iOS/Android Injustice: Ranking the Gold Cards (#’s 11-15)

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Welcome to the halfway point and slightly beyond! This week, WASDuk will be counting down and ranking  the best Gold card-fighters in the iOS/Android Injustice: Gods Among Us reality. Today, we bring you part 4 of the countdown, which reveals numbers 11 through 15. As we reach the more dominant of card-fighters in the game, WASDuk has teleported Jack Foo into the Watchtower to help J’onn coordinate teams. Where will your favorites fit in? Who is the most dominant character in the game? Stay-tuned to find out!

15. Arkham Harley Quinn


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If you don’t buy into heroes or villains without powers, check yourself before you wreck yourself. Arkham Harley Quinn, outside of the Red Sons, is the best health booster among the Gold cards. Smart players often team her with Silver Lex Luthor to get a 50% boost to health. Also, a team of any Gold card that is supported by this Harley and Regime Green Lantern is nearly invincible when credit grinding. Thus, great players win games, but great teams win championships.

The downside that will make some fans angst-y about that latter conclusion is that Arkham Harley Quinn is a random reward from the infamous Gold Booster Packs. Regardless, and unlike her fellow random cards, like Prison Superman and Batman Beyond, she instantly makes every team better. This is the Harley skin that truly allows her to step out from the shadow of the Joker, which she seriously needs to do since Regime Superman tore out the Clown Prince of Crime’s beating heart.

Suggested team from Jack Foo, Injustice team builder extraordinaire: “Zod / Doomsday, Insurgency Lex Luthor, Arkham Harley Quinn. Lex and Harley give a total of 50% health boost, pair them with regular Zod or Doomsday and you will find that their health is mind-blowing.”

14. Superman


Photo by Chris Patton

The third superman card in WASDuk’s countdown finds “Prime” Superman making a huge leapfrog over his Man of Steel and Prison counterparts. Why? Level. 2. FREEZE BREATH!

Many fighters are starting to catch on to the fact that IF Superman freezes a foe, then there is no time limit to when the enemy can thaw. Therefore, Silver Green Arrow remains the most important “freezer” (Killer Frost? Anybody? Where?) but this Superman skin can take much more damage than Ollie and can deal game changing offense when he is used properly. The eternal argument against all of the Superman card-fighters is that they are clunky and their two-handed swing leaves them wide open to let opponents land various combos easily.

Team this Superman with Batgirl and a power generator like Regime Green Lantern or Red Son Wonder Woman to get a jump-start on his freeze move. After an opponent is on ice, simply wait and let your team’s power bars fill. Yes, the Challenge Stages can thwart this theory during timed battles but, otherwise, the game is your oyster once this play is mastered.

Suggested team from Jack Foo, Injustice team builder extraordinaire: “Martian Manhunter, Superman, Batman or any character that has 3 combo strikes on his or her second special attack. I used this team to defeat the three battles on the Nightmare Batgirl Challenge battle 5. And those opponents had more than 100,000 health. I know some from the injustice group suggest Green Arrow, but I prefer Superman. When his health is below 40%, he attacks faster and this is the best chance to freeze the opponents.”

13. Zod


Photo by Chris Patton

Zod is easily one of the best Challenge Stage cards to date, because his passive Phantom Zone Survivor ability makes the most meaningless of cards useful. Team him with a Bronze Catwoman and another low-level brawler and they will die very quickly when credit grinding. However, they will also each add 20% to Zod’s damage and health. Sure, players can be left with a Zod against the world scenario, but would a General from Krypton have it any other way? No.

If you can’t figure out how to use a card effectively, then sacrifice them to the strength of Zod. The final word is that Zod can either be used as an incredible, team-making fighter or as a crafty support card that gets stronger and stronger throughout each battle.

Suggested team from Jack Foo, Injustice team builder extraordinaire: “Killing Joke Joker, Regime Superman, and Zod! If your Killing Joke Joker is not at elite V, then use Zod, let Killing Joke Joker die and get full bars of power. Last, Regime Superman’s heat vision is unblockable and simply finishes any battle

12. Regime Superman


Photo by Chris Patton

As Jack Foo mentioned in the suggested teams for Zod, Regime Superman is an ultimate balancing act. His Heat Vision is unblockable at two power bars. If he takes tons of damage, then he can use Heat Vision to bring the rival’s health down to his level. As soon as he pauses in-game and his eyes begin to glow, then most players have to hold their breath. He is one of the ultimate “pick your poison” card-fighters. Do you leave him out of the initial fights to charge his power bars? Do you throw him in first? Either way, if Arkham Origins Batman isn’t ready with his own unblockable move, or if Regime Wonder Woman isn’t on the court with a large amount of health to transform Regime Superman’s unblockable into power, then you’re most likely done. This scenario summarizes his role in the DC Universe: big gun.

11. Red Son Solomon Grundy

rs sg

Photo by Chris Patton

Solomon Grundy is slow. Solomon Grundy’s Gold version does not reincarnate. Blah, blah, blah…

One of the most effective teams in the entire game is pictured above. He can provide Regime Wonder Woman with a 30% health boost, which is higher than Arkham Harley Quinn’s. If you switch out Regime Wonder Woman for Red Son Superman, then his health boost rises to 45%. Why use two slots with Arkham Harley and Silver Lex Luthor if Red Son Solomon Grundy can nearly match it by himself. Again, and similar to Arkham Harley Quinn, Grundy makes every team better. He is also easier to get to elite V than Arkham Harley, and he can deal huge amounts of damage if he is needed to be thrown into a battle. The bottom line is that he is the best health booster in the game. Period. Until we get 600 Wonder Woman or Darkseid, Red Son Solomon Grundy remains one of the most underrated cards in Injustice.

WASDuk would like to thank the amazing Jack Foo for the team suggestions. Stay tuned as WASDuk continues its countdown and ranking tomorrow with numbers 6 through 10!

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