packs and knight fall bane in a silver pack.

        Glad they are aware and I already contacted support. Plus I am continuing the game and having a blast so it ain’t too bad.

        Thanks again for the heads up and also thanks for finding out what the max level and elites are now too. This was very informative overall.

      • Chris Patton

        Either way, it is true then. Fight the first match and most are safe, right?

        • Random

          Seems so. I did not have an elite V on my initial team so it might not have worked anyway, but yeah I believe that is the best way to go.

  • Timothy

    Bummer they took away the time energy glitch

  • Macca1994

    Think of the time it’s gona take to grind for the likes of AO batman now though, that’s the only thing I done don’t see the point in the save file hacks ruins the fun of the game

    • Random

      Agreed save file hacks are cheating and they do destroy the fun of the game. As for farming it won’t be remotely bad. It took me about 3-4 days to farm for my AO. Granted I did not play 24 hours nor use the time hack, but you get my point. I just kept switching my team and farming bonus battle 5. I am glad they fixed the time hack. If you think about it by using it people were robbing WB of potential money from energy cards.

      That being said we should be able to earn money from online play and the story expansion. Finishing up story now. Just wish I could play online :( I hate bugs.

  • Spider

    Chris. I have a couple of questions that i would like to ask. 1. Is there a way to transfer my android progress onto my ios device. i have nearly compleated the game on android and i would like to transfer my character over onto ios so i can play multiplayer with them? 2. And as fro the opponents on the multiplayer, are you versing some one live? or are you just versing peoples team controlled by the computer

  • Brian

    I was finally going to buy Injustice for my Console to try and get the mobile bonuses unlocked through console play and now you’re saying if I use the same login to connect my systems to get the bonus content I’ll be banned from online play?

    • Random

      I would just wait it out or buy the console game, but don’t sign in yet if that is possible (don;t have the console). Hopefully they will fix this soon.