iOS/Android Injustice: Darkseid Challenge Stage Walkthrough (with new concept art from Antonio Hordista)

Darkseid advert

Photo by Chris Patton

The Challenge Stage for March has brought the seventh otherworldly, or alien character into the Injustice: Gods Among Us arena. While Martian Manhunter hails from Mars and Superman was sent to Earth from Krypton (also, Sinestro and Lobo and Hawkgirl and Zod are aliens), Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips. He is the first unique character (he is NOT a playable console character) to the iOS/Android version of the game, and his Empower Minions ability adds a 300% boost to both the damage and health of any Bronze level character on his team.

What do players need in order to add Darkseid to their decks?

Battle 1: Only Bronze Characters Are Allowed On Your Team

Battle 1

Photo by Chris Patton

Building a good Bronze team is a huge problem for most players. The Darkseid Challenge Stage begins with lower leveled Bronze card-fighters which, as the above picture shows, are below level 20. However, once the first play through ends, the Expert and Nightmare versions of the Challenge add both maxed out Bronze cards as well as Silver level characters. Since Gold level cards are the most powerful, a lot of players have not bothered to level-up either their Bronze or Silver characters. So, what does one do?

The best Bronze support cards are Lex Luthor and Green Arrow. They combine to give a 20% damage boost and their first special attack can also power drain. Team them with Nightwing, whose Hand-to-Hand Combatant passive reduces the damage he takes by 25%, and you have a pretty awesome team that will dominate the first two play-throughs of Darkseid’s Battles. If gamers find themselves losing close matches, then consider switching out Nightwing or Green Arrow for Deathstroke or Solomon Grundy. Deathstroke is the statistically strongest Bronze character, and Solomon Grundy must be killed twice, meaning that he can turn the tables of a close brawl.

Battle 2: Cyborg or Regime Cyborg Must On Your Team

Battle 2

Photo by Chris Patton

Players want to like Cyborg, but he does not add much to teams. His Bronze skin regenerates health more quickly when he is tagged out, and his Silver skin regenerates power at 150% the normal rate. If they are teamed with a freezer like “Prime” Superman or Silver Green Arrow, then Cyborg’s passive abilities can be very useful. In normal rounds, Cyborg should only be used as a last resort once their power bars are filled.

However, be sure to build teams using strong Gold level characters. The computer’s teams will primarily consist of Bronze and Silver card-fighters, so a one-two punch of Arkham Origins Batman and “Prime” Batman will be more than enough to send all the foes to Arkham. Other great one-two punches are Regime Wonder Woman and Red Son Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Arkham Origins Batman, or Red Son Superman and Red Son Deathstroke. Such teams will dominate every round of this Challenge Stage.

 Battle 3: Only Bronze Or Silver Characters Are Allowed On Your Team

Battle 3

Photo by Chris Patton

Similar to Battle 1, this Battle, especially on the Nightmare version, can seem impossible. As a result, choose your cards wisely. Wonder Woman’s Olympian Strength can add up to 150% damage to any special attack. Therefore, teaming her with Insurgency Harley Quinn and “Prime” Lex Luthor can make her a TANK by adding 25% to her overall damage.

If normal TANKs like Wonder Woman or Doomsday wilt under Darkseid’s anti-life equation, then add the best Silver cards in the game to your teams. Silver Green Arrow’s Freezing Arrow attack will immobilize foes indefinitely. If you can freeze an opponent, then DO NOT attack them. Simply let your power bars fill and then tag in your fighters to release their unblockables one by one. The best Silver team is, perhaps, Green Arrow, Regime Green Lantern (25% to power generation), and Insurgency Lex Luthor (25% to health).

 Battle 4: Catwoman Or Regime Catwoman Must Be On Your Team

Battle 4

Photo by Chris Patton

Yes, a clear pattern has been established, because the same theories for finishing Battle 2, where Cyborg must be on your team, are applicable here as well. Catwoman is one of the weakest cards in the game, and she will be a huge detractor to your team during the Nightmare Battles. Therefore, keep a two-person team in mind for this stage. Catwoman should only enter the fight out of desperation. Doomsday is very useful, as he regenerates 50% of his health with each kill, and Martian Manhunter can stun, power drain, and cause long-term damage to eliminate multiple enemies. Choose wisely!

Battle 5: Black Adam Must Be On Your Team

darkseid final match chuck seeger

Photo by Chuck Seeger

Darkseid, considered an evil god, wants to face-off against one of Earth’s former gods and the emperor of Teth: Black Adam. Injustice player Chuck Seeger used a team of Regime Black Adam, Red Son Deathstroke, and Arkham Origins Batman to defeat Nightwing and Darkseid. Players should be very careful during this Nightmare team-up. Darkseid’s first level special attack strikes multiple times and it is hard to block, as he gives no warning before it’s use. In addition, Nightwing takes 25% less damage from you, and his damage and health are increased by 300% thanks to Darkseid’s use of him as a minion. IF you add Darkseid to your deck, then you won’t be disappointed. Darkseid lives up to his reputation as one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe!

Don’t forget to buy your support cards:

Granny Goodness

Photo by Chris Patton


Photo by Chris Patton

Big Barda

Photo by Chris Patton

Finally, the console characters Zatanna, Killer Frost, Ares and Shazam still remain as future mobile Challenge Stages. Also, 600 Wonder Woman, Containment Doomsday and Boss Solomon Grundy are lingering, so DC/NetherRealms has given players at least another 6 months of playable Challenges. Whether or not future unique characters, which were once support cards like Darkseid and J’onn were, will be added to the iOS/Android version of Injustice is the current elephant in the room. Hopefully, DC/NetherRealms won’t let fans down. The following characters are all currently used as support cards and the Injustice faithful deserve to fight alongside them all:

Alfred, Oracle, Natas, Black Canary, Sinestro Corps, Poison Ivy, Zeus, Guardians, Lantern Corps, Isis, Sensei Dragoncat, James Gordon, Birds of Prey, Ursa, Non, Lor-Zod (aka Nightwing), Arella, Trigon, Kilowog, Hanzo Hasashi (from Mortal Kombat), Granny Goodness, Lashina, Big Barda, Bizarro, Power Girl, Supergirl, Riddler, Gorilla Grodd, Dr. Fate, Brainiac, Ra’s Al Ghul, Spectre, Swamp Thing, Parallax, Talia Al Ghul, Black Mantis, Starfire, Ravager, Hawkman, and Tim Drake (aka Robin).

Contingently, we may see something like this wonderful fan art from Antonio Hordista. Do you want to see a cross-over with Marvel characters, similar to how Scorpion crossed-over from Mortal Kombat? Check it!


Art by the phenomenal Antonio Hordista


Art by the phenomenal Antonio Hordista

she hulk

Art by the phenomenal Antonio Hordista


Art by the phenomenal Antonio Hordista


Art by the phenomenal Antonio Hordista


Art by the phenomenal Antonio Hordista


998537_182486728593536_1752994517_n Chris Patton provides unparalleled coverage of iOS/Android Injustice: Gods Among Us. To read more articles about Injustice strategies, such as counting down who the best card-fighters in the game are, click here. Have a tip? Email him at, leave a message below, or troll him on Facebook.

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  • Markoslocos

    Holy sheeeeeeeeat, I am STRUGGLING on this Nightmare portion of the challenge!!! I still have 1 fight left & saw who I’m facing w/ radiation I just had to walk away for awhile…that regeneration stage was a BEAST…probably took me between 20 to 30 fights to beat it, then the slower power gain stage took me probably 10 to 15. I tell ya, if Regime Nightwing were in the same room as me while I was going thru that Regeneration stage I would’ve SHANKED him, no problem or no worries about jail time. I’m glad that they’ve made the challenges tougher, but I tell ya better not have small children around me during nightmare mode unless you want f-bombs to be the main staple of their vocabulary!
    So far I’ve had success with Regime Grundy, Lex Luther & The Flash…I’ve been sending in my other cards 1st until whoever I’m fighting has their 1st special almost full & then I tag in Grundy to take the hits, tag them back in until it fills again, rinse & repeat till other players have filled up. I usually just let my opponent just hit me with regular strikes & try & block any specials to let their energy go up faster while taking the least damage. I really wish I had some more alliance credits, it seems like they’re trying to make the challenges harder to compensate for everyone that’s maxed out on health & hit power from the Alliance credits…I deleted my Facebook account & so I only get Alliance credits from the daily log in bonus(I’ve gotten the 3 & 4% hit bonuses and the 3% health bonus so far…trying to save up to get the 7% outta the way with 28 alliance credits right now). I freaking hate Facebook, but it looks like I’ll need to get back on there, especially if that’s gonna be key when we start going head to head (Highlander-”there can only be one!!!” lol). Anyways, if anyone has any tips on Alliance credits I’d appreciate it. Party up.

    • Chris Patton

      Marko! Yes, this Nightmare Challenge seems to be the hardest yet. Darkseid is a muttafookin monster @_@

  • Random123

    For the bronze team suggestions I would also suggest flash. Between his high attack and high attack speed I blaze through enemies. My lv 32 flash (need to level my bronze cards more) at elite 5 can solo normal challenge difficulty in 9 seconds. And on expert (I am not good enough for nightmare) can solo most battles in a minute to a minute 20 seconds. My 2 other teammates are the ones you suggested and I agree with lex and arrow for an awesome 20% boost.

    • Random123

      Actually I made a huge error. I can solo expert in 20 seconds to a minute at the worst usually with flash

  • Anthony

    For the first stage of the Challenge, I would suggest using Deathstroke instead of Green Arrow. I used to use GA, for the damage boost obviously, but switching him out for someone with substantially more power makes a difference. GA might add to the power of the team, but he’s so weak himself he’s frustrating.

  • Ryan

    Is it me or is Darkseids super move under powered? Just over 8k damage maxed out for an elite 1 level 28. The second move does that much damage as a minimum, bug?

    • Chris Patton

      Dear Ryan, His super or unblockable may be watered down since he has the highest stats in the game. They did the same to Regime Wonder Woman because her passive is so dominant. Get Darkseid to elite V and see how it plays out though, my friend.

      • Jam

        It’s a bug guys. At least for me it is. On my maxed out darkseid his supermove damage says 24 thousand on it(he is level 40 elite v) but in reality he does 60 thousand. He’s an absolute monster. That bug has happened before with like lobo and I can’t remember who else.

    • Random123

      Would like to note that darkseid has the same glitch as many challenge heroes before him: his toolbit shows the incorrect damage

      • Bryan

        I just maxxed out Darkseid to Elite 5, and maxxed up all his powers.
        I also bought the support character cards.

        His stats are:
        Damage: 24,486
        Health: 46,464
        Omega Blast: 8,080-16,160
        Fires of Apokolips: 24,241-48,482
        I Am Many Things: 24,241

        I haven’t yet tested out his super move, but I really hope its just a glitch! I wonder what his actual super move damage stat is.

        • Random123

          Yup this happens on almost every challenge character. The super move displays incorrect damage on the card, but not when used. Mine says 4k (lv 20 no elite), but actually does around 8k

    • Steven

      I upgraded my darkseid to level elite 2; on the back of the supermove card, it said that it did 4,834 damage when it was not maxed out, but when i actually used it, it did 16,000 damage.
      Might be a glitch, idk

  • Macca1994

    Got both DARKSEID and batman AO level 40 and elite 4 was just wondering which one is worth making elite V first

    • Jam

      Arkham origins. His special ability is worth it.

  • Markoslocos

    I love Darkseid as a character & I’ve been really pulling for him to come out in the game. That being said, it saddens me to say that I feel there are more useful characters in the game. Only 300% increase to bronze characters??? That barely puts them higher than silvers & they can’t hold their own with most Golds for very long. Not as cool as advertised…unless you’re in a situation like this last challenge & you use him & the bronze cat woman for the catwoman on your team stage cuz she’s better than silver. He has a situational passive…cool idea but has nothing on the Red Son’s (except Red Son DS’ s…not real strong passive), Doomsday and definitely not Batman’s (except Beyond & Insurgency). Now here’s a way to build onto the idea: make each bronze on Darkseid’s team gain 300% PER bronze on his team! Could you IMAGINE how that would open the game up with possibilities??? You’d have bronze characters that could play with Gold & it would really open it up!
    Anyways…to answer your question Macca1994, do AO Batman…that dude is a BEAST!!! Pair him up with Batgirl & Regular Batman & it’s ALL DAY LONG…which I’m sorry to say is not the case with Darkseid & a team of minions…it’s fun, especially a team with Lex Luther, Nightwing & Darkseid, but AO Batman brings too much power to the table, especially as quickly as he does with the 2 bars of energy to start off. Party up & good luck!

    • Kae Els Day

      I have not been playing all that long, but I disagree in part about Darkseid. I see him as allowing you to get beyond obtaining your first few gold cards and running them to 40 then starting the grinding up through elite upgrades for them. It is PRICEY to get those upgrades; especially compared to what can be done for a MUCH lower cost with bronze cards now. Ultimately you will leave all that behind (I can only guess at this point about that), but now grinding out the gold for all those additional Red Son packs just got a LOT easier…

      • Markoslocos

        I agree with you on the point that for players that are just starting out/not very far along in the game that Darkseid is their new best friend. My original comment for this post is from the point of view as far as the recently released top gold character ranks go. If you’re trying to build up your team, Darkseid is the man. If you’re trying to DOMINATE the game after having most of your gold characters @elite5 level40 I was just disappointed that Darkseid doesn’t provide as much as I hoped, especially considering how awesome of a character he is in the comics and cartoons. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still cool, powerful & I have some fun teaming him with bronze Lex & Nightwing on some of the last stage fights, it’s just I had the expectation that he would make a huge push to be the very best in the game. Oh well, on to the next match.

    • Steven

      it’s actually not true… darkseid’s passive is good sometimes.
      when i use darkseid and pair him up with bronze nightwing and lex luthor (both elite V), nightwing is made a god basically, he does 450 damage per heavy hit, and lex luthor ups his attack by 15% while nightwing’s passive allows him to take 25% less damage.
      It’s quite useful… nightwing is unstoppable

  • Mike

    I have Adam at level 4 Gold and I use Green lantern level 3 silver + batman insurgency level 2 with him, is it possible to defeat expert mode Darkseid, can anyone tell how much minimum rank I need for my heroes.

    Also I agree with everyone else about Darkseid passive, its next to useless, since in challenge mode if there is a challenge where u need bronze characters then condition is usually to use only bronze and silver then whats the use of his power when u never get to use him.

    • Random123

      Usually I find in challenge mode I need elite 1-2 gold cards who are level 20 plus so I would say no. Also on dark’s passive it is very good. My lv 32 elite 5 flash goes from 3.6k attack to over 9k attack. So basically up to the power of an elite 2 gold card and he still can get stronger!

      • Mike

        What I meant was Black Adam is elite level 4 at level 40.
        Green lantern is elite level 3, level 38 and batman insurgency is elite level 2, level 38.
        so I guess the levels are pretty good, recently i got Red son superman also elite level 1, level 29.

        But in Darkseid battle the supers are blocked and it also has chaos (random call to allies), so don’t know who to choose and how to finish his 96000 health ????

        • zjq10

          Mike – the Darkseid challenge has been extremely difficult. I finally finished it yesterday. I’m unsure if you are asking about the 2nd time through or the 3rd time through.

          For the 3rd time through it was only possible with Batman lvl 40 elite 4 Superman Regime lvl 40 elite 4 Black Adam lvl 40 elite 5. I think that in the grand scheme of things the lvls and elites are less significant than the fact that Batman and Superman Regime’s 2nd move needs to be maxed out. Superman Regime’s 2nd move is unblockable and with Batman it goes up another 25% and then when Superman’s health is at 40% or less, he does another +50%. At lvl 40 elite 4 his maxed out 2nd move does about 40,000 damage. That should more than be able to kill the 96,000 health Darkseid and that is the combination I suggest for the 3rd time through when Darkseid’s health is 167,000. In the scheme of things if Black Adam can kill Lex Luthor then you only need Batman and Superman to do their 2nd move 3-4 times + whatever damage they can do in basic melee attacks. Also – block a lot. Darkseid deals a lot of damage in the final level.

          Hope that helps.

          • Mike

            Thanks a lot friend, this really is a good strategy, however I do not have enough credits to level up these characters. I am openings only gold booster packs and haven’t been that lucky, I just skip the battle for 60000 in expert mode, seemed much easy to me that accumulating all those credits for levelling up.
            I guess I will try these characters in next challenge if I can level them up in time :).
            Thanks again for your descriptive reply.

  • jeremiah

    She hulk sub zero and wolverine? Are they available from challenges and if they are when can I do them?

    • Chris Patton

      No, these are fan art pieces, so they are not available, sorry @_@