iOS/Android Injustice: Harley Quinn is Your “Blam!”-entine

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow ladies and gentleman, and everybody is busy. In America, it is common for the men to buy roses, jewelry, or at least reserve a table at a fancy restaurant. However, over in South Korea the women are expected to give their significant others presents. Despite the wacky traditions man has developed for this Earth, it hasn’t stopped DC/NetherRealms from offering a gift of their own. The iOS/Android version of Injustice sent the following message to its faithful:

har v

As a result, the Bronze card-fighter of Harley Quinn can be purchased for 4,000 credits, the Insurgency Harley Quinn is on sale for 17,500, and if players have used their consoles to unlock Arkham Harley Quinn, then she will also be 50% off in the Injustice shop. Even if players have maxed out each of their Harley card-fighters to level V, it is still a good idea to buy them. A little known fact is that if you buy cards on sale, players get credit for the Black Friday challenge, which is pictured below:

hark v 2

Thanks to Brian Navarro for sharing his photo!

Another great benefit of the sale is that new players to the game can form teams more quickly and on the cheap. The Bronze Harley adds 25% damage to any Joker card, and the Insurgency Harley Quinn adds 10% damage to all of her team members. Those who do not play the console version can receive the Arkham Harley Quinn (her passive adds 25% health to teams) by purchasing Gold Booster Packs. While she does appear in Booster Packs randomly, receiving her in this manner will, unfortunately, not unlock her for purchase in the shop. Last, this is the first Black Friday sale since August 2013 (pictured below), so be sure to make your purchase now, unless you want to wait another 7 months to complete the Black Friday requirement.

ark ham 3




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