iOS/Android Injustice: Marc Briatack Amalgamates Marvel Injustice Cards

In 1996, a series of comics under the publishing company Amalgam fulfilled every fan’s dream of how battles and a war between the characters of DC and Marvel comics would play out. Since certain characters forged during the crossover remained popular, DC and Marvel revealed that the war and the resulting characters were part of Earth-9602. In the end, Marvel won the war, but each side saw popular characters and villains both defeated as well as killed, and then the characters were each merged into new beings. For instance, Darkseid killed Thanos, after calling Thanos a poor imitation, and the characters were combined to form Thanoseid.

Perhaps the most popular character blend, or amalgamation of all was when Wolverine and Batman were fused to create Dark Claw. Also, Iron Man and Green Lantern became the Iron Lantern. While these ideas were amazing to consider, the overall product of what occurred on Earth-9602 was sub-par. Plots seemed rushed and the balance between the DC and Marvel personas were out of whack at best. Regardless, that hasn’t quelled any arguments between comic book fans. Questions about match-ups constantly arise and, with the rising popularity of Injustice: Gods Among Us, players have begun to wonder IF Marvel characters will ever appear in the game, or in a sequel. After all, in the recent comic-crossover event between the Justice League and the Avengers, Hawkeye became the first Marvel character to join the Justice League. Is it possible to have a DC vs Marvel pairing in video games?


Photo by Comicvine, Scanned from Amalgam Comics (DC vs Marvel)

At this point, hungry gamers usually begin to name off their favorite characters. “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Phoenix in Injustice?was one question that prompted Marc Briatack to create an Injustice card based on the alternate persona of Marvel’s Jean Grey. The initial reactions to the art, which was posted to the Injustice iOS Players Facebook page, were incredibly positive. Marc Briatack‘s careful attention to detail prompted a user who goes by Red Son Shaq to post “That’s one kick ass passive! No one stands a chance!”

Indeed, let the drooling begin as WASDuk reveals Marc Briatack‘s brilliant concept art below.

photo 1

Art by Marc Briatack

photo 2

Art by Marc Briatack


Art by Marc Briatack

To forge the above images, the artist commented that the Phoenix cards “[aren't] anything I created as much as [they were] photoshopped from another video game source into an INJUSTICE mode. [Just] to let you know, I used promo art from [the] Ultimate Alliance 2 game to do the Phoenix cards.”

Such clarification was needed as other fans began to comment that the Phoenix cards were fake, as though the phenomenal digital pieces were trying to pull a fast one on everybody. As always, other members of the Facebook group chimed in to offer calm and serene guidance towards the purpose of the art.

More of Marc Briatack‘s art can be seen on his FB page at He has also appeared as a Gotham Cop in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, and he will appear as an extra in the Times Square sequence in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The final thoughts rest with you though. What Marvel characters would you like to see crossover? Or, would you like to see a booster pack that offers Dark Claw (Batman + Wolverine), Iron Lantern (Iron Man + Green Lantern), and Amazon (aka Princess Ororo Munroe of Themiscyra)?  Do you want DC/NetherRealm’s to go into chaos mode and add Goku from Dragon Ball Z? Let us know in the comments below. For, as Marc’s art shows, even the wildest of dreams can sometimes give rise to fantastic creations!


Photo and Art by

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  • Andrew


    Amalgamate deadpool and Deeathstroke…or just add Deadpool and let the Wilson Bros. kick some serious @$$

    • Chris Patton

      That would be amazing, Andrew!!!

    • cyrus

      You are all missing out an obvious choice, M.O.D.O.K and bane, think how round they would be, like a muscle ball in a chair

  • Dragon

    I would like to see Wolverine in the game.

    • Chris Patton

      That sounds cool! Which skin?

  • Viplove

    We need a Goku crossover character in INJUSTICE

    • Chris Patton

      Hey, Viplove! Yes, that would be awesome!

  • Julio Alvarado

    There should be a goku and his special ability should be turning super seiyen or how ever you spell it

    • Chris Patton

      Nobody knows the spelling for sure @_@ I think that would be awesome, maybe even throw in Freeza?

      • Julio Alvarado

        True but I think vegeta would be much more popular there’s almost as much vegeta fans as there is goku lol

        • Chris Patton

          So, a DBZ booster with Goku, Vegeta, and Freeza, then?

          • Julio Alvarado

            I’ll take whatever dbz character I can get lol


    Hey guys i have a good suggestion why not let capcom come in or you know just let in a booster of wesker dante and ryu i would like that very much :D I have good ideas for specialsill say ryu’s it should be the spinning kick like flash has, the uppercut, and ultimate special do haduken :D that’s all please do this if you can for both pocket and console editions.

    • Chris Patton

      Seeing crossovers would be cool. First, we need some more DC characters but we’ll definitely suggest it ;-)

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  • manny

    Death stroke,wolverine,and dragon ball z pack witch contains goku,freeza,gohan,dead pool,spiderman!

    • Chris Patton

      Ha! Deadpool = Deathstroke! Nice ;-)

  • Ernesto Lopez

    Goku would be awesome…hell yes…he would have to be one of the very best if yall were to add him…oh please add him…it would be legendary!!!!!