Flappy Bird to Fly Again

In mid-February we at wasduk looked at the lessons learned from the widely reported Flappy Bird saga, and we rather cynically chalked the whole episode up to excellent marketing. Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen decided to remove his exceptionally popular game Flappy Bird just days after it was released on Android for rather mysterious reasons. We suggested that if he were to place Flappy Bird back on the market then he would find his bank balance explode more than it already had from the initial fifty million downloads and the subsequent twenty two million downloads when Nguyen announced that he was removing the game.

Not to justify our cynicism or anything, but yesterday Dong Nguyen announced on Twitter that Flappy Bird will indeed fly again…but not soon. Apparently the delay is down to the game’s continued development including the addition of a warning to gamers to take a break. Considering it took him just three days to create the game in the first place, one must wonder what additions Nguyen is actually making to justify making fans wait anything longer than a lunch break.

Nguyen has yet to elaborate on why he has made this sudden U-turn given that he removed the game for the apparently altruistic reason of saving gamers from wasting their time, but we are sure that it has absolutely nothing to do with the recent media coverage on how mobile game 2048 is already replacing Flappy Bird as the most addictive game available on mobile.

Either way the media has already started speculating on when Flappy Bird will return to grace our mobile screens and no doubt when the game goes back on the market there will be a rush to download it, ostensibly in case Nguyen changes his mind…again.

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