iOS/Android Injustice: Raven Challenge Stage Walkthrough

Last month’s Challenge Stage for Injustice: Gods Among Us awarded faithful players with the Red Son card-fighter of Deathstroke. Players will now have 10 days to fight through five levels in the new Injustice Challenge Stage to receive the Regime version of Raven.


20130929-001231.jpgRaven Challenge Stage Walkthrough:

Although 25 Raven credits are given at the beginning of the Challenge Stage, there are 60 battles (5 rounds of 12 battles each) before one can face off against Raven. Thus, players will need to credit grind by playing normal matches. Each victory in the normal matches will reward 1-3 Raven credits, and those are used to enter each battle within the Challenge Stage. In addition, players will need to either use or purchase the following cards to participate in the Challenge Stage: Green Arrow, Cyborg, Deathstroke, Doomsday. Any version of the cards (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) can be used.

The first round requires players to use Bronze cards, which are the weakest cards in the game. The opponents in this round are at low levels, and your Laser Lemming squad rolled through the Legion of Doom themed opponents easily. The final fight is against Sinestro, Harley Quinn, and Lex Luthor.


In round 2, Green Arrow must be on your team. The Bronze Green Arrow card gives his team a 5% damage bonus while the Silver Green Arrow card damages opponents whenever an attack is blocked. To roll through the round quickly the Laser Lemming team paired the CW star with two Superman cards. Superman remains the most powerful card in the game so the final battle against Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, and Sinestro was a breeze.


20130929-003123.jpgCyborg must be on teams for round 3. Cyborg cards generate power when they are not fighting, so they are not beneficial for grinding out victories. The only use for Cyborg cards are to hide, generate full power, and then enter to release said full powered move. As a result, we assembled a Young Justice and Teen Titans crossover by pairing Cyborg with Nightwing and Batgirl. The team leveled Doomsday, Wonder Woman, and Black Adam.

20130929-003743.jpgRound four requires a Deathstroke card to be used. The Red Son version of Deathstroke is the most useful, as it gives any team a 5% speed bonus for every Red Son card on the team. We paired Batman with the Red Son versions of Superman and Deathstroke, which gives this team a 75% bonus to damage and a 10% bonus to speed. Cyborg, Nightwing, and Solomon Grundy got steamrolled.

20130929-004157.jpgFor the final round, Doomsday must be on teams. The Gold version of Doomsday regenerates 50% health for each opponent he knocks out. Therefore, we paired him with the Red Son versions of Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy. This team gets huge health and power regeneration bonuses from the Red Son members. Players should beware teams with all Gold card-fighters. Batman Beyond, Red Son members, Zod, and Superman will all try to stop you. Once you take them out, Raven will face off against you. Defeat her and her card will be added to your deck.





(Above: Raven’s mother, Arella gives her a health boost)


(Above: Trigon is a new support card that boosts Raven’s damage)

Raven has lightning quick speed, so players should not be surprised if they take a large number of hits when fighting her. Her special ability is called Demon Stance and it allows her normal attacks to steal power from opponents once her health drops below 40%. Check out both her and her support card kingdom below:


(Above: Azeroth is a new support card that boosts Raven’s power regeneration)


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