iOS/Android Injustice: Ranking the Gold Cards (#’s 1-10)

Click here to read about numbers 11-15. Click here to read about numbers 16-20. Read about numbers 21-25 here. Read about numbers 26-31 here.

With only 1 day left until the Batgirl Challenge Stage finishes, Injustice fanatics are eagerly awaiting the news of which new character(s) will become available in March. Lots of players are guessing that it will be 600 Wonder Woman, but DC/NetherRealms has tricked everyone before. Nonetheless, WASDuk has been listening and collecting your comments so that the Gold card rankings can be adjusted with every new character. Today, we bring you the top ten card-fighters in the game… so far!

10. Batgirl

photo 1 (1)

Photo by Chris Patton

Batgirl didn’t hold much regard from fans initially, but her exoskeleton of a bat-suit, her powerful strength, high health, and team benefits have made her a favorite. Her Tactical Advantage ability makes her the perfect side-kick to Arkham Origins Batman, who can use an instant unblockable when they are on the same team. Even if they are separated, Barbara can make any team better by giving everyone a power bar. In addition, her fighting style and damage stats can bring some of the biggest guns in the game, like Superman, to his knees.

The addition of Batgirl also allowed comic book fans the opportunity to get revenge. In The Killing Joke comic arc, the Joker paralyzed Barbara Gordon and she was unable to continue her career as Batgirl. Instead, she became Oracle and operated as both a spy as well as a black-market intelligence source for Batman and his scattered regents. Furthermore, in a 2006 interview with Wizard magazine, writer Alan Moore was very critical regarding his decision to cripple Barbara Gordon: “I asked DC if they had any problem with me crippling Barbara Gordon – who was Batgirl at the time – and if I remember, I spoke to Len Wein, who was our editor on the project…[He] said, ‘Yeah, okay, cripple the bitch.’ It was probably one of the areas where they should’ve reined me in, but they didn’t.”

Suggested “Killing Joke” Team: Arkham Origins Batman / Batgirl / The Killing Joke The Joker

Execute an instant unblockable and, then, tag in The Killing Joke The Joker. When he gets knocked out, both Batgirl and Arkham Origins Batman receive full power bars to instantly deliver two more unblockables.

9. Batman

photo 2

Photo by Chris Patton

Outside of Red Son Superman, no single card will help your team’s strength as much as “Prime” Batman. Tactical Genius adds 25% damage to each of his team members, and his second level special attack strikes four times which, in certain matches, can wipe out every card-fighter on the other team. Batman is also one of the rarest cards in the iOS/Android Injustice in that all three of his special attacks are useful. His first level special attack stuns, the second level strikes four times, and his unblockable deals huge damage. Like Batgirl, he both makes teams better and he can hold his own in any battle.

Listen: “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” -Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight-

Suggested Team: Martian Manhunter / Batman / Red Son Superman

J’onn can stun, power drain, or cause mental health damage. Add 50% damage to the Martian Manhunter and he’ll be even more of a handful. Also, Red Son Superman’s second level attack strikes three times. This team simply causes mass amounts of damage.

8. The Killing Joke The Joker

photo 3

Photo by Chris Patton

While Batman plans and benefits teams, the Joker reigns through sadistic chaos. Seriously, what team is not vehemently more nightmarish when this Joker skin is on it? Granted, he is always used as some sort of sacrificial lamb, but once he goes down the remaining cards on his team regenerate their power bars fill as well. If 600 Wonder Woman is the next card-fighter, and if her massive passive can make Regime Wonder Woman even more unstoppable, then imagine what would happen if you managed to get the Diana’s health bars to very low-levels and The Killing Joke The Joker tagged in. Beating 600 Wonder Woman and Regime Wonder Woman when they have even more unblockables to unleash seems more daunting than anybody seems to have realized thus far.

Listen: “Come here. Hey! Look at me. So I had a wife, beautiful, like you, who tells me I worry too much. Who tells me I ought to smile more. Who gambles and gets in deep with the sharks… look at me! One day, they carve her face. And we have no money for surgeries. She can’t take it. I just want to see her smile again, hmm? I just want her to know that I don’t care about the scars. So… I stick a razor in my mouth and do this…”

-Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight-

7. Red Son Superman

photo 4 (1)
Photo by Chris Patton

Similar to all the Batman versions, many Superman card-fighters populate the iOS/Android Injustice reality. Superman’s primary weakness is that he is slower than most other fighters. This weakness is often exposed when other cards throw mid-range punches to the stomach. Superman cannot, for some reason, block them. This is somewhat compensated for by both his gigantic strength stats and level 3 special attacks being unblockable. Regime Superman even has a level 2 unblockable move when he unleashes his heat vision (A huge shout out to Jace Roldan from the Facebook group iOS Injustice Players for the Superman information!).

But, what makes the Red Son Superman so much more useful than Regime Superman is that his special ability mirrors and exceeds Batman’s. If no other Red Son cards are on your team, then he gives a 25% damage boost. But, if he teams with two other Red Son card-fighters, then this damage boost explodes to 75%.

Superman fans who want to cover his above weaknesses can team him with Red Son Deathstroke, who provides speed boosts. Pair him with Red Son Solomon Grundy for a health boost, or with Red Son Wonder Woman for a power generating boost.

Even if players get a single Red Son Superman card randomly, pair him with Batman to create a 50% damage boost. Fill the last team slot with the Silver Flash card to add a speed boost, and this comrade will take down anyone.

Listen: “I offered them Utopia, but they fought for the right to live in Hell.”
-Mark Millar, Superman: Red Son-

6. Red Son Wonder Woman

photo 3 (1)

Photo by Chris Patton

Characters who provide power generation bonuses are simply invaluable. And while the Regime Green Lantern card offers more of a bonus to team power generation, Red Son Wonder Woman has much better stats, and her By the Gods attack strikes three times. Keeping the Red Son cards from the booster pack together will raise Diana’s power generation to an unparalleled 45%. She is, so far, the best power generation booster in the game.

The Red Son card-fighters also hold a soft-spot in WASDukian hearts, as the comic it is based on is absolutely fantastic. In the Superman: Red Son reality, Wonder Woman served as an ambassador to Superman’s Soviet Union and she falls in love with him. When Superman becomes a dictator, Wonder Woman raises an army to overthrow him, but he defeats her and her army. In the DC Universe, the events of Superman: Red Son take place on Earth-30.

Therefore, while J’onn is one of the most unique brawlers in the game, Red Son Wonder Woman is, perhaps, the most unique Gold-level support card in the game.

Listen: “Wonder Woman is lame. She flies around in an invisible jet, but she’s not invisible. I don’t get it.” -Megan Fox-

Listen: “Megan Fox is lame. She rides around in a Transformer, but she’s not transformable. I don’t get it.” -WASDuk’s Chris Patton-

5. Martian Manhunter

photo 4
Photo by Chris Patton

J’onn J’onzz made his comic debut in 1953 and his powers are a myriad of trouble for any evil-doer. He has been described as a combination of Superman and Batman because he can read minds and uses his super strength when necessary. Do not forget about his shape-shifting capabilities, which are on full display during his unblockable attack.

The Martian Manhunter Challenge Stage was a welcome relief for the iOS/Android Injustice because he was far more unique than most of the card-fighters we had seen. He puffed out his chest when stationary, his heavy combo attack was a lunging barrage that remains very hard to counter, and his regular combo can stun, drain power, or cause mental damage over time. As a result, he is one of the most dominant and unique first fighters in the game, regardless of whether or not boosters are being used.

Listen: “No, not me Superman… It’s the entire universe that will have to pay the price of your failure! I warned you that you were dealing with forces beyond your comprehension… but you were too overconfident… too egotistical… to listen!”

-J’onn J’onzz, New Earth (DC Comics)-

4. Doomsday

photo 5

Photo by Chris Patton

Doomsday regenerates 50% health for every player he knocks out. Even if a foe gets a leg up on Doomsday, he still holds the chance to recover. Can any other card-fighter do that on his or her own?

The only shortcoming for Doomsday is that his heavy combo hits twice, as opposed to the standard three to four strikes of most other characters. That is not a lot to quibble about as his high stats allow him to take a beating, which generates more power bars, so that he can contingently unleash his unblockable and be near or at full health to fight again. Pair Doomsday with any power generation booster and he can single-handedly annihilate nearly every team in the game.

Listen: “All you need to know is that I will get free, and I will kill you.” -Doomsday, Justice League: Unlimited-

Suggested “Power Generation” Team: Doomsday / Regime Green Lantern / Red Son Wonder Woman

Suggested “Challenge Stage” Team: Doomsday / The Killing Joke The Joker / (Required Challenge Character)

Both of the above teams compliment Doomsday’s health regeneration. The faster he can deliver unblockable attacks the more quickly he can restore his health.

3. Red Son Deathstroke

photo 5 (1)
Photo by Chris Patton

photo 1As Mike Sisco noted, even if Red Son Deathstroke is not flanked by strength boosters, such as Batman (25% to damage) and Bronze Lex Luthor (15% to damage), his melee hits during the Contract Killer attack add up to 72,104 in damage. Furthermore, when he is teamed with strength boosters, then this calculation glitch that Slade unleashes is an unparalleled 103,652 in total damage. Seeing as how this attack can knock out multiple opponents, or annihilate the boosted stats of Nightmare opponents in Challenge Stages, Red Son Deathstroke lives up to his status as one of the most deadly villains in all of comic-book and fighting game history.

Listen: “Apparently Joker’s afraid of me. Wouldn’t let me out. Good. I don’t like having my time wasted.”

-Deathstroke, Batman: Arkham Origins (2013)-

Suggested “Glitch Damage Team” from Mike SiscoRed Son Deathstroke / Batman / Bronze Lex Luthor

Suggested “Speed Force” TeamRed Son Deathstroke / Red Son Superman / Regime Flash

The “Glitch Damage” team adds 40% to damage so that Red Son Deathstroke’s level 2 special attack can knock out anybody, except those annoying enhanced characters in the Nightmare battles for Challenge Stages. The “Speed Force” team gets 25% to speed and 50% damage from Red Son Superman. It is more expensive than the “Glitch Damage Team” though both teams allow Deathstroke to deal 75,000 to over 100,000 in damage.

2. Arkham Origins Batman

photo 1

Photo by Chris Patton

I wrote the following about Arkham Origins Batman last year on November 4th:

“The big news is a new, clearly established ‘Alpha-Dog,’ who is the Arkham Origins Batman card-fighter. Since the iOS Injustice game was released, the Superman card-fighters had topped the charts in terms of statistical strength… Arkham Origins Batman holds a level 1 strength of 1,000 and a health level of 1,150, which dwarfs Superman’s strength and is only 50 points lower in total health. As a result, this hulking version of Batman has a ton of damage to throw around… The special ability of Arkham Asylum Batman starts him (NOT his team) off in any match with 2 full power bars. Add Batgirl, whose special ability adds 1 power bar to every character on her team, and players can start every match with full power. Add the normal Batman card-fighter in as the last team member and he will boost his team’s damage by 25%. Therefore, this team enhances Arkham Asylum Batman’s strength even further and it also allows players to use an unblockable move instantly.”

Listen: “You’re beginning to get the idea, Clark. We could have changed the world…now…look at us…I’ve become a political liability…and…you…you’re a joke. I want you to remember, Clark…in all the years to come…in your most private moments…I want you to remember…my hand…at your throat…I want…you to remember…the one man who beat you.”
-Frank Miller, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns-

Suggested “Killing Joke” Team: Arkham Origins Batman / Batgirl / The Killing Joke The Joker

Suggested “Trinity” Team: Arkham Origins Batman / Red Son Superman / Regime Wonder Woman

1. Regime Wonder Woman

photo 2 (1)

Photo by Chris Patton

This is the most feared warrior in all of the iOS Injustice reality (Containment Doomsday and 600 Wonder Woman are NOT available yet). Her Shield of the Gods ability gives her power generation for every blocked attack. Team her either with her Red Son version and Red Son Solomon Grundy, or with the health boosters of Silver Lex Luthor and Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn, and she can easily beat every team in the game, even the dreaded and overly-powered Regime Wonder Woman in the last match.

Players should realize that when she allies with either of the support teams above (the same goes for any Gold card-fighter you cherish: Regime Superman, J’onn, Arkham Asylum Batman, etc.), that all she has to do is block. Do not attack! Allow the enemies to fuel her special attacks and, then, unleash them. The last word is that no fighter parallels Regime Wonder Woman’s usefulness and skill set. Her mix of long-range attacks (level 1 shield throw) and mid-range attacks (level 2 shield bash) make her the true Queen of not only the Amazons, but Earth’s people as well. Her dominance cannot be emphasized enough!

Listen: “If you break your vow, no magic in the universe will save you from me.” -Wonder Woman, Justice League-

Suggested “Future Amazons” Team: Regime Wonder Woman / 600 Wonder Woman / Red Son Wonder Woman

Suggested “Overthrow Comrade Superman” Team: Regime Wonder Woman / Red Son Wonder Woman / Red Son Solomon Grundy

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  • Markoslocos

    I’m throwing together a team of AO Batman, Batgirl & Regime Superman…that trick & whatever fools wanna roll with her are going down…Down. DOWN I SAY!!!

    • Chris Patton

      That is an awesome team, my friend!

  • Markoslocos

    Ok, I’ve really not played with Regime Wonder Woman & I just ran thru the last stage of the game with a team of her, RS WW & Regime GL…I must say that it’s pretty unfair how quickly power gets generated…pretty much at unblockable by the time the computer is at 1st move…she can be queen, not ready to make her ruler though. I’ll fight some more with her.

    • Chris Patton

      Good to hear, Mark! WASDuk loves her unique style, but we will be taking all comments into account in order to update and rearrange the list with each new character. Are you excited about 600 WW? She will make the ladies much more invincible @_@

  • Dan

    RS Superman boost is only to basic attacks, not specials. 75% basic attack boost only with other RS < 25% all damage boost by yourself, so I think Batman tops him. Just my opinion.

    • Chris Patton

      Dan, we will quote you when we rearrange the list in the next few days. That is a valid point!

  • kirksland

    Good list. Believe that reason Death Strike is a tad high considering his relatively low health and Reds on Superman is a bit low considering his high strength and health stats in addition to his strength boost, similarly Batman prime is also a bit lower than I would have had him. Killing Joker is only useful.if his teammates are good so again for me a little high.
    Good job though.

    • Chris Patton

      Hey, Kirkland! WASDuk is committed to rearranging the list based on comments every time a new character is released, so we’ll keep that in mind.

  • zjq10

    Chris – first I have got to say that I always enjoy reading your articles. It’s a lot of fun to read about the game and you do a good job helping forge an Injustice mobile community.

    I play on iOS and have only been playing since Scorpion so I was very pleased that I had some of the characters in your top 10. But I don’t have the two that sound the most interesting – RSDS and the Martian. I was wondering:

    1) Is there a shot that RSDS comes to iOS? Am I right that he has only been on Android so far? Do you think there’s a chance that if the rumored Red Son Batman and Red Son Green Lantern come out that they would replace/create a new Red Son pack?

    2) Is there a shot that they repeat challenges? Especially for someone like Martian Manhunter? Since Batgirl is a repeat it got my hopes up that they might weave in some of the older characters that didn’t have repeatable challenges in with the new characters 600 WW, etc.


    • Chris Patton

      Hi, Z! You are awesome and I’m glad you like the articles. For numbers 1 and 2, there are no plans as of yet for repeats, but NRs might do it. Once we published the Glitch on RSDS a ton of people cried out for him. Again, no plans as of yet, so a repeat Challenge would be 4 months away at the earliest. IF at all. The Green Lantern and Batman Red Son versions will come at some point, but NRs is still developing them and getting the bugs ironed out. Sigh.

      • zjq10

        Thanks Chris. I assumed that’s what you’d say. Too bad!

  • Kae Els Day

    Always really enjoy the article here! Anyway, I am pretty new to the game though I have managed to recently grind out the Red Son pack on Android. (Nowhere near it yet on IOS.) If anyone could help me understand RS WW’s second attack I sure would appreciate it; I have no idea what to do when those fists pop onto the screen for the first half of it.

    • Chris Patton

      Simply tap the fists, which will raise the damage to 150%, then finger tap to increase the damage even more. It is similar to Silver Catwoman’s level 2 special.

    • Chris Patton

      Hi, Kae! Simply tap the circles once, and in order, and they raise damage boosts. Then, tap the last circle to build the damage even more. The three strikes are fairly lethal and can knock two fighters.

  • Kirksland

    My current first team is the Red Son team (All E2 L40), the established first two members of my second team is Batman and Regime Wonder Woman (Also L40 E2). Who is the best option for the 3rd member of that team to start to elite, L40 Doomsday or L40 Red Son Deathstroke?

    I play on Android.

    • Chris Patton

      Go with Deathstroke since he benefits teams. Develop a new team around Doomsday, like Doomsday/Regime GL/Killing Joke Joker.

  • kirksland


    Also got Aquaman Prime from the shop and he is quite useful. Fast with good stats, especially health with good specials. He will join WWR and bats on team 1A.

    Team 1
    Red Son Team

    Team 1A
    Regime Wonder woman, Batman, Aquaman

    Team 3
    Doomsday, Zod, Regime Green Lantern

    Team 4
    Red Son Deathstroke, Regime Raven, Ark ham Hatley Quinn

    Team Bronze
    Darkseid, Nightwing, Lex Luthor/ Cyborg

    • Chris Patton

      Nice teams, my friend! I would definitely keep Lex on that team for the damage boost!

  • Kirksland

    Aquaman’s passive is quite useful, very useful actually and actually so is Darseid’s and he too is a beast.

    I personally still don’t have Batgirl of AO Batman, but from what I have read, these would be the best teams in the game without repeating cards.

    Red Son Superman, Red Son Wonder Woman, Red Son Solomon Grundy

    Arkham Origins Batman, Batgirl, Batman Prime

    Regime Wonder Woman, Regime Green Lantern, Arkham Harley Quinn

    Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Red Son Deathstroke

    The best Characters

    01. Red Son Superman: By some distance the strongest character in the game and teamed with his fellow Red Sons his stats are off the charts

    02. Regime Wonder Woman: The obvious, with a good support team she is a one woman wrecking crew

    03. Batman: Powerful multi hit second special, brilliant passive strength boost that extends to specials and makes everyone in the team better, good speed, strength (875) and health stats as well.

    04. Darkseid: Off the charts stats and at least the first copy being free are the positives, slowish speed and passive, though being awesome, applies only to bronze cards are the minor negatives.

    05. Arkham Origins Bats: Stats and passive are brilliant, but prohibitive cost and limited availability lowers it a bit.

    06. Red Son Wonder Woman: Power generation is probably the most important booster in the game and her stats are up there with anyone’s. Also coming packaged with Red Son Team is actually a great bargain.

    07. Doomsday: Second best individual passive in the game and high health and damage stats makes him a one man tank.

    08. Batgirl: Again, great stats added to good speed and excellent team passive gets her in the top 10

    09. Martian Man Hunter: Another character I may never get, but the ultimate Swiss army knife.

    10. Red Son Solomon Grundy: Health boost is insane, especially on Red Son Team.

    11. Aqua Man: Good health and damage stats and speed, combined with excellent late fight passive.

    12. Red Son Deathstroke: Fast, strong and deadly specials, even without the glitch. Health a tad low.

    13. Zod: Equal stats to his fellow Kryptonians, but much better passive.

    14. Regime Superman: Passive requires him to be near death, but unblockable second special is just that.

    15. Killling Joke Joker: Excellent passive ability, unfortunately he has to be knocked out to allow the team to benefit from it.

    Maybe forgetting some persons.

  • James

    I personally like the list. Let’s be honest, no matter what list you make SOMEONE will have SOME problem with it. Let’s reflect for a moment there are a LOT and I mean a LOT of cards that if you described them to someone who didn’t play the game would be called quote unqoute “OP”. It is the fact that there are SO many amazing passives/abilities that the game becomes balanced through these super powered teams that one can make. There are at least 15 cards that COULD be debated as número uno (Zod, Man of Steel Supes, Doomsday, RSD, RSS, RSW, RSG, M&M, TKJJ, Batman, BAO, Batgirl, RWW and now there is Darkseid etc.) and that list goes on. I personally give Chris props for making a list as I can’t personally imagine all the emails people have sent him saying they hate is list or he’s retarded for making this list. Bottom line the list is a rather fair evaluation, oh and for those of you hating on RWW go fight her with RGL as a support and then go tell me she sucks. Bottom line great evaluation. Now Darkseid had to go mess it up.

  • Mark Hutch

    Chris, do you still think that Regime supes is worth it? I’m currently grinding for him, plus I can’t stay away from the awesome unblockable heat vision -_- I was going to save for AO Batman but I might as well get a red son pack. Should I get Regime supes?

    • Chris Patton

      AO Bats is superior, but you have to go with what works for you. Once you get Regime Superman, you’ll need good support cards for him, like Regime GL. The Red Sons are essential though, as 600 WW, Red Son WW, and Regime WW are nearly impossible to beat!

      • Mark Hutch

        Thanks! After watching demos of Regime Supes I’ll go with him. Though, I tried the hacking method with ifunbox for unlimited coins but even watching the youtube video and the steps I still don’t get it. Do you Chris?

        • Chris Patton

          No, I don’t use the funbox, so I try to avoid the temptation ;-)

  • Eric S

    I’m stumped as to who I want to use. My choices are
    Martian Mhunter
    Batman (regular/insurgency/beyond)
    RS Grundy
    John Stewart GL
    Insurgent. Joker
    Regime Womder woman
    Could you please help? I’m stuck and I want to know the best way to get through the game

    • Chris Patton

      You could clear the game with Regime Wonder Woman, Batman (regular), and Red Son Solomon Grundy. That is a solid team. These are believed to be the best teams thus far:
      1) Regime WW, Red Son WW, 600 WW
      2) Arkham Origins Batman, Batgirl, Killing Joke Joker
      3) Red Son Deathstroke, Red Son Superman, Red Son Solomon Grundy

      • Eric swatson

        In my time I’ve acquired a black Adam (gold) and containment doomsday! I have 44k.. Should I save for a gold booster and try my luck for a red son??

        • Chris Patton

          Get a Power Generator like Regime GL first and team him with Dooms. Then, save up for the cards you want.

      • Ma’Belle

        Thank you, Chris, for this fantastic list, and for keeping up with comments to date even though the game has been out for awhile!
        I’ve only been playing for about 6 weeks, but I’m hooked, and spend several hours a day grinding on Battle 36 over and over but can’t seem to beat the final four battles (playing on my Kindle, so no 2.0 update).
        In your comment above, where you list 3 top teams, are you assuming that each of those cards is at Elite V, lvl 40? I missed out on 600 WW because I didn’t have any Red Sun characters at the time, but now I have some of those others you praise highly, but no higher than Elite I (lvl 40).

        • Chris Patton

          You can get 600WW in the new Challenge Booster Packs randomly. For the lists, I just focused more on passives and what they do for teams. Thus, no matter the level, the cards will give you an advantage. Usually, for the final fight, your cards should be at Elite 3 to get by. BUT, you can leave the match, select another level, and then skip the final fight if you want to grind ;-)

  • Jack Avery

    A team that will be useful in Multiplayer that combines characters above is Martian Manhunter, Doomsday and John Stewart GL (finally a use for such a poor character). This team can almost be endless. Martian Manhunter uses his regular combo draining opponents power. However if he stuns an opponent tag in Doomsday to unleash an unblocked (due to the stun) 2nd Special usually resulting in death and 50% health regen. John Stewart is used in case Martian Manhunter or Doomsday get too low on health. He can be used as a punching bag as well.

  • Neil A.

    Chris…. will you be updating the list in light of the new characters mate? some of them are pretty monstrous. also I followed this list and saved up the credits to buy arkham origins batman. hoping to get batgirl in the challenge pack. (but well grinding is a chore now without the date/time glitch)

    • Chris Patton

      Yes. Updated list is coming!!!

    • omegadan

      the time glitch does not work for you?


    New 52 Nightwing should be in the top 5 because of his swipe attack trick and early power drain move.
    And Killing Joke Joker’s here, but Regime Dictator Superman isn’t?

    • Chris Patton

      Superman is in the lower rankings, which go back all the way to the 30′s. We’ll be updating this soon.


    Arkham Origins Batman only really shines when it comes to his passive. He has the stunning batarangs, but other than that, he’s a little too high on the list. Batgirl does her version of the passive better than Arkham Origins Batman does.
    One more thing. If Mafia Boss Grundy comes along, where would he be ranked?

    • Chris Patton

      We ranked him, he is listed as Boss Solomon Grundy, and we placed him lower.

  • omegadan

    what about shazam?
    G. Shazam- S. Lex Luthor- G. Harley Quinn

  • Eric

    Yeah Redson Superman gives a 25% boost to “Basic attacks only” unlike Batman’s ability which is a 25% boost to all damage dealt also Regime Wonder Woman was nerfed as well as other characters her passive “Shield of gods no longer gives out a 5% power for every blocked attack it is now much less useful!”

    • Chris Patton

      Yep, dis b ol stuff

  • Ramraj Sakthivelprakash

    my suggestions are
    batman(beyond /ao/insurgency/normal)
    rs superman
    rs deathstroke
    600 ww
    ww regime
    regime superman
    martian manhunter
    killing joke joker
    chris can u tell me which all charecters to choose

    • Chris Patton

      A new top 10 will be up soon. If I’m choosing 3-4 of your cards, then I’m going with 600 Wonder Woman for sure. Batman Beyond is horrible, so is insurgency. AO is the best Bat-card and Batman “prime” is a great support card. IF you can get Shazam, then he has ultimate-power. Your choice ;-)

  • Endy Lu

    im so happy my first gold pack i got ww

  • wii speed

    When is the new list coming out?