How to Build the Best iOS/Android Injustice Teams

The mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us has seen a number of characters and strategies added since WASDuk last reported on how to build the best teams. Exclusive characters like Darkseid altered how Bronze characters could be used and overly powerful bruisers like Boss Solomon Grundy are about to be offered in new Challenge Stages. Thus, grab your transponder and update yourself on how to form the best groups of card-fighters in the Injustice reality!

WASDuk Presents: How to Build the Best iOS/Android Injustice Teams

Most players, and especially “noobs”, have a difficult time advancing in the mobile version of Injustice because they do not pay attention to passive abilities right away. Each character or card-fighter in the mobile Injustice can add very useful team or individual statistical boosts. In addition, dealing as much damage as possible means that using unblockable moves is of the highest importance. This requires power generation because it allows card-fighters to fill their bars more quickly than your foes can. As a result, the following teams have been established as, perhaps, the most powerful and efficient in the game, though in no particular order:

Team 1: Arkham Origins Batman, Batgirl, Batman

photo 1

Arkham Origins Batman begins with full power bars and the team gets an additional 25% to all damage, even unblockables, from “Prime” Batman. Who will the other team sacrifice first?

Team 2: Regime Wonder Woman, Red Son Wonder Woman, 600 Wonder Woman

photo 2

Regime Wonder Woman generates power more quickly than any card-fighter in the game and she can unleash an unblockable after blocking about 10-12 strikes. This team doesn’t even have to use normal attacks.

Team 3: Red Son Superman, Red Son Deathstroke, Red Son Solomon Grundy

photo 3

The Red Sons triple each other’s special abilities: 75% to damage, 15% to speed, 45% to health, comrade!

Team 4: Containment Doomsday, Killing Joke Joker, Zod (Team Credit goes to Damon Shack)

photo 4

Fight with Containment Doomsday until he revives for the first time. Sacrifice Joker and repeat. Once they both die, Zod gets full power bars and a 40% boost to both health and damage.

The above teams may not be possible for brand new players to form as Red Son Deathstroke, Batgirl and 600 Wonder Woman were offered as unique Challenge Stage characters and cannot be obtained in random Gold Booster Packs. Nonetheless, pairing any Gold-level card-fighter with the proper support cards will allow any patient fighter to defeat every battle in the game. Below are “open” teams that every player, new or old, can purchase and assemble. While most players lament not being able to immediately use their favorite characters, it should be noted that various hacking groups exist on Facebook and one YouTube station in particular called HenxcinGaming offers outstanding video tutorials on strategies and Injustice news. Players eager to advance quickly should sign-up for the HenxcinGaming channel here.

Team 5: (Any Gold-level Card-Fighter), Arkham Harley Quinn, Insurgency Lex Luthor

photo 5

Lex and Harley add 50% to total team health. This boost will allow card-fighters like Lobo or Darkseid to let loose on unsuspecting victims!

Team 6: (Any Gold-level Card-Fighter), Regime Green Lantern, Regime The Flash

photo 1 (1)

Flash’s 15% team speed boost and GL’s 25% team power generation boost will allow any character to use many unblockables in every match. Card-fighters like Doomsday are nearly unstoppable with the Silver All-Stars in tow!

Veteran players will admittedly banter that other Silver and Bronze characters are highly useful but not listed as part of any of the latter teams. The above teams can be shuffled to suit what players consider advantageous and fun for their style. For instance, the Bronze-level Lex Luthor adds 15% to team damage, Insurgency Harley Quinn adds 10% to team damage, and New 52 Flash adds 5% to his team’s power generation. Persons should, therefore, experiment as often as possible.

Furthermore, an example of a wonderfully fun team created by Injustice genuis, Chuck Seeger comes by assembling Elseworlds Flash, Red Son Deathstroke, and Regime Flash. This “Speed Force” team receives a 20% speed boost and when Elseworlds Flash uses a level one special attack, then his attack speed can be increased by 15%. Elseworlds Flash can max out his personal speed boost at 45% by using his first special attack three times, and his advanced speed will aid him in generating power much more quickly. The final result is the potential to add 65% attack speed (Elsewrold’s personal 45% boost + the 20% team boost from Red Son Deathstroke and Silver Flash)!

Last, grinding out victories and fighting dirty are part of being a hero or villain. At times, especially during Challenge Stages, the computer’s teams can be given advanced, unfair stats. Players can counter by using the freezing glitches dealt by Silver Green Arrow and Superman. Their Freeze Arrow and Freeze Breath, respectively, can immobilize foes indefinitely and allow the rest of their team member’s to stand by and fill up their power bars.

Team 7: Superman, (Any Gold Card-Fighter), (Any Gold Card-Fighter)

photo 2 (1)

Superman must freeze his foe. Once she or he is immobilized, then do not strike her or him. Simply float there and let your team’s power bars fill. Tag out Superman so he can fill his and then unleash 3 unblockables on the other team.

Team 8: Silver Green Arrow,  (Any Gold Card-Fighter), (Any Gold Card-Fighter)

photo 3 (1)

Green Arrow must freeze his foe. Once she or he is immobilized, then do not strike her or him. Simply stand there and let your team’s power bars fill. Tag out Green Arrow so he can fill his and then unleash 3 unblockables on the other team.

Do you have teams that WASDuk has been negligent towards? Message us here and we may add them to the article with credit to your name.

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