iOS/Android Injustice Breaking News: Game Glitches Day 3 (from Matthew Marria)

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Welcome to day 3 of WASDuk’s continued coverage of glitches in the iOS/Android version of Injustice: Gods Among Us. As you know, WASDuk has reached out to some of the most elite Injustice: Gods Among Us players on Earth Prime. The results from their intelligence files and battle strategies are second to none. As a result, WASDuk will be bringing you a glitch a day from different League members throughout the week. Today’s glitch was discovered, explained, and developed by Matthew Marria.

Glitch: Darkseid & the Mirror Match


Photo by Matthew Marria

People who have either hacked or jail broken (in an extreme way) their devices are testing out the new Challenge Characters that us poor non-hackers have to sit around and wait for. The screens and tales of dominance have been utterly captivating, but not being able to join in the fun is like being stuck on monitor duty by J’onn in the Wacthtower. Regardless, non-hackers can’t blame the hackers for having their fun. In a few months, our Booster Gold-ish status will change to a standing that is more akin to Superman, and we’ll revel in the dark side of combat!

The newest glitch in DC/NetherRealm’s Injustice was discovered a few hours ago by Matthew Marria while he was matching his teams of Darkseid, Bronze Lex Luthor or Bronze Flash or Bronze Green Lantern, and Batman against the infamous Mirror Match. For those of you coming in late, the Mirror Match pits you against any team that you have assembled, and each foe is at an elite V level. However, Matthew Marria noticed that Darkseid’s special ability has a calculation glitch. He explained it in the following Facebook post:


As revealed here, Darkseid’s Empower Minions adds 300% to both the damage and health of Bronze card-fighters. As Matthew Marria explained, Darkseid’s passive seems to increase his “minions” power far beyond what was thought possible. In the screen below, Bronze Green Lantern is shown to be throwing a punch that does 306,648 in damage!


Photo by Matthew Marria

Then, Bronze Lex Luthor is throwing normal strikes that do 1,448 each in damage. That is only a little less than a fully leveled and powered heavy strike by Red Son Superman.


Photo by Matthew Marria

Last, the Flash begins to throw hits that deal 3,206 each in damage. That is nearly twice the damage dealt by a fully leveled and powered Red Son Superman.


Photo by Matthew Marria

Eric Yeung, another one of our local Injustice geniuses, gave his opinions of the huge stat boosts below.

photo (1)

Indeed, Nightmare characters would be shaking in their boots if Darkseid revealed this much actual power. If DC/NetherRealms never fixes this glitch, then playing the Mirror Match repeatedly will be tons of fun, as beloved characters like Nightwing and Cyborg, who have no Gold versions, will finally be able to dish out way more than a Gold card-fighter can.

Nonetheless, Injustice players began flocking to the Mirror Match, and Dan Hosta teleported into the Watchtower to post the following screen shot of the New 52 Green Lantern. The screen records the total damage dealt by everyone on his team, but GL’s finishing move hit for an astounding 231,061.


Photo by Dan Hosta

Brian Navarro confirmed the actual damage dished out in the glitch by sending the following telepathic message (he trains with Dr. Fate, y’all) to WASDuk:

This is a glitch that only happens on the mirror match. The bronze’s damage is increased by 1500% but their health remains increased by 300%. This glitch doesn’t seem to work when going up against Darkseid on challenge mode.

Adding even more damage from Batman doesn’t hurt either. It’s good to see the Dark Knight and Darkseid getting along. They’re both usually too moody. In the end, this glitch does not seemingly appear in any other level. It is only a Mirror Match issue, yet it provides players with one hell of a truly guilty ride!

998537_182486728593536_1752994517_n Chris Patton provides unparalleled coverage of iOS/Android Injustice: Gods Among Us. To read more articles about Injustice strategies, such as counting down who the best card-fighters in the game are, click here. Have a tip? Email him at, leave a message below, or troll him on Facebook.


Screen capture from DC’s Final Crisis

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  • Markoslocos

    Great tips, really having fun with this!
    I have a kind of a glitch/strategy thing when it comes to fighting Lobo, if no one has mentioned this yet…if you fight Lobo with a Wonder Woman, a Zod, a Deathstroke or a Batman Character, or with Scorpion(these are the characters as far as I know, might be more), you can get Lobo into a pattern that he’ll never unload a special move on you as long as you stay within the pattern. For example, on the last level of Injustice you fight Lobo 1st on the 3rd match. Well, I’ve grown quite fond of Blackest Night Batman & his killer 2nd move, so I’ll put him 1st up. I start out the match blocking & wait for Lobo to engage with either his punches or shot gun blasts. If he punches I wait till he’s thrown them all & then I go right at him with heavy swipes & right back to block. If you’re fighting with any of the characters I mentioned above Lobo will come back at you EVERY TIME with shotgun blasts. As soon as you’ve blocked his 1st round of shotgun blasts IMMEDIATELY heavy swipe. This is the pattern: block 1st blast, heavy swipe, block 1st blast, heavy swipe…if you keep blocking effectively on the 1st blast & do a full round of heavy swipes each time he will NEVER use any special moves, or any other hits for that matter besides the shotgun blast until he tags out or until he gets knocked out. Careful when he tags back in though, he’s a wild card when he 1st gets back in, but if you can pull a full round of heavy swipes on him he’ll go back into that pattern. Once you start the pattern you MUST keep heavy swiping & blocking to keep it going. In that pattern you will take I believe 269 x 2 each shot gun blast damage blocked from Lobo but you’ll be dishing out atleast 3 hits of unblocked heavy strikes each time from which ever character you choose from the ones I mention above…I’m not the best at math but if you’re only taking 536 damage & dishing out 2,100 plus depending on the character, I’d say Lobo is getting knocked out 1st…for some reason those characters style of heavy striking & blocking puts Lobo in that pattern. I usually use the pattern till it engages my 2nd special move, then the next time he’s walking at me blasting instead of blocking I throw my second move right before his shotgun blast and…MERRY CHRISTMAS Lobo… you just got knocked out like Dee-Bo! lol
    I haven’t noticed this pattern on any other characters yet, but I really enjoy having it for Lobo since he can really be a wild card sometimes! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes before I know it I stray from the pattern & my characters are looking up from the flat of their backs like Count Adamar at the end of the movie “a Knight’s Tale”, but most always I take care of business…lol
    Hope I could help somebody out!

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