iOS/Android Challenge Stage Walkthrough: Red Son Deathstroke

Challenge Stage Walkthrough:

Red Son Deathstroke

by Christopher James Patton

The latest Challenge Stage for the iOS/Android version of Injustice: Gods Among Us offers a new addition to the Red Son line of card-fighters. The prize for fighting through the Challenge is a Gold level Deathstroke card. The card’s special ability increases attack speed by 5% for every Red Son card it is teamed with. Thus, if one teams him with Red Son Superman and Red Son Wonder Woman, then that team’s attack speed will increase to 15% (5% x 3 Red Son cards = 15% attack speed).

Similar to the previous Challenge Stages, players will need specific cards. Without these cards, players will not be able to enter the Challenge Stages, and are forced to credit grind until the cards can be purchased.


Deathstroke Challenge Stage: Battle 1
For Battle 1, only Bronze level cards are allowed. Any of the Bronze characters can be used, and the opponents are all at low levels. There are 12 fights, and the final team of Green Lantern, Lex Luther, and Cyborg are only at level 12. This should be a cake-walk for players.

However, strategy should be considered for serious addicts, as every Challenge Stage requires a Bronze team. Nightwing is a wonderful first fighter. His special ability reduces normal melee damage by 25%. Also, he can power drain to prevent stronger card-fighters from using level 2 special attacks. Add Lex Luthor to the team, because he is the best Bronze support card in the game. Luthor adds 15% damage to all attacks. Finally, if players are constantly being defeated or finding battles too close for comfort, then add Solomon Grundy. He can revive one time and, as a result, must be knocked out twice. In a close match, he can be the difference because he has more health than most of the Bronze fighters.

Check out Dr. Fate and Sandman, who both appear in the background of all of the fights in this stage. When will they be available?



Deathstroke Challenge Stage: Battle 2
The second battle requires players to use Bronze or Silver cards, but Gold characters are not allowed. The enemies are slightly higher in levels, but not too difficult for experienced tap-mashers. The final fight is against a team of Solomon Grundy, Sinestro, and Green Arrow, who are all at level 22.

In terms of strategy, the Silver card-fighters offer incredible support. Nothing is better than the Silver Green Lantern card (25% to power generation). With him on teams, players can fill their attack bars incredibly fast. Silver Lex Luthor adds 25% health, Silver Flash adds 15% attack speed, and Bronze Lex Luthor can be used to add damage. If players are having issues with winning and want to improve teams, then consider, again, using Silver Nightwing. He can take more damage because melee strikes are reduced by 50%. Team him with Silver Green Lantern and Silver Lex Luthor to form, prehaps, the best Silver level team in the game.


Deathstroke Challenge Stage: Battle 3
The third round requires teams to have Cyborg. Because Cyborg does not offer any boosts to teams, consider using a Gold character that can annihilate the mostly Silver level enemies. Below, a team of Batman (25% strength boost), Regime Green Lantern (25% power regeneration) and Cyborg rolled through each team in an average of 30 seconds. The final fight is against the Silver level tandem of Wonder Woman, Solomon Grundy, and Sinestro.


Deathstroke Challenge Stage: Battle 4
Deathstroke’s hated nemesis, Green Arrow must be on teams for this round of battles. The Bronze Green Arrow will add a 5% strength bonus to teams, but the Silver Green Arrow does not offer any bonuses. Players should beware teams with a Knightfall Bane and a Silver Flash. This Flash card adds 15% speed to all attacks, and a lightning fast Bane can be a handful if team boosts are not up to speed.

As a result, a team with Red Son Superman (25% strength boost) and Batman (25% strength boost) allowed the lightning fast enemies to be flattened. Their combined 50% strength bonus brings each normal strike to around 1,000 damage.


Deathstroke Challenge Stage: Battle 5
The former emperor of Teth, Black Adam must be on teams for the final battle. The Red Son version of Deathstroke is the final opponent. However, a number of Gold level card-fighters Stand in the way. The Regime version of Wonder Woman is the biggest headache. Her special ability adds 5% power generation for every blocked attack. The best way to defeat her is to use a Regime Wonder Woman as well, don’t attack, just block, and then unleash a Justice Javelin to knock her out.

If she is unavailable, then use a high-level brawler like Bane, Zod, or Doomsday. With brawlers, do not attack her. Let her pummel you, as this will get your card powered up more quickly. Once you are fully powered unleash the character’s unblockable move to eliminate her. In order to gain power faster than the enemy, add either Silver Green Lantern (25% power regeneration) or Red Son Wonder Woman (15% power generation) to teams.

Last, Deathstroke is at level 18. Knock him out and his card is added to decks. His special ability offers a 5% speed bonus to attacks for every Red Son card on teams. Thus, his place is to turn slow strikers like Solomon Grundy into quick strikers like the Flash.




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