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Hawkgirl received a much-needed popularity boost with the launch of the DCAU’s Justice League: Unlimited, which aired on the Cartoon Network from 2004-2006. Her character was based on the Silver Age version of Hawkgirl, whose secret identity is Shayera Hol. Shayera is an alien from the planet Thanagar, and all Thanagarians possess the hawk-like feature of wings as well as helmets that are crafted to resemble the birds. In addition, Thanagarians possess super-human abilities due to their Nth armor, which is psycho-reactive. Thus, Hawkgirl can summon super-strength, enhanced vision, and the power to fly from the mysterious Nth metal. Her mace is also formed of Nth, and it could disrupt magical properties in Justice League: Unlimited. As a result, Hawkgirl was able to kill Solomon Grundy and to aid Wonder Woman in Tartarus, when Felix Faust went on a rampage while using his chaos magic.

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Gameplay Characteristics:

Hawkgirl is not available in Gold Booster Packs, because she is a Challenge Stage character. iOS players were able to receive her for a limited time in 2013, and she will be available on Android devices later in 2014. Once players complete her Challenge Stage, she is added to their decks and she becomes available for purchase in the Injustice Shop.

Her passive ability is called Air Support and it allows her team members to tag in and out of fights much more quickly than a normal group of card-fighters. In combat, Hawkgirl uses her Nth mace. Her basic attack combo can successfully cause high damage as it strikes 5 times, while her heavy attack combo lands 3 hits. Overall, Shayera has an effective mix of mid and ranged special attacks. Her fist level special attack is called Mace Charge. When used, Hawkgirl soars up into the air and swoops down towards her foe. If the opponent does not block the attack, then he or she can be stunned. Bloody War allows Hawkgirl to charge a distance while twirling her mace quickly. This is a mid-range attack, and her unblockable move, The Power of Nth, allows Hawkgirl to grab her enemy, carry him or her high into the clouds, before she mauls the enemy to the ground.

Hawkgirl’s passive ability has not been received well, as it neither enhances teams statistics nor her own. However, there are several useful teams that can be formed with Hawkgirl as the primary center piece. In the iOS/Android Injustice: Gods Among Us, Hawkgirl is stronger than Lobo, Batman, and Regime Wonder Woman, but weaker than Doomsday and the Red Son version of Deathstroke.

How to Build Teams with Hawkgirl:

The easiest way to form a team with Hawkgirl, is to add the Bronze support cards of Insurgency Green Arrow and Lex Luthor. These two card-fighters will combine to add 20% damage to attacks, and the heavy boost can allow Shayera to level enemies quickly. Because Bronze cards are the lowest level type in the game, this team does not require much credit grinding. This large damage boost from Oliver and Lex is also a favorite support team for Challenge Stage battles that require players to only use Bronze card-fighters. This team may not make it far in normal matches, so be sure to get Hawkgirl to level V if you want to keep her at the center of your favorite teams.

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Once players receive enough credits, they should invest in the Regime Green Lantern card (25% to power generation) and the Insurgency Lex Luthor card (25% to health). With the latter characters as support cards, Hawkgirl can fill her power bars very quickly, and unleash multiple unblockable attacks to devastate foes. The health boost from Luthor will compensate for high damage caused by teams with Bane, Batman, Doomsday or Superman. If players value damage boosts over health boosts, then the Bronze Lex Luthor can be substituted for the Silver Lex Luthor.

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Hawkgirl’s passive ability can create a team of super-annoyers. Allow Hawkgirl to be the first fighter in. Once the fight begins, tag her out so that Black Adam’s Lightning Shield will generate. Because Shayera’s team can tag in and out quickly, players should switch the Gold and Silver Black Adams as often as possible. By doing so, the computer’s teams will have a horrible time landing any combination strikes, because Black Adam’s Lightning Shield can knock fighters back if they hit it. Continue this pattern until the other team is knocked out. But, while the Adams are tagging in and out repeatedly, Hawkgirl can build up her power bars from the sidelines as a fail safe.

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The ultimate support team for Hawkgirl are the Red Son cards. Red Son Superman adds huge damage boosts, Red Son Wonder Woman adds power generation boosts, and Red Son Solomon Grundy adds health boosts. As a result, once players advance in the game and save enough credits, the most powerful team with Hawkgirl can clear all of the normal matches. Although this team is expensive (Red Son cards can be found in either Gold Booster Packs randomly, which are 100,000 credits, or in the Red Son Booster Packs, which are 400,000 credits), it is very versatile and can let players rotate fighters, so that all three team members can build up their power bars while dealing high damage at the same time.

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Always remember to experiment while having fun with teams. While some characters in the iOS/Android Injustice may seem useless, any card-fighter can potentially dominate with the right support cards.

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