How to Build the Best iOS/Android Injustice Teams

The mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us has seen a number of characters and strategies added since WASDuk last reported on how to build the best teams. Exclusive characters like Darkseid altered how Bronze characters could be used and overly powerful bruisers like Boss Solomon Grundy are about to be offered in new Challenge Stages. Thus, grab your transponder and update yourself on how to form the best groups of card-fighters in the Injustice reality!

WASDuk Presents: How to Build the Best iOS/Android Injustice Teams

Most players, and especially “noobs”, have a difficult time advancing in the mobile version of Injustice because they do not pay attention to passive abilities right away. Each character or card-fighter in the mobile Injustice can add very useful team or individual statistical boosts. In addition, dealing as much damage as possible means that using unblockable moves is of the highest importance. This requires power generation because it allows card-fighters to fill their bars more quickly than your foes can. As a result, the following teams have been established as, perhaps, the most powerful and efficient in the game, though in no particular order:

Team 1: Arkham Origins Batman, Batgirl, Batman

photo 1

Arkham Origins Batman begins with full power bars and the team gets an additional 25% to all damage, even unblockables, from “Prime” Batman. Who will the other team sacrifice first?

Team 2: Regime Wonder Woman, Red Son Wonder Woman, 600 Wonder Woman

photo 2

Regime Wonder Woman generates power more quickly than any card-fighter in the game and she can unleash an unblockable after blocking about 10-12 strikes. This team doesn’t even have to use normal attacks.

Team 3: Red Son Superman, Red Son Deathstroke, Red Son Solomon Grundy

photo 3

The Red Sons triple each other’s special abilities: 75% to damage, 15% to speed, 45% to health, comrade!

Team 4: Containment Doomsday, Killing Joke Joker, Zod (Team Credit goes to Damon Shack)

photo 4

Fight with Containment Doomsday until he revives for the first time. Sacrifice Joker and repeat. Once they both die, Zod gets full power bars and a 40% boost to both health and damage.

The above teams may not be possible for brand new players to form as Red Son Deathstroke, Batgirl and 600 Wonder Woman were offered as unique Challenge Stage characters and cannot be obtained in random Gold Booster Packs. Nonetheless, pairing any Gold-level card-fighter with the proper support cards will allow any patient fighter to defeat every battle in the game. Below are “open” teams that every player, new or old, can purchase and assemble. While most players lament not being able to immediately use their favorite characters, it should be noted that various hacking groups exist on Facebook and one YouTube station in particular called HenxcinGaming offers outstanding video tutorials on strategies and Injustice news. Players eager to advance quickly should sign-up for the HenxcinGaming channel here.

Team 5: (Any Gold-level Card-Fighter), Arkham Harley Quinn, Insurgency Lex Luthor

photo 5

Lex and Harley add 50% to total team health. This boost will allow card-fighters like Lobo or Darkseid to let loose on unsuspecting victims!

Team 6: (Any Gold-level Card-Fighter), Regime Green Lantern, Regime The Flash

photo 1 (1)

Flash’s 15% team speed boost and GL’s 25% team power generation boost will allow any character to use many unblockables in every match. Card-fighters like Doomsday are nearly unstoppable with the Silver All-Stars in tow!

Veteran players will admittedly banter that other Silver and Bronze characters are highly useful but not listed as part of any of the latter teams. The above teams can be shuffled to suit what players consider advantageous and fun for their style. For instance, the Bronze-level Lex Luthor adds 15% to team damage, Insurgency Harley Quinn adds 10% to team damage, and New 52 Flash adds 5% to his team’s power generation. Persons should, therefore, experiment as often as possible.

Furthermore, an example of a wonderfully fun team created by Injustice genuis, Chuck Seeger comes by assembling Elseworlds Flash, Red Son Deathstroke, and Regime Flash. This “Speed Force” team receives a 20% speed boost and when Elseworlds Flash uses a level one special attack, then his attack speed can be increased by 15%. Elseworlds Flash can max out his personal speed boost at 45% by using his first special attack three times, and his advanced speed will aid him in generating power much more quickly. The final result is the potential to add 65% attack speed (Elsewrold’s personal 45% boost + the 20% team boost from Red Son Deathstroke and Silver Flash)!

Last, grinding out victories and fighting dirty are part of being a hero or villain. At times, especially during Challenge Stages, the computer’s teams can be given advanced, unfair stats. Players can counter by using the freezing glitches dealt by Silver Green Arrow and Superman. Their Freeze Arrow and Freeze Breath, respectively, can immobilize foes indefinitely and allow the rest of their team member’s to stand by and fill up their power bars.

Team 7: Superman, (Any Gold Card-Fighter), (Any Gold Card-Fighter)

photo 2 (1)

Superman must freeze his foe. Once she or he is immobilized, then do not strike her or him. Simply float there and let your team’s power bars fill. Tag out Superman so he can fill his and then unleash 3 unblockables on the other team.

Team 8: Silver Green Arrow,  (Any Gold Card-Fighter), (Any Gold Card-Fighter)

photo 3 (1)

Green Arrow must freeze his foe. Once she or he is immobilized, then do not strike her or him. Simply stand there and let your team’s power bars fill. Tag out Green Arrow so he can fill his and then unleash 3 unblockables on the other team.

Do you have teams that WASDuk has been negligent towards? Message us here and we may add them to the article with credit to your name.

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  • Markoslocos

    Good article…also a good use of a neutral stance on teams & characters to keep everyone from getting stirred up like in the top countdown articles!
    I, for one, see thru your smokescreen of neutrality to keep the peace & am here to cause WAR!!! lol

    One thing to comment on with the freeze breath/arrow situation though. I’ve found your instruction as a complete savior to my hair while going thru these nightmare challenges, thx for lookin’ out for a brotha! What I wanted to add was if an opponent is frozen, why stop there??? I haven’t seen anyone mentioning this, & if I’ve missed it stated somewhere my apologies, but I’ve found once getting everyone on my team’s power up I’ll just keep hitting the opponent with freeze breath/arrows, inflicting damage & refreezing them in the process. I’m careful not to freeze them to knockout without being fully charged up. If you get good at it you can get them down far enough to use regular strikes to knock them out & then have a team with full power to take out whatever enemies left! This becomes EXTREMELY useful when fighting the ridiculous opponents on the final stage of challenges in nightmare mode when characters are 150k plus in health…not for long with Superman prime slangin’ freeze breath! lol

    Also, a lesser team that are straight rock stars in the bronze/silver only challenge levels that need mention is Wonder Woman, Insurgency Lex Luther & Regime Green Lantern! Get WW’s power built up to the 2nd move, block 3 times & watch fools get straight WASD(uk)!!! I’ve beaten some pretty good teams with those silvers, even once a team on the last stage of the game, 2nd fight(Green Lantern boss) consisting of gold Bane, Insurgency Batman & jacked up Green Lantern. For the silver only battles they’ll take ya to the promised land.


    • Chris Patton

      That is a great team, my friend!

    • Anonymous Hero

      I’ve been using Green Arrow’s freeze arrows for the nightmare battles in the last couple of challenges that feature opponents with ridiculous health reserves and it’s been a godsend (pun may or may not have been intended based on reader preference). I’ve been pairing him with Batgirl so he can freeze the first opponent right off the bat (another pun you can take or leave as you see fit).

      • Chris Patton

        Hey, AH! Those are AMAZING puns ;-) Glad you have chosen to fight dirty alongside us ;-) All League members need to know how to fight FO REAL!

    • Minefield

      I do like your combination for the bronze/silver only battles, especially now that the freeze glitch doesn’t work anymore. To finish that stage of the nightmare round of the current challenge (Containment Doomsday) I used Regime GL, Regime Flash, and Regime Cyborg. Starting with Regime Flash always helps because you can get in a ton of heavy hits before they even get in one hit, since one swipe gets you two hits and he gives the team a speed boost. The reason I like Regime Cyborg on there is because the dampening field stages are sometimes a little rough and he can gain power a bit faster. I like a lot of the silver cards out there though, so I’ll have to give your team a go sometime!

  • Random

    In the team or containment doomsday, killing joke joker and zod I would definitely swap out containment doomsday. Containment Doomsday is one of the most if not the most durable card in the game. With zod you want your allies dead.

    I would switch out containment for a high damage low hp gold card like scorpion, blackest night batman, insurgency joker, regime raven, etc. Or if a person really wants to live on the edge I would swap out that gold card for bronze lex luthor.

    Great article btw

    • Chris Patton

      I agree with you, though Zod doesn’t necessarily have to enter the match. Know wat I’m sayin’? C.Doomsday should be able to deliver 2-3 unblockables before Joker needs to be sacrificed, so in a way this team is like the AO Batman/Batgirl/Joker team but with power bar requirements. The other difference is that the C.Dooms/KJ Joker/Zod team can defeat the teams in the final rounds. Zod and two low-levels can’t. Regardless, either way, I love how many uses, as you pointed out, Zod brings. He’s a mean little man ;-)

      • Random

        Yup Zod is so awesome and one of my favorite cards in the game hands down. I do see your point. Once I level up Containment More might have to give it a whirl. Thanks for the response.

  • Megatron

    I like fighting dirty like Markoslocos. I beat nightmare CSD with just Superman. I had RSWW and RSG, which gave Superman a thirty percent energy boost, and then freeze breathed that monstrous CSD nightmare boss. I then did it 4 more times consecutively and KOed him. I will mention that my WW600 and WWr team were no match for him. Without freeze breath that would have been ridiculous. Here here to fight club, first rule is don’t talk about about fight club.

    • alex

      I use regime superman level 40 eV when he drops to less than 40%,health his heat vision is unblockable and one move does 76,000+ that is when added with batman and the %25 damage increase. Lastly regime wonder woman just level out Herr last attack and get 50000

  • DARTHCJ117

    My top team is insurgency deathstroke because his powers are great, darksied who boosts everything about deathstroke by 300% and he has the most attack and health of everyone in the game and finally silver green lantern to increase power gain.

  • Kirksland

    Right now trying to level up some fighers so these are my temporary teams for BB6. Will change once everyone is Leveled up and Elited.

    Fight One
    The Flash (Lv 40 EV)
    Insurgency Death Stroke (Lv 35 EII)
    Darkseid (Lv 40 EI)

    Fight Two
    Regime Wonder Woman (Lv 40 EV)
    600 Wonder Woman (LV 40 EIV)
    Containment Suit Doomsday (L35 EII)

    Fight Three
    Arkham Origins Batman (LV 40 EV)
    Batman (Lv 40 EIV)
    Regime Superman (Lv 33 EII)

    Fight Four
    Doomsday (Lv 40 EIV)
    Regime Green Lantern (Lv 40 EIV)
    Lex Luthor (Lv 40 EI)

    Fight Five
    Red Son Superman (Lv 40 EV)
    Red Son Wonder Woman (Lv 40 EV)
    Red Son Solomon Grundy (Lv 40 EV)

    One everyone is leveled up will revert to the regular teams.
    Fight one will remain the same, Flash basically wipes the floor clean with DS as back up. Fight two will be R WW, 600 WW and probably Arkham Harley Quinn, really doesn’t matter who is in slot three, the first two take care of business. Fight three will be Doomsday, R SM and probably Lex for damage or Regime Flash for speed boost for the two power houses.Fight four will have the fastest team in the game, AOB, Bats and RGL. AOB solos in no time at all. Fight five will remain the best team in the game, the red sons may not be the fastest, but with the passives, still the best to take on the DC Trinity.
    Afterward will turn my attention to a 6th team of CSD, Zod and RS DS. Zod there for when Slade’s low health gets him knocked out.

    What do you think, really hamstrung by not having Batgirl, but otherwise not too bad a collection.

  • Kirksland

    By the way, in the mirror match, The Flash is my powerful character in the game, his damage is unreal. I suspect New 52 GL may be just as powerful with more health, but I now have to work on leveling him up. Him and Flash would be unreal in fight one with Deathstroke as backup.

  • zjq10

    I have been using Kirksland’s strategy for BB6 for awhile and it definitely the best way to earn coin. Here are my teams (assume maxed characters though anything elite 4 35 and up is close enough):

    Fight 1:
    Bronze Harley, Bronze Deathstroke, Bronze Nightwing
    Bronze Flash, Bronze Sinestro, Bronze Green Arrow

    With the first team my strategy is to rotate all of the players through, switching when they get to two power bars. In this way, they pretty much all fight Harley who is not a danger to knock you out or drain your power. The third fighter gets Deathstroke or Nightwing and you will need to block their special attacks but can usually finish my rotating players to finish their opponents with their third move. The second team uses the opposite strategy, with each of them I only use their first move usually. The second team is faster but the first team is easier to execute.

    Fight 2:
    Gold Bane, Gold Black Adam, Gold Joker
    Superman, Regime Superman (E4), Containment Doomsday (E2, lvl 30 right now for me)

    My Darkseid is only E2 and I haven’t bought three more cards to max him out. When I do I’m pretty sure the math is right to play him, Bronze Lex, and Bronze Green Arrow as a team here and then shift this Superman team to battle 4 when I can max them out.

    Fight 3:
    Gold Doomsday, Gold Batman, Silver Green Lantern
    Man of Steel Superman, Man of Steel Zod, Silver Lex Luthor

    Gold Doomsday, Batman, Silver Green Lantern is one of my favorite teams and of all of the battles, I think fighting Lobo can be the toughest.

    Fight 4:
    Gold Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 600, Silver Wonder Woman
    Red Son Wonder Woman, Red Son Superman, Red Son Grundy

    Fighting the gold Black Adam is surprisingly difficult because saving up energy to do a third move is complicated by his annoying power drain. When I have a maxed out Lobo I would use him here. And/or plugging in Killing Joke Joker.

    Fight 5:
    AO Batman, Batgirl, Bronze Lex Luthor (or Silver Harley Quinn)
    Red Son Wonder Woman, Red Son Superman, Red Son Grundy

    The damage boost from Bronze Lex or Silver Harley speeds things up so that AO Batman can knock out Wonder Woman in the first move of the game (otherwise her power is something like 63,000).

    All of these teams can win their fights in less than 2 minutes. I know there are many teams that can do it in less. But this allows a “continuos” play strategy where you can play for 2 hours straight essentially, rotating teams and not having to use energy cards.

  • Konkrypton

    I was with you until you started talking about BB6. What’s that mean?

  • kirksland

    Last battle in the game. Bonus Battle 6

  • Markoslocos

    Another team that’s pretty cool is the team I like to call, The Glass Cannon of Injustice, which is made up of the following order-

    Blackest Night Batman

    Here are some of the most powerful characters in the game but they don’t have jack for health. Put in as much work as possible (especially with BN Bats between midnight & 6…that 2nd move will bring about anyone down!), and you can be a little bit careless since Zod is waiting in the wings taking advantage of their lower health & relatively short lives. Focus on getting some clean second move hits with BN Bats & Scorpion, they inflict madd damage, have a chance to hit multiple opponents and don’t have to take as much time to wait on that 3rd move powering up. If you like power & quick damage, THIS is your team.

  • Victor

    just curious how you guys get the cards you need. do you buy the 75k gold pack or just individual cards?

  • Minefield

    I think Green Lantern John Stewart is under appreciated and that his passive ability can be extremely helpful with the right characters. A team of GL John Stewart, Regime Raven and Boss Solomon Grundy (once available) would be a pretty solid lineup. A complaint with Raven is that her health needs to be low to activate her passive, but give her 4 seconds of invincibility and it certainly makes that passive much more valuable, whether it’s preventing the opposing team from gaining power or quickly draining it. When fighting Boss Solomon Grundy in the new single player stages added after the update, I noticed that once his health gets low enough he gets a 10x damage boost to his basic attacks. That’s a killer amount of damage, and being able to guard him for a few seconds will go a long way.

    • Markoslocos

      Nice observation, I’m gonna run that team when Boss Grundy comes out! And with gear now you can totally put John Stewart into beast mode. I still haven’t totally made up my mind on gear yet, but it’s definitely changed the complexity of the game & makes any character into whatever you want them to be if you get the right stuff.
      Good idea…party up man

      • Minefield

        That’s true, gear can be a huge game changer. So far I haven’t gotten any yet. I’m trying to beat everything without it first, and also using my credits towards getting all my cards up to E7, and that’s going to take a while.

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  • Ballofgod

    MoS Zod + Animated Harley + Regime GL.

    Make sure Zod and Harley have their specific gear and equip Zod with gear that boosts his power regeneration, and equip Harley with a blue lantern ring if you have one, and another gear that heals herself when she uses special 2. After that, just spam Zod’s special 1 every chance you get! His gear allows him to deal splash damage and the sheer amount of power regeneration you have makes it possible to unleash a special after 1-2 rounds of basic attacks!

    • Chris Patton

      Hey, BallofGod! Nice team, if you replace MOS Zod with 600 WW, then you’ll get 75% power gen, which is… CRAZY!

  • Chance m

    Best team I’ve come through so far would be boss Grundy animated Harley quinn and your strongest char. Start with Grundy. Fight with him until his passive activates to 10x then tap him out for your other char. After your char is beaten up pretty good go to Harley quinn and keep getting the rose on her second special to heal. Boss Grundy gets healed and keeps his 10x. I have a 38 elite I Grundy and I’ve gotten Hume to do upward of 1,800 damage per basic swing. One 3 swing combo would be stronger then most second specials and some 3rd. Plus he has a lot of health so you can clear whole teams with maybe 6 strong combo swings

    • Chris Patton

      Dang! Nice work!

    • Richie Foster

      grundy doesnt keep his 10xdamage after he heals.. if you heal him his attack power diminishes. i’ve seen it actually happen where he got all the way to 10x and when i self healed i went back to 5x

  • Chance m

    Sorry I meant to say I have a 28 h
    Grundy and he can do upwards of 1800 per swing and that’s even after I’ve healed him all the way up.

  • Rishav Kumar

    the red son pack of solomon, superman & wonder woman !!!

    • Ramraj Sakthivelprakash

      i got it two times

  • Saurav

    My team is any gold character, a bronze power drain character at elite V, and Darkseid. It makes the bronze better than most gold characters

  • RCA

    My team is Red Son Superman elite 7, because of his 25% power boost,
    John Stewert Green Lantern elite 7, because of emergency barrier,
    And Shazam elite 7, because of his amazing passive

  • NYR144

    I use what I like to call my demon team. It’s blackest night Batman, Raven and Scorpion. There is no real advantage. I just like having the team together. My go to deadly team is all Red Son Superman, Deathstroke and Solomon Grundy. I can’t wait to get Red Son Batman soon. Then I’ll drop Grundy and be in beast mode lol

  • Artifice14

    Animated Harley Quinn (20% damage and power regeneration), Wonder Woman 600 (30% damage and power regeneration to female characters), Wonder Woman Regime.

  • Richie Foster

    Im trying to figure out which team is the best team. alot of players have good passives that help themselves out. my old team used to include MOS superman+Martian manhunter+Doomsday

    overtime i realize no team offers as much perks as the Red Son team. Im currently using RS:Supes, RS:WW and RSGrundy.. i Dont really like Grundy because his basic attacks are probably the slowest in the game (slower than even martian manhunter) and he has that annoying delay after a heavy attack where he put the knives back in his back which leaves me open. but that 45% health increase is really helpful. I cant think of who to replace him with because there are no other red son characters that offer the health increase and if i switch out for Krypto Lex i loose not only 15% health but RS:Supes and RS:WW looses 25% damage and 15% power regen

    UGH!!! i just wish grundy was a little faster man..

    • Richie Foster

      screw it – i decided to take out WW and put in deathstroke, with his speed buff it makes grundy a little more tolerable. additionally, i discovered that not only does he have insane high attack power but his personal gear buffs it even further so as it were at level 30 his heavy hits for 7900.. imagine when he gets to lvl 50 :D

  • TMetalK

    How can you get containment doomsday?

    • qzqew

      Pack. The 150K pack. I don’t like him. I don’t usually lose to that character. Low life, low attack so even if he comes back to life 4 or 5 times with power boost I just go back and kill him with 1 super combo and one special 1 that’s how useless he is.

  • Adam Currier

    Scorpion,any Gold Batman, Regime Black Adam.
    Have not lost a single battle yet. All are lvl 3 elite

  • HuntTheHumans

    Love when I do Epic 5 battle and the 5th battle they match me up with characters that are impossible to beat. I have batman 6k power and 13k health that is my highest character. They match me up with three characters that hit for 10k power and have 15k health a piece. So my character does 200 damage while each of theirs do 700 damage. On top of that they generate power real fast. So when my first character gets up to 2 bars their whole team already unleashed their 2 bars which kills my characters even if I block them.

    • qzqew

      Well, 6 K attack is super low for a 5 epic. I usually use Raven Elite 1 level 50. About 10K for attack, Nightwing 52 level 50, elite IV and Joker level 50 elite IV. I love joker cause his super combos are one one the longest. Not the usual 3 hits combo. Used with basic boosters, critics and damage booster, I can lower a level 50 elite V or VI life to half with 4 successful combos. Just add 1 special 1 attack and the other character will switch lol. I win about 7/10 of most my epic 5 battles.

      • Atroox

        I do epic 5 battles all the time and win, my team is only raven lvl 44, superman lvl 30 elite 1, and animated harley lvl 48 elite 1. The highest attack I have on my team is harley, at 6583. But, I still win ;)

        • qzqew

          Well, what will your stats be with those? Raven is probably the life saver. I always use her when I’m fighting over 100K Health characters. So I’m sure that’s what makes a difference and even with that, in 10 consecutive epic 5 battles, you might only win 4. I say might.

          • Atroox

            Yeah, without raven I would be screwed for most battles but maybe half I could still win. And what possible way could a character have 100,000 hp? I thought batman arkham origins could get to like 90k and that was it.

          • qzqew

            Yes Raven is the best character in the game for me. Her passive is the best. I have her but with low stats. Level 50 elite 1. My friend, AO Batman in the last stages is like 220K hp. I believe so yeah, you will fight super high level players sometimes. Also the last level in challenges (nightmare I believe ) last characters Have Health way above 100K too.

  • Kunal

    Can anyone help me to defeat Raven(Normal) in online matches, I usually have good amount of health for my characters and then raven uses her passive (2 times life-drain) and i am defeated everytime, and this thing is really getting on my nerves.
    I normally use RSSM,RSWW,RSDS

    • qzqew

      The best way to kill her is through 1 powerful hit. Make sure her life is low but not too low. You should know when it’s low enough. Use superman. Either special 1, 2 or 3. Just make sure your specials are powerful. Don’t bother with combos. She will switch and kill you. I have her and I only use her against herself and it’s super easy.

      • Chris Patton

        Raven? Yes, it’s a good idea ro assign one of your fighters to her. I usually freeze her with KF and then tag-in AHQ to Power up quickly and take her out with an unblockable ;-)

  • Jaydon Chai

    An op team I have is The killing joke joker, Shazam and superman because you can let the opponent kill the joker meaning that Shazam and superman have full power enabling them to destroy everything espicially with Shazam’s passive