iOS/Android Injustice Challenge Stage: Wonder Woman 600

The big four (Darkseid, Wonder Woman 600, Containment Doomsday, Boss Solomon Grundy) have seen two of their members finally make the jump to the non-hacked mobile arena. Last month’s Challenge Stage made every Bronze-level character better, as Darkseid’s passive ability grants his minions the largest damage and health boosts in the game. Now, for April, Wonder Woman 600 will make every female card-fighter more superior.

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Picture released by the official Injustice Facebook page

Wonder Woman 600: Challenge Stage Walkthrough

600 Wonder Woman’s Amazonian Fury adds 30% damage and 30% power generation to all female characters on her team. However, with such god-like abilities comes one hell of a Challenge Stage. Therefore, before you enter the arena make sure that you have the required cards ready to take-down Diana: Green Arrow, at least one Red Son character, and Harley Quinn.

Wonder Woman 600: Battle 1

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Screen by Chris Patton

Players must assemble teams using only Bronze card-fighters. The high of boosting them with Darkseid is gone, so choose the characters carefully. The first two rounds of the Challenge Stage are a breeze, and veteran Injustice swipers will not face any problems. However, the final Nightmare round will present many problems, as the computer will add a number of Silver and even Gold level heroes and villains to the teams you’ll face.

Therefore, assemble teams with strong passive abilities. For instance, New 52 Flash adds power generation to teams and Lex Luthor’s Advanced Power Source adds 15% increased damage. Most gamers who face problems in the Nightmare round aren’t using enough card-fighters that benefit teams, so keep the following ideas in mind:

1) Nightwing (takes 25% less damage), Green Arrow (adds 5% damage), Lex Luthor (adds 15% damage)

2) Solomon Grundy (revives once), Cyborg (Regenerates health when tagged out), New 52 Flash (adds 5% power generation)

Always keep an open-mind when team building. If your team gets knocked out, then realize that it happens to everyone. Change, substitute, and switch card-fighters as necessary.

Wonder Woman 600: Battle 2

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Screen by Chris Patton

The Silver level Green Arrow will benefit teams more than the Insurgency Green Arrow. For all three of the rounds, Green Arrow’s first level Freeze Arrow attack can immobilize the foes until all of his team’s power bars fill. In addition, because Green Arrow is the weakest link, consider two-character teams to crush the computer’s teams. In the ladder screen capture, Arkham Origins Batman (begins match with 2 power bars) and Batman (adds 25% increased damage) were far too tough. Batman’s Tactical Genius passive adds 25% damage to not only normal and heavy strikes, but to unblockable moves as well. If you are having difficulty with this round, then consider the following two-person teams.

1) Regime Wonder Woman (5% power generation for blocking), Red Son Wonder Woman (15% power generation)

2) Arkham Origins Batman (begins with 2 power bars), Batgirl (adds one power bar to each team member)

3) Martian Manhunter (can stun, power drain), Batman (adds 25% damage to all attack-types)

4) Doomsday (regenerates 50% health for knockouts), Regime Green Lantern (adds 25% power generation)

5) Any of the Red Sons: Deathstroke, Superman, Solomon Grundy

Wonder Woman 600: Battle 3

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Screen by Chris Patton

The only Bronze character one should consider using for this battle is Lex Luthor for his damage boost. Silver Characters deal far more damage and can dish out a number of special or unblockable attacks when assembled properly. While the team in the above screen capture rolled through the first two rounds easily, due largely to the 25% damage boost from the combined efforts of Lex and Harley, the final Nightmare stage is a different story.

For the final Nightmare stage, consider using Knightfall Bane. His Venom Overdose allows him to receive 150% increased power generation when his health drops below 40%. Even though he needs to take a beating to activate his passive ability, it will allow him to potentially release extra unblockables to turn the tides of close matches. Regime Green Lantern offers 25% incresaed power generation, and a useful third card-fighter can be selected from the following: Insurgency Harley Quinn (10% increased damage), Green Arrow (can freeze opponents), Insurgency Lex Luthor (25% increased health).

You can’t use Silver Raven. You just can’t.

Wonder Woman 600: Battle 4

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Screen by Chris Patton

Battle 4 is the easiest round of fights to get through. After you finish the first round, assemble one of the most dominant teams in the Injustice reality: Regime Wonder Woman, Red Son Wonder Woman, and 600 Wonder Woman.

This team may seem incredibly unfair, and there have been a lot of players arguing that Regime Green Lantern is a better fit than Red Son Wonder Woman, so pay attention.

Regime Wonder Woman is a female character so she generates 35% power for each blocked attack thanks to 600 Wonder Woman. Red Son Wonder Woman’s power generation is then raised from 15% to 45%. Overall. when factoring those two power generation bonuses, that comes to a whopping 80% increased power generation for every attack Regime Wonder Woman blocks. Regime Wonder woman can, therefore, fill a power bar by blocking 5-6 strikes. WHAT THE- WHAT?!

Furthermore, 600 Wonder Woman’s Amazonian Fury also adds 30% increased damage to all attacks, including unblockables. Trust your WASDuk, Red Son Wonder Woman with 30% extra unblockable damage dwarfs what a silly male in Regime Green Lantern brings to the table.

Consider these teams:

1) Regime Wonder Woman, Red Son Wonder Woman, 600 Woman

2) Red Son Superman, Red Son Deathstroke, Red Son Solomon Grundy

3) Darkseid, Red Son Wonder Woman, Red Son Solomon Grundy

4) Your favorite fighter + 2 Red Sons

Wonder Woman 600: Battle 5

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Screen by Chris Patton

The final battle will pit your team against 600 Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn must be a part of the fight. For the second play-through of the Challenge Stage, 600 Wonder Woman will be teamed with Red Son Wonder Woman, and the final Nightmare round will require gamers to defeat a full-team of Regime Wonder Woman, Red Son Wonder Woman, and 600 Wonder Woman.

The best skin of Harley to use is the Gold level Arkham Harley Quinn. Her passive Play Doctor ability adds 25% to health. The main problem with this theory is that most non-hackers will be forced to buy hundreds of Gold Booster Packs to get her to elite V. The Silver version of Harley adds increased damage, but the uber-Amazons will most likely kill her in one or two strike combinations. What to do?

1) Arkham Origins Batman, Batgirl, Arkham Harley Quinn

Theory: Get rid of Regime Wonder Woman via Arkham Origins Batman’s instant unblockable attack. She is the most powerful card-fighter in the game. Once she is eliminated, Red Son Wonder Woman and 600 Wonder Woman are slightly easier easier to knockout.

2) Man of Steel Superman, Power Generator (Red Son Wonder Woman, Regime Green Lantern, etc.), Arkham Harley Quinn

Theory: Get Man of Steel Superman’s power bars filled and roll the dice. Eventually, Man of Steel Superman’s passive ability will kick in and allow you to execute 3 unblockables in a row.

3) Regime Wonder Woman, 600 Wonder Woman, Arkham Harley Quinn

Theory: Just block and DO NOT attack with Regime Wonder Woman. Once her power bars fill, usually it takes about 12-18 strikes with 600 Wonder Woman’s boosts, unleash her unblockable and repeat until the other team dies. At the least, Regime Wonder Woman should be able to use 2-3 unblockables before she is either nearly dead or knocked out.

4) Superman, Batgirl, Arkham Harley Quinn

Theory: Freeze a foe with Superman’s level 2 breath attack. Fill up your power bars and unleash the unblockables. Regardless, the amazons will be powering up as well, so be very careful. If players use knockdown blows, then the computer is more likely to unleash level 2 special attacks; devastating.

No matter how you approach the final fight, just be sure you have the right song to celebrate female power! Hint: Girls by Beastie Boys is the right jammer.

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