iOS/Android Injustice: Tuesday’s Trinity (March 25th)

WASDuk brings you a large amount of coverage for your favorite DC/NetherRealm’s game. The primary reason is that the team strategies never stop evolving alongside new Challenge Stages each month and, also, the huge volume of fans that have made Injustice: Gods Among Us one of the greatest games in recent memory deserve a voice. Thus, every Tuesday (or so…) WASDuk’s Chris Patton will bring you 3, or a trinity composed of new or revolutionary tidbits of information about the superior iOS/Android version of Injustice.

3) Character News: Darkseid Has Risen… In Other Skins?

The Darkseid Challenge has expired and players are eagerly bantering about the next card-fighter to be added to the roster. Most fans seem to be rooting for the amazing health regeneration passive from Containment Doomsday, 600 Wonder Woman is in a close second because her passive that boosts female stats will make Regime Wonder Woman nearly invincible, and Boss Solomon Grundy will give fans 4 zombies (5 if you count Blackest Night Batman) before a Gold version of Catwoman or Green Arrow, or the other missing Injustice characters like Killer Frost, become available on mobile devices.

Overall, Darkseid yields the highest strength in the game. The god begins with a base stat-line of 1,050, while Arkham Origins Batman begins at 1,000. Darkseid’s health also matches Man of Steel Superman’s, Man of Steel General Zod’s, Zod’s, Superman’s, and Martian Manhunter’s health with a staggering 1,200. Will any card-fighter ever go above 1,200? One better believe that the Spectre could, but he is only a support card currently, so we won’t know until Injustice 2 is revealed. Will Spectre even be in it?


Screen by Chris Patton

The other interesting facet about Darkseid comes with a flip of a coin. On the one side, some fans have already begun complaining about how he is a refurbished or recycled skin. His unblockable I Am Many Things obviously combines elements from Martian Manhunter’s shape-shifting video, and Darkseid’s first special attack, called Omega Blast, is a mash-up of Superman’s heat-vision alongside other character abilities. In logic we call this a problem because it is a slippery slope. In short, fans figure out the “how” and complain that not much effort was put into the final product. Well, figuring out the “how” is fine, but WASDuk encourages everyone to sigh and simply say, “So what?”

If DC/NetherRealm’s continues to add the DC and Mortal Kombat characters fans are craving, then the developers must make some short-cuts. If they don’t, then Challenge Stages will only be provided once a year, and we die-hards can barely handle three weeks of waiting time. Therefore, on the other side of the coin, if Killer Frost is finally offered in a Challenge Stage, and her attacks resemble Green Arrow’s Freeze Arrow, then that is just f%^&ing awesome and s$%t-tastically great! Give us more characters! By the way, congratulations to everyone who figured out what moves were grafted onto Darkseid.

2) Team News: Darkseid’s Team Glitch is For the Mirror-Match ONLY!

photo (2)

Screen by Chris Patton

The above photo clearly shows the fantastic Darkseid glitch, which WASDuk broke last month here. Matthew Marria first discovered the glitch on February 18, 2014. In short, when a player enters the Mirror Match, found in the final iOS/Android Injustice battle stage, Darkseid’s passive ability doubles. Note the dual Darkseid symbols above Nightwing’s head in the ladder screen-shot. Matthew explained the glitch in the following Facebook message last month:


This raises the question as to how teams should be built around Darkseid. The consensus from most players is to team Darkseid with Bronze Lex Luthor and… somebody?

The Darkseid Challenge Stage teamed the evil god with Nightwing, because his damage reduction combined with Darkseid’s huge stats boost make him a force that can also power-drain. However, most other fans claim Bronze Deathstroke is the best option since he has the higher damage capabilities. Finally, another school of thought suggests that the New 52 Flash, whose passive increases power generation, is better than Nightwing or Deathstroke. What should players do?

photo 2

Screen by Chris Patton

Unfortunately, such teams are only useful in lower stages of the games than the final round and in the Mirror Match. The Bronze cards will have their strength and health boosted to that of about an elite III Silver card-fighter, but they can’t hang with the Red Sons or Arkham Origins Batman teams. Thus, use any of the ladder team combinations to roll through the Mirror Match. Then, experiment with using Darkseid as a primary fighter alongside better support teams.

For instance, team Darkseid with Red Son Wonder Woman and Red Son Solomon Grundy to increase his power generation and health even more. Team him with Red Son Deathstroke and Red Son Superman to add speed and damage. After all, Darkseid is a slow striker, and any card can land an easy set of blows after Darkseid’s first two punches are thrown. This striking pattern is very similar to Lobo’s one-block-and-then-strike shotgun loop-hole. Advanced speed may cover this weakness.

photo 1

Screen by Chris Patton

1) Rumors, Bloody Rumors

Yesterday, WASDuk broke the rumor about a future Arkham Asylum pack being added to the Injustice roster once the multiplayer feature debuts. This rumor hasn’t ceased its momentum. Our inside man or woman which, either way, is going by The Question (deep-throat was taken) sent us another email. The latest rumor suggests that a Gold version of Catwoman will be included in the pack. The photograph below is concept art from Antonio Hordista, so do not go crazy.


Concept Art by Antonio Hordista

However, the other cards that will be included in the pack are a mystery. WASDuk suggested Poison Ivy, Riddler, and Bane as the most likely card-fighters, though DC/NetherRealm’s hasn’t been shy towards their Batman skins. Will we get another Batman to celebrate DC’s new Gotham show? WASDuk will keep you updated as The Question continues to be all like a secretive sauce poured on a covert enchilada served by faceless waiters.

Until we get some firm information, check out these wonderful fan-art pieces and dream.


Concept Art by Antonio Hordista


Concept Art by Antonio Hordista


Concept Art by Kyle Baker

Kyle Baker

Concept Art by Kyle Baker

Son Goku

Concept Art by Antonio Hordista

Hey, did we forget to mention that Todd McFarlane is pushing to have Spawn added as a DLC character for Injustice Gods Among Us? We did? All of a sudden that Son Goku fantasy seems more possible.

998537_182486728593536_1752994517_n Chris Patton provides unparalleled coverage of iOS/Android Injustice: Gods Among Us. To read more articles about Injustice strategies, such as counting down who the best card-fighters in the game are, click here. Have a tip? Email him at, leave a message below, or troll him on Facebook.

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